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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wear Blue, Celebrate World Diabetes Day

Tomorrow international landmarks like the CN Tower and the Sydney Opera House will be lit up in blue for World Diabetes Day.

The day was designated back in 1991.

Kelly Hare of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation tells CHSJ News they are encouraging students and everyone to dress in blue. She says nationally you can take a picture of yourself dressed in blue and you can be entered into a contest. Hare says they have 10 youth ambassadors in New Brunswick and on the island will be pushing it through social media.

To learn more, click here.

Local Filipino Community Seeks Support

Members of the Filipino Community in Saint John getting support after the devastation in the Phillipines from Typhoon Haiyan.

Ophelia Maestrado, President of Filipino Association's Saint John Chapter, tells CHSJ news the organization is planning fundraising for supports families affected by the devastation in the city of Tacloban.

Maestrado says they would encourage people in Saint John and across the province to help out during this difficult time.

Fundraisers including a bake sale, yard sale and pancake breakfast will be held in the next couple of weeks. 

Contact Ophelia Maestrado at 506-608-3885, for details on upcoming fundraisers.

Man Shoots Part Of His Face Off

A Maine man learning first hand the tragedies of mixing alcohol with weapons.

Reports say 31-year-old Dale Poulin, from Waterville, Maine, shot part of his face off last Wednesday night while sharing hunting stories with friends at a home.

Police Chief Joseph Massey says it was chaotic when officers arrived at the scene, finding Poulin's teeth, chin, and blood on the floor, while the man sat in a chair missing his face from the nose down.

Reports say Poulin was showing off his rifle when he dropped it and it discharged.

Poulin is now in a Boston hospital in stable condition and is able to communicate by writing.

UPDATE: Dennis Oland In Court Today

Dennis Oland showing little emotion in the courtroom as he was formally charged with second-degree murder in the death of his father Richard more than two years ago.

The 45-year old son of the slain City businessman entering the prisoner's box dressed in a grey sweatshirt, nodding at family members who were seated in the courtroom and giving them a slight smile. When the judge asked him if he understood the charge, Oland said yes. 

He will be appearing in court again next Tuesday to set a date for a preliminary inquiry and will be held in custody in the meantime.

When asked for comment, Oland's lawyer, Gary Miller, spoke about the weather. Oland's family did not speak to the media.

Many Brave The Cold For Target Opening

As the holiday shopping season starts heating up, many eager shoppers couldn't wait for the new Target store to open its doors.

The American retail giant making its way to Canada opening three stories in the province today.

Customer Bob Nicholson tells CHSJ News it's a nice addition to Saint John.

He says it's a large store and after a quick look he says the prices seem comparable with other stores in the community.

Sandra Whitenect came to check out the store with some others who braved the cold wind waiting before the new store opened its doors at 8 this morning.

Hundreds Support Hope In The City Breakfast

Saint Johners are happy to support the work of the Salvation Army and today's Hope in the City breakfast was no exception.

Major Danny Pinksen tells CHSJ News all proceeds from the event support their Community Response Unit to provide help at fire scenes or other disasters to first responders and to victims.

He says it's also used with community programs and initiatives and if they are requested they will be the Unit out and provide support.

Frank McKenna gave a speech and he tells CHSJ News he loves the spirit of Saint John. He says it always rises up and this morning is an example when you get 600 or 700 people supporting a cause like this. McKenna noted the remarkable effort by the Salvation Army for over 100 years in this city.

More Details On Oland Arrest

Dennis Oland spent the night in lockup at Peel Plaza waiting to be officially charged with second degree murder in the death of his father, Richard Oland.

Police Cheif Bill Reid speaking at a media conference describing how Saint John Police caught up with Oland, who has been the prime suspect in the case for the past 2 years. Police caught up with Dennis Oland while he was leaving to wash his car, says the police chief. He was arrested away from his Rothesay home without incident.

Reid declined to comment on whether Oland confessed, on the murder weapon, or any specifics of how Richard Oland died in his office back in July 2011.

VIDEO: Dennis Oland Charged With Second Degree Murder

The son of a businessman found murdered in his Canterbury Street office more than two years ago has been charged with second degree murder in the Richard Oland investigation.

Members of the police spotted Dennis Oland's vehicle in Rothesay yesterday and arrested him without incident. Police Chief Bill Reid says there was not enough evidence for a first degree murder charge. Reid says there's no indication that anyone else was involved in Richard's death.

Reid would not comment on the cost of the investigation or cause of death apart from repeated blows to Richard's body.

Young Woman Arrested For Arson

A young woman who allegedly started a fire in an apartment complex on Winter Street has been arrested both for arson and a breach of probation.

Crews were called to the blaze which started in the storage area of the building shortly after 6pm. After an investigation crews found the fire had been set was quickly brought under control.

Man Who Saved Colleague's Life Recognized By City

It was a surreal experience that happened fast...that's how a city works employee describes saving the life of his co-worker a month ago when a one-ton truck crashed into an asphalt trailer. 

Kevin Hicks was part of a maintenance crew offloading equipment for an asphalt job on Hillcrest Road when it happened. He says after hearing the truck approaching fast, he grabbed Ken McCarthy by the shoulder and pulled him out of the way. Hicks has worked with McCarthy for about eight years. He says the crew is together all the time and they all look out for each other.

The city recognizing his actions at a Common Council meeting.

Target Opens Its Door In Saint John Today

Will eager shoppers be waiting for the doors at Saint John's first Target to open?

Target opens for business at 8am today in McAllister place.

The new stores across the country have been met with many excited consumers as the American retail giant brings its brand north of the border.

The new location also includes a Starbucks.