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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pair Arrested In Norton Home Invasion

The RCMP have arrested a man and woman who allegedly forced their way into a home in Norton and threatened the owner.

The 25 year old homeowner fired a shot into the floor of the house, after which the pair took off in a car. He was arrested but later released.

Police say this was an isolated incident. The homeowner and one of the suspects knew each other.

Mill Rats Launch Campaign To Boost Fan Base

When they hit the court for the first game of their fourth season, the Mill Rats want to see a packed stadium. 

The team launching a campaign called 1000 Reasons Why, where they'll show the Saint Johners why the basketball team is good for the city. They've announced a goal of 1000 new season ticket-holders.

And if you're not a basketball fan, you're exactly the type of person the Mill Rats want to see at their games. President and General Manager Ian McCarthy says he's found that many people who go to a Mill Rats game for the first time, often return.

McCarthy says while losing Rogers as a sponsor was a blow, they're ready to transition into a new phase.

Mayor Mel Norton describing the Mill Rats as one of the most exciting entertainment products you'll find in Atlantic Canada.

Pension Coalition Hires Lawyer

The New Brunswick Pension Coalition is pulling out the legal big guns in their fight to get the provincial government to adopt the Shared Risk Model for its pension plan on a go-forward basis only. 

Coalition spokesperson Clifford Kennedy tells CHSJ News their goals haven't changed since they've hired Toronto lawyer Ari N. Kaplan, who has a track record of successfully counseling public sector pensioners. He says they simply want the existing agreement to be respected.

Kennedy says they decided to hire a lawyer now because the government has been clear that they want to go ahead with the Shared Risk Model---and the Coalition wants to make sure the plan members are protected.

Gerry Lowe Reacts To Irving Sign Controversy

A glowing, 21-foot Irving sign is going dark until August 20 after residents complained it was put on Red Head Road without permission. 

We asked common councillor Gerry Lowe whether he really believed it was a "miscommunication" as Irving reps claimed. Lowe responded that while it likely was the result of some sort of a misunderstanding, he doesn't really believe the sign was put up simply for safety issues either. 

The Planning Advisory Committee will consider the sign again at its next meeting.

Poverty Seen As The Key Factor Affecting Your Health

A newly released report concludes how much you earn, what sort of housing you have, early childhood development and how well you eat are viewed as key factors that affect your health. 

Those conclusions were reached after the Canadian Medical Association held a series of town hall meetings and heard from something like a thousand people.

The provincial co-ordinator of the Common Front for Social Justice Jean-Claude Basque isn't surprised at the extent of food insecurity in New Brunswick. He says the main problem is that people in the province on the lower end of the income ladder just don't make enough money.

He claims if you're working, you should not be in a position where it's tough to eat well because you're not making enough money.

Basque tells CHSJ News if you have to rely on food banks, as more and more people in the province are doing, you likely won't have access to fruits and vegetables.

Shot Fired In Home Invasion

The RCMP on the lookout for a man and woman who are wanted after forcing their way into a home in Norton and threatening the owner.

The two took off in a hurry after the 25 year old homeowner fired a shot into the floor of the house. He was arrested but later released.

Police say the homeowner and one of the suspects know each other and are terming this an isolated incident.

Canaport Wants To Export Natural Gas

Canaport LNG is evolving as a trans shipment terminal with its application to Environment Canada for approval to export liquified natural gas overseas. 

That, according to John Herron of the Atlantica Centre for Energy who tells CHSJ News there's a glut of natural gas in the North American market so this make perfect sense.

Herron says the glut has been created due to shale gas development and the liquified natural gas would fetch a much higher price in Europe and Asia because the world market for natural gas is skewed.

Saint John Closing In On Major Development Deal

Saint John is close to inking a deal to develop the old Coast Guard site adjacent to Market Square.

Kent MacIntyre of Saint John Waterfront Development tells CHSJ News says the development could produce up to a million dollars a year in property tax.

He says it has the potential to draw more private enterprise to Saint John. He says once the density of the uptown core is increased, the area will be buzzing with activity from small and medium-sized businesses. 

Three assessments showed contaminants were present at the site, an environmental clean-up is going to cost them less than a million dollars. MacIntyre says he expects the developer will have a building permit in his hands by late 2014.

Recall Of Cheese In Province

Consumers are being warned to avoid eating Igor brand Gorgonzola Cheese because the product may be contaminated with Listeria.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says the Italian-made cheese is sold in 1.5 kilogram packages but may have also cut into smaller packages by some retailers and was distributed in New Brunswick.

Date Set For Bandstand To Be Unveiled

If you're a history buff or simply a fan of live music you'll want to save the date on Thursday at noon.

King Square will be bustling will a celebration of the refurbished King Square bandstand. Mayor Mel Norton announed that the bandstand won't just look better---it'll sound great, too, with performances by the Saint Mary's Band and more contemporary local artists.

The as-yet anonymous donors who financed the refurbishment will also be revealed on Thursday. 

Improvements to the iconic structure include new floor supports for the second level, electrical hookups, and cleaning up the copper roof.

21-Foot Sign In Rural Area Draws Ire Of Residents

A 21-foot sign erected in a rural neighbourhood will be going dark for now.

Residents are saying the glowing Irving sign near Canaport  went up several weeks without permission and it's ruining the view for homeowners along Red Head Road. 

Cheryl Armstrong lives across the street. She says it's another example of the corporation using land without permission. According to her, what was supposed to be an emergency access road is now being used by all kinds of heavy vehicles.

Irving Spokesman Rick Turner called it a "miscommunication" saying they aren't sure how the sign went up without proper permission being granted.

Irving has now agreed to turn the lights off until they can bring the matter before the city's Planning Advisory Committee.

Uptown Vandalism

Two arrests made after the window at the Dollar Store on Germain Street was broken out early this morning. 

One person was taken to hospital to be treated for lacerations. 

City Police are investigating whether other store windows in the area have also been smashed out.