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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lobster For Sale On Long Wharf

It certainly wasn't the crowd they got back in December but lobster fishermen appeared happy with the reception on Long Wharf.

They tied their vessels to the dock and sold the crustaceans for six dollars a pound. John Mcdade tells CHSJ News, there were a few things not playing in their favor like having it on the same day as an event at New River Beach.

The other chip stacked against them is two supermarkets in Greater Saint John selling lobster almost 30 cents cheaper a pound but McDade is hoping those who enjoy lobster will see the benefit of getting it fresh out of the water.

Accident Victim Calls For A Third Lane

A Rothesay woman involved in the accident early Friday morning on the McKay Highway is disputing Mayor Ivan Courts call to stop work on a third lane for the area.

Traffic came to a stand still when Patricia Burnett's vehicle was hit by a transport truck and started spinning out of control, ran through the median and almost crashed into the east-bound lane of traffic.

Burnett tells CHSJ News, safety is and should be the only thought behind a third lane.

Banged up and bruised, Burnett says she is going to be fine but the RCMP Officer that reported to the accident says she is lucky to be alive.
Mayor Court says he will present Fredericton with a letter soon on his opposition to the construction of a third lane on the MacKay Highway.

Conservatives Find a Candidate In Saint John Fundy

(Saint John Fundy Conservative Candidate Glen Savoie)
             (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

With no spoiled ballots out of 269 cast, Glen Savoie has captured the Conservative nomination for Saint John Fundy.
Savoie beat Tim Brewer and Marjorie MacMurray and tells CHSJ News, he has already spoken with several voters about their issues and what they are looking for is good local representation and get their message to Fredericton.
The last time a Conservative held the riding in Saint John Fundy was Rodney Weston during the Bernard Lord administration.
It's currently held by Liberal Stuart Jamieson who is not re-offering.

Police Conference Coming To Saint John

The Canadian Association of Police Boards is holding their national conference in the Port City this August.

Christopher WaldSchutz, Chairman of the Board of Police Commissioners says its a big plus for Saint John to show the tools the force uses on a daily basis including intelligence led policing.

Mayor Ivan Court says the city should make at least half a million dollars from having the conference here, just in hotel costs alone.

Randy Jones Celebrity Golf Tournament

Preperations continue for the second annual Randy Jones Charity Golf Tournament coming up on the 29th.
The L.A. Kings defenceman last year with the help of many golfers raised $121,000 dollars for the neo-natal unit.

Randy's brother Tim tells CHSJ News, this year, all money raised goes to pediatric care and the pediatric diabetes unit at the Regional.

Some of the celebrities taking part in this years tournament include Team Canada gold medal winner Drew Dowdy, Wayne Simmons of the L.A. Kings, Aaron Asham with the Philadelphia Flyers and NHL referee Tim Peel.
If you aren't playing in the tourney, there is still a way to help the cause.

On the 28th, food sales at all McDonalds between 4 and 8pm will go toward this years charity.

King Street Is Closed For Awhile Sunday

Just a reminder if your travels tomorrow bring you into the uptown,

King Street is going to be closed for a good portion of the day.

Between 12:30pm and 4:30pm, the street will be shut down for the KidsnKarts event.

The closure also affects the streets that link onto King Street as well such as Germain.

Any City Transit buses that use King Street will also use an alternate route.

Lobster Sale On Long Wharf

Don't be suprised to see a long line-up along Long Wharf holding a cooler today.
For the second time in seven months, the Fundy North Fisherman's Association is hosting a lobster sale.

Fisherman will dock their vessels during high tide and sell their catch to those who are looking.

John McDade is a lobster fishermen and tells CHSJ News, the price is very reasonable.

McDade admits lobster prices on the market are climbing up but no where near to where they should be.

The sale gets started at four this afternoon and finishes up at seven.