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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Harbour Clean-up Almost Complete

It's being called the biggest project the city has ever undertaken and it's almost finished. 

That word coming from the City's Engineering Manager Brian Keenan who says now that council has given approval to the final component, a lift-station on the West side, the Harbour Clean-Up project should be finished by mid-July of next year.

Keenan says when the project is finished, all of the waste-water that's collected into the city's system will be treated to meet the provincial regulations.

The project started in 2009 and costs $100-million.

Exxon Mobil Call Centre Closing In Saint John

Another call centre is closing in Saint John.

Exxon Mobil will be closing its doors next summer impacting  210 employees.

The company says some of those employees will be able to transfer to Moncton where its operations in New Brunswick are being consolidated but how many is unknown.

An Exxon Mobil spokesperson says this is no reflection on the work that was being done in Saint John.

City Rescinds Millidgeville Boil Water Order

A boil water order put in place on Tuesday afternoon following a watermain break is no longer in effect.

The City telling us the boil water order for parts of Millidgeville has been lifted.

It was necessary after a major watermain break on University Avenue just before 6am on Tuesday.

Saint John Water suggests letting the water run through your taps for a bit to bring new water into the system.

Welsford Bypass Officially Opens

Reps from all three levels of government on hand for the official opening of the Route 7 Welsford bypass between Saint John and Fredericton.

Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Claude Williams says it  will improve safety and relieve traffic congestion for motorists around Welsford.

Williams also says it will benefit the local trucking industry which uses this route daily for business in Saint John.

Construction of the bypass began in 2009 and was completed this fall at a cost of $63 million shared by the Province and the Feds.

VIDEO: Smouldering Ashes Lead To Fire

Fire crews responding to a house fire in East Saint John. 

Around noon crews got the call about a structure fire at 2294 Loch Lomond Road.

The home is vacant and the fire began after a caretaker who was cleaning out the woodstove put the ashes in a plastic bag.

A hole is burned into the floor of the building and the entire structure has smoke damage. No one was hurt.

Claim Being Made That A City Police Officer Is Being Persecuted

A key witness at the trial in August of 2012 of Constable Chris Messer has admitted to not telling the truth, according to an arbitrator's report obtained by CHSJ News. 

Brett McAdam testified Messer accused him of breaking into his home on Westfield Road and threatened to blow his head off.

Arbitrator George Filliter dismissed that allegation, writing that he did not find McAdam's testimony to be convincing. Filliter goes on to say McAdam admitted to not telling the truth before the Court or at the arbitration hearing. 

Messer also comes in for criticism with Filliter saying he should not even have spoken to McAdam about a breakin that happened at his own home and was warned against doing that but it would be unfortunate if City Police were to lose his services. Messer has an honours degree in criminology and sociology from St. Thomas University.

Messer's lawyer Brian Munro questions why a perjury charge has not been laid if the testimony given at a criminal trial is false. 

The other witness against Messer was Randy King who has a criminal record including a stretch in prison. His credibility is being questioned by Messer's lawyer Brian Munro. Messer is scheduled to stand trial in late April for common assault against King.

The Police Association says it appears Messer is being persecuted and the wrong message is being sent to criminals in the city.......All you have to do to take the heat off is to file a criminal complaint against a cop.

Donnie Snook In Court Again For Forfeiture Hearing

Donnie Snook appearing in court today to sit in on a forfeiture hearing, which essentially decides what happens to his possessions. 

The possessions in question include electronics he used to record his crimes against children. 

 A few heated exchanges occurred between Judge Alfred Brien and the crown regarding missing paperwork and a lack of specificity about what exactly was seized.

Snook appeared gaunt and tired and expressed through his lawyer, Dennis Boyle, that he does not want to be present at the continuation of the forfeiture hearing on January 8th and Boyle can represent his interests.

The Newfoundland charges against Snook have been transferred to New Brunswick and will be dealt with here on November 28th.

Dennis Oland's Family Releases Statement

Dennis Oland's family releasing a statement to the media professing his innocence adding they are devastated this nightmare is going to continue for him and all of them.

It adds they know he will be found innocent in an objective and fair process in a court of law. 

They want the police to turn their attention to finding out who is really responsible for Richard Oland’s death.

The statement closes by thanking friends and family for their support.

It was released by the family's lawyer Bill Teed. 

Clements Pleads Guilty To Arson

40 year old Timothy Edward Clements pleading guilty to two counts of arson on the Dever Road.

Police getting calls to the west side on October 22 and November 7 with a transport truck and a garage being destroyed in separate fires.
There had been a number of calls to the site before about suspicious fires.

The court heard Clements emerged from the woods soaking wet and smelling of smoke and told officers on the scene he was walking to work.
He eventually admitted setting the fires by stuffing paper into the bunk of the truck and set it ablaze and lighting the garage on fire with a shredded tire.

The damage is estimated to be well into the tens of thousands of dollars....Clements said all of his problems are the result of alcohol and traumatic events in his childhood and he wants to get help so he can get married & take care of his loved ones.

He will reappear for sentencing on December 18th.

Businessman Fined For Failing To Pay The Tax Man

A businessman getting slammed with a $2000 fine for not complying with two court orders from a previous conviction.

John William Beairsto was convicted last year on six charges of failing to file his 2009 and 2010 corporate income tax returns for his three businesses in Fredericton: The Grille on York, Queen Street Restaurant and Hannah's Foods. He was also convicted for failing to file five HST returns for those businesses and fined a grand on each of the eleven charges for a total of $11,000 and given a year to pay up.

The judge ordering him to file his outstanding returns within six months or face jail time. When he didn't pay back the money, the CRA laid charges against him and he plead guilty.

Saint John Teacher On Jeopardy! Tonight

You might see a familiar face if you tune into Jeopardy! tonight.

Saint John High School teacher Mary Ann Lewell will appear on the iconic quiz show. She is the only Canadian teacher ever to be featured on the Teacher's Tournament. Lewell tells CHSJ News she's been asked to keep it a mystery whether she won or lost until the show airs--but she says she was certainly thrilled with the experience.

Lewell says the most difficult part was getting the hang of the infamously tricky buzzer and brushing up on her US history to compete alongside teachers from south of the border. 

She teaches history and social studies at the uptown high school.