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Friday, September 18, 2009

Canaport LNG Says Work Has Not Fully Resumed

Construction has not resumed to normal on the third tank at the LNG Terminal. This after non-unionized workers from Alberta were sent packing following three days of demonstrations this week.

Trades-people from this province were upset the jobs were not offered to them and made their feelings know to the workers who were staying at the Hotel Courtney Bay. In a release from Canaport, officials tell us they do not know where the workers are.

It goes on to say the labour dispute is between their contractor and the local tradespeople. Canaport's main focus continues to be completion of the third storage tank and hope both sides can find some middle ground.

Support for New Tourism Model

After presenting it a few weeks ago, the Board of Trade is backing Mayor Courts bid to set up a new tourism model. It would see the city invest 1 million dollars, and then an additional 2.5 per cent. St. Martins, Quispamsis, Rothesay, Hampton and Grand Bay Westfield will only invest 25 hundred dollars each. President Imelda Gilman tells CHSJ News, tourism is one of the sectors outlined in the true growth strategy.

Gilman says the current model isn't broken but with the proposed changes can offer so much more to both tourists and the five regional communities.

Update on North End Shooting

One man is recovering from a gun shot to the leg after an incident in the North End. The City Police's Tactical Unit surrounded a building on McLaren Boulevard just after midnight and did a search of the building and basement. Sargeant Pat Bonner tells CHSJ News, the shooting was not ramdom and all of the people they have talked to so far have been un-co-operative.

No charges and no arrests have been made.

Landscaping Project at the Refinery

As the over $200 million dollar fall maintenance program continues with-in the confines of the Irving Oil Refinery, there is working going on outside of the facility as well. Crews are working on a massive land-scaping project which will finish up this fall but continue in the spring. A spokes-person tells us the goal is spruce up the look of the area and blend in with the natural vegetation.

Part of the new look is workers are changing the configuration of the semi-circle which is to the right of the area near the front entrance.

Racing in High Heels for Charity

There are sure to be plenty of laughs for the 1st Annual Stiletto Stampede tomorrow (today). It's a pair of races with runners sporting high heels to raise money for Coverdale Center's Clothes Closet Program. Manager Julia Higgins tells CHSJ News, their goal is to raise five thousand dollars.

The celebrities race at 10:15am followed by the second race at 11:15am along Water Street. Mayor Ivan Court said earlier this week he was going to run but has since pulled out. Councilor Patti Higgins will take his place.

Cherry Brook Zoo Looks for Increased Funding

The Cherry Brook Zoo is has asked the town of Rothesay to suport its bid to be included under the Regional Facilities Commission. The town would be responsible for about 10 thousand dollars in funding. Spokesperson Lynn Smith says the zoo is being heavily used by residents in Rothesay.

The zoo is looking for a letter from the town saying it is in favour of their efforts to be included under the Regional Facilities Commission. There is no definitive decison from Rothesay on funding but it will be discussed at an upcoming meeting of council.

Bell Aliant Announces Date for New Fibre Optic Network

It will be the middle of next year before Saint John residents have access to the best Internet and TV in Canada. Bell Aliant's new high-tech fibre optic network is now available for sale in areas of Fredericton--and-- the service will continue to be rolled out to the remainder of Fredericton and Saint John by June.

Some customers in the province's capital can already choose from a variety of options with the only 100 per cent fibre optic Internet and TV in Canada--meaning faster internet speeds and higher quality high definition television. Bell Aliant has invested 60 million dollars in FibreOP and the province has contributed one million dollars to the project.

Shots Fired in North End

The Saint John Police Force's tactical unit was called to MacLaren Blvd just after midnight last night for reports of shots being fired. Officers surrounded a building on the street, blocked traffic and searched the apartment and basement area. Staff Sgt. Steve Patterson tells CHSJ news no one was found but there is evidence that guns were fired.

No other details are being released as the investigation continues.

One-Man Rampage Leads to Arrest

An 18 year old man is facing charges following a string of incidents on the lower West Side overnight. Police tell CHSJ news a young man kicked in the door of a store on Ludlow Street West, then randomly chased someone with a kife, and finally smashed in the window of a home before being picked up by police.

One man is due in court later today to face charges of possession of a weapon and assault with a weapon. No one was hurt.

Child Struck By Car

It could have been a lot worse when a child was struck by a car outside Rothesay town hall yesterday morning. The incident occurred after 8am. Rothesay Regional Police say the child was taken to hospital to be checked out as a precaution. The injuries were not serious.

No charges will be laid.