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Monday, January 21, 2013

Smith's Creek Man Facing Drug Charges

The RCMP executing a search warrant at the home of 50-year-old Stanley Lafrance of Smith's Creek....Smith has been charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking as marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines, drug paraphernalia and cash were seized.

RCMP also investigating a theft from a car wash on Main Street in Hampton. A quantity of money was taken from the coin operated machines.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS or click here

Spinach Shortage Jeopardizes Healthy New Years Resolutions

Your New Years resolution to each more greens could be in jeopardy.

Some local businesses are complaining that the price of spinach has rocketed up in recent weeks by as much as $10.50 per unit. 

Sue Hooten is the manager of the Wild Carrot Cafe in the City Market and she tells CHSJ News they're feeling the pinch with no end to the soaring prices in sight.

The shortage is being blamed on erratic weather. It isn't expected to last more than a few weeks so fortunately the price of your salad isn't likely to change in the near future.

Gallant Speaks To Rotarians On Possible Pipeline

The Province's Liberal leader speaking to a Saint John business audience on his party's support of a West-East oil pipeline. 

In a speech to the Rotary club today, Brian Gallant says the project faces challenges including at least one in Quebec.

He says once the pipeline arrives in Quebec, some groups could say this is east enough and they want to refine the oil there and be the access point to global markets.    Gallant also says there could be environmental challenges that it faces in Quebec as well.

He adds all the players should start today in trying to make the project a reality sooner rather than later.

Watch For Warning Signs Of A Grow-Op Near You

With winter upon us, some criminals have moved their illegal operations indoors.

Crime Stoppers and New Brunswick RCMP is asking the public  report any information they may have about possible indoor marijuana grow ops. Growing marijuana indoors can pose a number of risks, including criminal activity, risks of fire and toxic chemical exposure. 

Signs of a grow-op include heavy condensation and dark coverings over the windows, an unusual number of vents, increased security measures, and a strange odour coming from the house.

If you have a tip regarding a grow op in your area, contact Crime Stoppers. There is a $2,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

Electric Baseboard Heating Will Be Costly With Cold Snap

This cold snap is expected to last into the weekend and that means alot of people will be jacking up the thermostat to keep warm.

 Energy sustainability consultant Carl Diuvenvorden tells CHSJ News if you have electric baseboard heating, it's going to cost you when the temperature plummets. He advocates the use of heat pumps which are also known as mini splits.

Diuvenvorden says a baseboard heater gives you one unit of heat per unit of electricity whereas with the heat pumps, for each unit of electricity, you will get three or even four units of heat.

Diuvenvorden says his mother, who lives in the northern part of the province, saw her heating bills go down by 50 per cent with the installation of two heat pumps and a few other upgrades. There are upfront costs which some people might find prohibitive depending on your finances.

Woman Credits Smoke Detector With Saving Her & Her Daughter

A Hampton woman credits a smoke detector with saving the life of her and her daughter after a weekend blaze.

Sue Hansen tells CHSJ News the smoke detector went off just after 1am Sunday morning alerting to smoke in her basement at 414 Hall Road.

She tells us when the smoke alarm woke her up she went down and opened the door to her basement and the smoke just about knocked her over.

While the cause is still undetermined, Hansen says they think it has something to do with the wood stove in the basement.      Hansen and her daughter were unharmed and are staying with family.

Snook To Remain In Jail Until March 11

Donnie Snook has again waived his right to a bail hearing, meaning a delays of some weeks before the councillor will reappear in court.

The bail hearing, which was originally scheduled in provincial court this morning, has now been postponed until March 11 pending completion of the police investigation. He will remain in provincial jail until then.

Police expect it will take 6-4 weeks to identify the victims in images found on Snook's computer as well as other potential victims. Since the initial charges came to light several more people have also contacted city police and RCMP alleging they have been sexually abused by the 40-year-old.

Snook has been suspended with pay as the director of the Inner City Youth Minister pending further information and resigned from his seat at common council last week. 

His lawyer, Dennis Boyle, says he will enter a plea on March 11.

Another Water Main Break And Drivers Should Be Aware

The flucuating temperatures causing problems for Saint John Water.

 A small water main break occurring this morning along Union Street as you approach the Causeway. City Works telling CHSJ News water service has not been disrupted but that's a busy stretch of road and the water will ice up fast because of the cold. 

There was a water main break yesterday along Rothesay Avenue which did cause people to be without any water. That has now been fixed and everything is back to normal.

Taxpayers Federation Says It's Not All Doom And Gloom With Provincial Economy

There's been no official decision by the Alward Government but the Canadian Taxpayers Federation is pretty sure shale gas exploration in the province will happen. 

The Federation's Atlantic Director Kevin Lacey is also optimistic about an east-west pipeline being built to Saint John, telling CHSJ News he didn't think the idea would go this far.

Lacey says spending cuts alone will not be able to get rid of the burgeoning provincial government deficit. It has to be combined with growing the provincial economy. He sees both shale gas development and the pipeline as ways to give some life to the New Brunswick economy.

Common Council To Get Snook Resignation and Report on Prostitution

Common Council will be officially accepting Donnie Snook's resignation tonight which will pave the way for a byelection in Ward 3 on May 13th. 

After a one week delay, Council will also be getting the report from the Police Commission which rejects using sidewalk and traffic bylaws to move prostitutes from soliciting on uptown streets. 

The Executive-Director of Aids Saint John Julie Dingwell tells CHSJ News the street level sex trade workers in the city are struggling with drug addiction and criminalising them isn't the answer. Dingwell says evidence from across the country shows police crackdowns on street level prostitution make it less safe for the sex trade workers. 

She believes it would still be a good idea for the Sex Trade Action Committee to make a presentation to Council.