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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

ACAP Gets Funding Boost For Ongoing Projects

3 environmental projects from the Atlantic Coastal Action program getting a boost thanks to 51-thousand dollars in funding from the Department of the Environment.

Executive Director Tim Vickers tells CHSJ News a portion of the money will go towards their online education program on watersheds.

Other programs getting support is their Green Network Program which organizes community clean-up projects and their management plan for local watersheds.

Airport Strike Continues

It's business as usual at the airport, despite 25 striking employees from the Public Service Alliance of Canada. 

Colleen Kemp-Mitchell with the airport tells CHSJ News negotiations have been taking place all afternoon but there's no news of a resolution yet. 

She says there is still no picket line and service has not been interrupted.

Mayor Says Council Will Take A Closer Look At Chalk Art

With chalk art on King Street being considered vandalism by police and the ensuing public outcry, Mayor Ivan Court says city council may have to take a closer look at the graffiti by-laws. 

He tells CHSJ News he believes it warrants a closer look but one man's art could be another's graffiti.

He says things like how long the art will last and who will clean it up are all issues to consider.

First Wave Of Strike Action Hits Airport

About 25 members of the Public Service Alliance of Canada working at Saint John Airport did not report for work today in the first wave of strike action.

Union Rep Jeannie Baldin says the workers provide a valuable service to the traveling public in Saint John but, they haven't had a raise since January of 2008.

The union has not put up a picket line for now as all non-essential workers took strike action including those doing administrative, labour, trades and firefighting duties.

The union claims management walked away from the table last week at which time they gave notice the next day, warning that strike action will be launched today at 5am if no deal was reached. The mediator has called the two parties to reconvene talks this afternoon.   The workers last contract expired in December of 2008.

Saint John Airport Open House Tomorrow

 Saint John Airport wants to increase its visibility in the minds of Saint Johners by holding an open house tomorrow and everyone from the area is invited to have a look see. It will be held from 3 until 7 come rain or shine with exhibits and a chance to take a flight. President and C-E-O Bernie Leblanc tells CHSJ News all too often it seems, the airport is taken for granted but while it may be federally regulated, it is not federally funded anymore.

He's not sure if people realize the airport is self-sustaining and they don't get funding from anywhere else and if people want the airport they need to use it, help develop it and support it.

At the open house, scenic flights will be offered by Blue Skies Above and vintage aircraft will be on display with many of them inside the Atlantic Flight Centre hangar.

You Can Offer Condolences To Jack Layton's Family

You can sign a book of condolences for the family of Jack Layton.

It's set up in the vestibule of the Legislature from 8:15am to 5pm daily until Friday and on Saturday from 9am to 5pm.

The book of condolence will be delivered to Layton’s family.

Listeners Think Sidewalk Artists Should Stay Put

It would appear the citizens support two young artists and their right to create street art on King Street.  Some of our listeners taking to our Facebook page to vent their frustrations that the young couple have been told to move along.

Kerry Ann says i guess we can't let the kids use chalk cause it's called vandalism.

Wendy says the police should do something useful such as find the vandals who spray-painted the brick building at Rainbow Park.   She adds chalk washes away and it looks nice.
Betty says if someone is not hurting anyone drawing pictures on sidewalk and as long as they are not vulgar and they are not panhandling he is sharing a gift with tourists walking by and should be allowed to do so. She adds it's a shame because she enjoyed looking at the amazing art that people create.
To add your voice to the conversation click here

Premier Offers Condolences On The Death of St. Martin's Mayor

The Premier offering his condolences on the death of St. Martin's Mayor Jim Huttges.

David Alward says Huttges was known for his dedication to the people of his community, the Village of St. Martin's and Greater Saint John.

The premier adds Jim Huttges was also widely known for his involvement in developing the Fundy Trail.

Two Collisions Slow West Side Traffic

Two separate collisions on the west side causing a major traffic tie-up this morning.

Both crack-ups occurring on Highway One westbound near exit 117-Fairville Boulevard.

No word yet on any injuries.

Crews Fight Fire In St. Martin's Business

Crews responding to a fire in St. Martin's this morning.

The blaze in an apartment of the building that houses the Flying Colours gallery on Main Street across from the XTR gas station.

Sidewalk Artists Sent Packing

If you have enjoyed the chalk street art on King Street the last few weeks, you're out of luck now.
Artist Eric Couture tells CHSJ News he's been told by the police that he can no longer draw on the sidewalk.

He says it's because chalk art is considered graffiti and he gets caught doing it again on City property he will be fined.

He said his girlfriend has done chalk art all over Canada and this is the first time they have been told not to do it.
He says they have been doing street art as an alternative to pan-handling.

Airport Workers May Hit The Bricks

Officials at the Saint John Airport receiving strike notice by the Public Service Alliance of Canada at the airport effective this morning.

The contract with the union covers the 25 workers at the Saint John Airport and expired in December 2008.

Officials at the airport remain hopeful this labour action can be resolved and negotiations are continuing.
Colleen Kemp-Mitchell of the Saint John Airport says the negotiating team continues to work towards a settlement.

In the event of strike action, the airport will remain open with flights continuing as scheduled.    No picket lines are up yet and all flight are running on time this morning.

City Seeks Input For Public Plaza

A landscape architect being hired to help design the space around Peel Plaza that will become a public plaza. Project Manager Bill Edwards says open sessions concerning the space have been well attended and helpful.
 He says they are looking for input on the type of amenities and on how the space should look and feel.

Edwards says it's just a matter of blending what the public wants with what the city can afford. Earlier this year council electing not to begin construction on the public plaza until next spring because of the amount of work being done in the area.

Fundraising Campaign Update In Sussex Today

The Regional Hospital Foundation and the PotashCorp scheduled to make an announcement this afternoon in Sussex. The Foundation is trying to raise 680 thousand dollars to purchase state-of-the-art equipment for the hospital's new stem cell lab. An update on how the campaign is going will be given at the PotashCorp offices in Sussex today at 2 o'clock.

Coast Guard Conducts Exercise Over Two Days

If you see boats and helicopters in the waters around St. Andrew's over the next two days, have no fears -- it's just a search and rescue exercise involving the Canadian and U.S. Coast Guard.
The will be conducting various search and rescue scenarios as well as testing gear over the next two days.

The exercises will begin around noon and end around 5:30pm.