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Friday, April 4, 2014

King Street Arrest

A late afternoon arrest uptown creating a stir during rush hour.

Two City police cruisers were parked at Germain and King around 5pm this afternoon after a shoplifting incident in the mall.

A young man under the age of 18 was taken into custody.   

He is being held in custody and will be in court on Monday.

Man Charged In Gas Station Robbery

A 25 year old Saint John man appeared in court this afternoon on charges  that he robbed the Garden Street Irving with a knife shortly after 3am.

Stephen John William Hall will be back in court for a bail hearing on Monday morning.

While trying to track down Hall, a police officer slipped on the ice and had to be taken to the hospital with serious injuries to his leg.

RCMP Seek Help In Stolen Parakeet Case

The Mounties looking for your help in finding out who took a bird from a pet store in Dieppe.

Two men came into the PetCulture store on Paul Street last Thursday night around 7pm and after they left workers in the store realized the sun parakeet worth over $1000 was missing.

One man is white and in his late 40's to early 50's and described as pale.    He's about 5 foot 9 with a slim build and long dark hair wearing a dark coat.

The othe man is in his 30's and could be Aboriginal. 

He has brown eyes and brown hair that is shaved on the sides. 

He's about 5 foot 9 with a medium build and clean shaven.  

He was wearing a dark coat with white stripes on the arms and designs on the chest.

If you know anything about this crime, contact police at 1-506-857-2400 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

Health Minister Says Decisions Are Being Made For The Right Reasons

Provincial Health Minister Ted Flemming says he has taken the politics out of healthcare decisionmaking. 

He says it's up to the Anglophone and Francophone Health Authorities to decide what their lists of priorities should be. Flemming says  those priorities can be switched around depending on circumstances and points to the breakdown of a mammography machine at an unnamed hospital as an example.

Flemming maintains decisions in health are being made for clinical reasons and not because they might benefit M-L-A's on the government side get re-elected.

Remember Cameron By Giving Blood Tomorrow

It's a fitting tribute to a well-loved community leader.

A blood donor clinic is coming up tomorrow in memory of Tim Cameron-the former President of the Regional hospital foundation who died a year ago.

His daughter Katie Mitchell tells CHSJ News blood donations were essential during her father's treatment for stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

She says in order to continue with treatment for his cancer, her Dad needed to get his blood levels up so that he could accept treatment so he required blood transfusions.

The clinic begins at 9am tomorrow and runs until 1pm at 405 University Avenue.   

For more info, click here 

More Cash For New Y

The New Y Facility is receiving another boost in the form of $50,000 from the McDonald's Restaurants of Saint John and Quispam.

CEO Shiloh Boucher tells CHSJ News the cash brings them up to the 4.8 million dollar mark out of the 7 million they need to build the facility.

It's expected the new YMCA will open in the fall of 2015.

UPDATE: Student With A Knife At FHS

No one was injured after a student at Fredericton High was brandishing a knife around 8:30 this morning.

A School Resource Officer acted quickly to contain the situation.

The student was arrested off school grounds and classes are continuing as normal.

Backlash Over Fluoride Removal Concerns Councillor

Now that council has agreed to take fluoride out of the city's water supply, lots of medical professionals and concerned citizens coming out of the woodwork to object to that vote.

Common Councillor Donna Reardon says the backlash from such respected authorities as Horizon Health and the New Brunswick Dental Association concerns her.

Mayor Mel Norton tells CHSJ News a decision has been made and they're unlikely to go back on it.

Mane Saint Johners oppose the addition of any extra chemicals to our drinking water--but the medical establishment warns removing fluoride could cause major dental issues in kids.

Early Morning Robbery

The Major Crime Unit investigating a robbery at the Garden Street Irving which took place shortly after 3. One person has been arrested. 

During the search, a police officer slipped on the ice in the vicinity of the Cathedral on Waterloo Street and had to be taken to the hospital with a possible broken leg. Police warn there's plenty of black ice on both the sidewalks and roads. 

Another man was arrested earlier along Princess Street and is facing a charge of possession of a weapon.