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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Collision Near Rockwood Park


Crews are on scene at a collision near Rockwood park.

Strong Response To Park Study Means Changes

Changes to the Parks Act introduced today will aid with the long-term protection of provincially-owned parks, according to Culture Minister Trevor Holder.

The changes include strengthening conservation efforts, requiring better resource management, prohibiting prospecting, mining and shale extraction inside parks, and addressing accessibility issues.

The changes stem from the results of an online survey conducted in 2013 which almost 2,500 people filled out.

Irving Oil Converts Railcars 3 Years Early

Irving Oil revealing the completion of converting its fleet of crude oil railcars to the Association of American Railroads specifications.

This move supports Transport Canada's announcement on enhanced protection standards for rails cars stemming from recommendations by the Transportation Safety Board in January.

Irving Oil President Paul Browning says they took the voluntary position of converting the fleet as promised three years ahead of regulation.

The A.A.R. specifications are for railcars built after 2011 to be constructed with reinforcements that reportedly reduce the risk of product loss should these railcars be involved in a derailment.

New Program Aims To Co-Ordinate Care For Moms and Babies

The Horizon Health Network's Board hearing that plans are moving along for a perinatal program to co-ordinate care for mothers and babies which will be a new service for the province.

Dr. Lynn Murphy-Kaulbeck tells CHSJ News one aspect will be data collection which already exists in Nova Scotia.

She says in their program they collect 1100 variables on every woman and child allowing them to use that research to make decisions that can save governments money.

Dr. Murphy-Kaulbeck points out the New Brunswick Perinatal Health Program will be independent from the government.  

They plan to hire staff over the summer and be up and running by September.

Rhetoric Heats Up Over Alward Government's Legacy

As the election draws closer, Question Period is increasingly becoming a battle of rhetoric between the so-called "do nothing, moratorium" Liberals and the Alward government, which the Grits have painted as unconcerned with the average taxpayer.

Liberal MLA Rick Doucet claims the Tories have left a legacy of broken promises on cost overruns at Point Lepreau, changes to EI, and more.

Meanwhile, Saint John MLA Carl Killen described the positive impact of the new forestry plan on our local economy.

Doucet says the premier has demonstrated he's not up to the task of getting this province what it's owed from the feds.

Kids Compete At Annual Music Fest

Nine hundred kids from across the province are excited to be singing and playing in the New Brunswick Competitive Festival of Music this week.

The festival is now in its 78th year and organizer Christopher Lane tells CHSJ News it's like old home week for many of the students who only get to see each other when they're competing.

The kids compete for trophies, plaques, and cash prizes at various venues throughout the city. The Festival runs until May 3.

For more info, click here

Pictured: Maggie Kerr

New Paintings To Be Displayed At The Regional

A series of paintings depicting First Nations experiences with cancer treatment will be on display at the Saint John Regional Hospital, and the George Dumont Hospital in Moncton.

Health Minister Ted Flemming exaplains they are part of a new Canadian Partnership Against Cancer's initiative that aims to capture the journey of First Nations cancer survivors.

The six paintings were created by Natalie Sappier, an artist from Tobique First Nation. To see some of her work click here

PALS Partnerships Are Working Well

Pairing schools and business is working out well for the Anglophone South School district.

A Pals partnership between Port Saint John, the school board and Centennial school was announced late last year.

Community Engagement Co-ordinator Erica Lane tells CHSJ News the interest is growing beyond the City.

She says folks outside of Saint John have asked about it adding it has an amazing impact on their students.

Companies that may be interested in forming a PALS partnership can contact Erica Lane at 506-643-7977.

Ambulance NB Taken To Task Over Language

There should be at least one person who's bilingual within each paramedic team at Ambulance NB. So says the Official Languages Commissioner who is calling on the provincial health department to ensure compliance with the law. 

This is Katherine d'Entremont's first recommendation as Commissioner and follows an incident that occurred in September of 2013. Neither of the two paramedics who were sent to help a person in Dieppe who could only speak french.

D'Entremont confirms there was a 2008 investigation requiring at least one person with each paramedic team be bilingual.

She argues attempting to help someone in an emergency situation when you can't understand what's being said is life threatening and goes beyond linguistic rights.

Price Shock At The Pumps

Gas prices taking quite a jump after the weekly setting. The price of self serve regular in the city reaching a new high at $1.40.1 a litre. Diesel is also up at $1.40.5 a litre.

Water Levels To Stay Above Flood Stage With Latest Rainfall

There are no reports of flooded streets in the Saint John area this morning as the rain continues to come down. 

According to River Watch, the water levels in Quispamsis and Saint John are forecast to be stable but remain above flood stage for the next number of days. 

In Fredericton, water levels are expected to surpass flood stage by tomorrow. It's believed water levels at Maugerville will reach flood stage tomorrow and be above flood stage for a number of days at Jemseg, Grand Lake and Sheffield-Lakeville Corner.