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Friday, February 5, 2010

Shooting Victim in serious condition at the Regional Hospital

A 42-year-old year old man shot this morning in Lower Norton is in serious condition at the Regional Hospital.

The shooting happened at a home on the Ketchum Road.
Police do not believe it was a random act and are following up on a variety of leads.
Anyone with information is asked to contact RCMP in Hampton at 832-5566 or Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

Major Crime Unit Looking for Your Help

The Major Crime Unit is looking for your help in trying to solve a crime. It is in relation to a fire that happened at 303 Crown Street just before three o'clock this (yesterday) morning.

The side of the building was set on fire but damage is not extensive. Officers are looking for one person and if you have any information you can get in touch with them at 648-3333 or call Crime-Stoppers.

Westfield Ferry will be running intermittently over the weekend

Crews continue to chip away at the ice wreaking havoc with the run of Westfield Ferry this week.

Department of Transportation spokesperson Andrew Holland tells CHSJ News that three excavaters and 1 truck have been working on clearing ice at the site.
He says DOT crews will be working 24/7 this weekend to remove ice.
Until the ice is cleared, the Westfield Ferry will be running on an interrmittent schedule.

Health Critic Lashes Out Over Trauma Report Delay

Opposition Health Care Critic Margaret Ann Blaney of Rothesay is jumping all over the Provincial Government about trauma care. 
She tells CHSJ News recommendations to make it better should have been put in place months ago instead of having the report released this coming Monday -- she says it's been sitting on Health Minister Mary Schryer's desk for months.
Blaney says doctors tell her they're frustrated at the inaction and now there's an uproar over a Bathurst woman waiting 12 hours to receive emergency care at the Regional Hospital.

Gunfire On The Peninsula

The RCMP in Hampton are investigating a shooting incident earlier this moring -- A 42 year old man from Kingston was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound.
More details are expected later on about what happened and the man's condition.

Market Square Gets a Make-Over

If you have walked through Market Square recently, you've probuably noticed a few changes. Holly's So-Ho Cafe is gone as is the House of Tara. Spokes-person for the Hardman Group Heather Peterson tells CHSJ News, the spaces won't be empty for long as a clothing store called Envy is moving into both spaces.
Peterson adds Manchester Shoes has moved into the mall as well and has been told House of Tara is not closing but moving into a new uptown location. As for the new renovation on the back end of the building, the finishing touches are being worked out and a ribbon cutting is expected in April.

Bridge Authority Responds to Ministers Claim

Only one and not three options have been presented to the Harbour Bridge Authority. That from it's General Manager Ken Anthony which contradicts what the Energy Minister told our news-room earlier this week saying three proposals are on the table and they are waiting for a response. Anthony tells CHSJ News, the bottom line is time is ticking away.

Anthony adds if a deal isn't worked out, they are still looking down the barrel of possible weight and speed restrictions.

Saint John Lawyer is Being Honored

A lawyer from the office of Barry Spalding will have the spotlight thrown on him tonight by the Provincial Branch of the Canadian Bar Association. David O'Brien is being recognized with the Distinguished Service Award which honors his contributions to law reform around the Province. With over 25 years of practice, O'Brien has participated in the drafting of legislation pertaining to health law and has written numerous articles for a variety of publications.
The award and several others will be presented tonight during a banquet at the Delta Beauséjour in Moncton.

Business on King Street is Closed

     (Pins and Needles Shop on King Street Closed)
              (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

After less than a year, a business on King Street has locked it's doors. The Pins and Needles Tattoo shop has shut down and the For Lease sign is hanging in the window. Formerly located at the corner of Princess and Prince William Streets, the business moved in last spring to expand so it could feature hair and tanning salons, body piercing and several other services.
No reason has been given for the decision to close down by owner Dave Rogers. The building was once home to Tapps Brewpub.

Energy Minister Jack Keir Answers Questions On Harbour Bridge Funding

Arson Suspected In Early Morning Fire

The Major Crime Unit is investigating a possible case of arson. City Police tell CHSJ News early this morning the side of a building at 303 Crown Street was set on fire but damage is not believed to be serious.

Harbour Bridge Funding Continues to Stir Controversy

(Provincial Energy Minister Jack Keir)
(File Photo)

Needing over $30 million dollars for repair work, the Harbour Bridge Authority can't secure a loan. Energy Minister Jack Keir used to be the General Manager of the stucture and tells CHSJ News, the problems for the bridge started when Saint John MP Rodney Weston said he wanted to remove the tolls. Keir adds the Province has presented the bridge authority with three proposals and has yet to hear back from them.
Not ready to back down on his political platform, Weston can't believe his comments to work toward removing tolls on the Harbour Bridge are hindering its chances of locking up a loan. Weston says the Federal and Provincial Governments have invested millions of dollars on other portions of Route One and can't understand why the bridge is any different.