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Monday, October 1, 2012

The Stop & Go Routine Is Almost Over

That stop and go routine you have been enjoying in Charlotte County is nearing an end.

The massive Route 1 Gateway project which includes twinning 55 kilometres between Waweig and Lepreau will be complete by October 25th.

Dexter Design Manager Pat Chouinard was asked how they are able to finish the work a year early.

He credits innovative ideas, value engineering and many people part of why they finished sooner.

About two years ago, an archeaological site was found that forced changes in the construction plans.

Artifacts believed to be 10,000 years old found near Pocologan will one day be seen in a provincial museum.

Touch A Truck Fundraiser A Smash Hit

A lot of happy kids over the weekend despite wind and pouring rain at the Touch A Truck event.

The fundraiser for First Steps Housing managed to raise over $12,000, with kids getting a chance to climb aboard big rigs, monster trucks and police vehicles. The kids could even sound the sirens and blow the horns.

First Steps is a transitional housing facility for pregnant youth and their infants who don't have a safe place to live. Organizers say the event was so successful they plan on making it an annual fundraiser.

"Poverty Kills", Group Warns

If you wouldn't look down on a person with a disability, you shouldn't look down at someone living in poverty...that message from the Common Front For Social Justice, who are preparing a flyer campaign to combat some of the common myths about the poor. 

Sister Aurea Cormier is an activist with the Common Front. She tells CHSJ News people living below the poverty line have increased health issues and live shorter lives.

Another common myth, says Cormier, is that people simply don't want to work--because in these economic times, that's simply not the reality.

Get Acadian Refunds Now Before It's Too Late

With Acadian Bus lines pulling up stakes in the Maritimes at the end of next month, you should be thinking about refunding any unused points or tickets...if you've been collecting "Express Meter" loyalty points, or have tickets you don't plan to use by November 30th, you should get them refunded now.

After that date the points can't be redeemed or exchanged for money. They also can't be used on any other Keolis Canada network.

Acadian Lines announced they would be shutting down their Maritime bus service back n August, citing lost revenues due to not enough ridership.

Route 1 Gateway Nearly Finished

The Route 1 Gateway project will be completed by October 25th.  It includes 55 kilometers of newly twinned highway between Waweig and Lepreau.

Dexter Construction and the Provincial Transportation Department cite innovative ideas and new construction for the early finish date.  

Early in the construction an archaeological site was discovered near Pennfield.  It is believed to be 10,000 years old. Artifacts from this site will one day be seen in a museum.  

Suspicious Weekend Fire And Highway Rollover

No injuries after a laundry room fire at 4201 Loch Lomond officials getting the call at 1:30 yesterday afternoon about smoke coming out of the basement at the  home. 

Platoon Chief Forrest of the City Fire department tells CHSJ News the fire was contained to the area of the dryer, where it began.

Forrest speculates the problem could have started with a dryer malfunction.

Meantime, a weekend fire at a vacant building on Winslow Street is under investigation by both the fire department and city police.

A 41 year old woman escaped serious injury after a rollover along Highway 7. Her car hydroplaned, rolled over 4 times into a ditch and she had to be extricated with the jaws of life.

Doubt Over Whether Ward Meetings Were Beneficial

As Common Council gets ready to start deliberating on what should be contained in next year's city budget, will the input from the recent ward meetings be any use at all? 

Former Mayor and now Councillor at Large Shirley McAlary tells CHSJ News she's bothered by how vague some of the questions were and responses but will wait to see the analysis.

McAlary is bothered by the fact most people said they want different ways of delivering various city services without spelling out in detail what changes they would like to see.

Call To Be Made To Get Rid Of City's Pension Board

Common Councillor Bill Farren is calling for the city's pension board to be dismissed. 

The issue comes up tonight at Common Council in light of word the city's pension plan is deficit is rising and could be above 200 million dollars. 

Farren tells CHSJ News this could mean more cuts in city services when next year's budget is cobbled together and predicts taxpayers will not be happy.

Farren is proposing a committee be created to administer the city's pension plan. He describes the pension problem as a millstone around the neck of Council as it is getting ready for deliberations on next year's city budget.

Warning About Healthcare In Province

Healthcare is on the edge.

That warning from independent M-L-A Dr. Jim Parrot of Fundy River Valley who tells CHSJ News it's the health department that forumulates healthcare policy and that has to change with more input from the M-L-A's and, of course doctors, but whether that would be welcomed or not is another story. 

He argues there's alot that could be done to make the system better.

Dr. Parrot is calling for a master plan on healthcare to be drawn up with alot of dialogue with and input from doctors. 

Rothesay M-L-A Ted Flemming will be taking over as the new health minister in a few days time.

Irving Oil Faces Price Fixing Charges In Quebec

The Competition Bureau announcing criminal charges have been laid against Irving Oil and Serge Parent,  Irving Oil's manager in Quebec, for fixing the price of retail gasoline in Victoriaville, Thetford Mines and Sherbrooke.

Three charges have been laid against Irving Oil and three against Parent.

By using a number of investigative tools, including wiretaps and searches, the Bureau claims in certain local Quebec markets gas retailers, or their representatives, communicated with one another to agree on the price they would charge customers for gasoline.