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Friday, November 4, 2011

Driver Wraps Mustang Around West Side Tree

A wild ride in a Mustang came to an ugly end for a 21-year-old driver.
City police getting calls last night of the leadfoot tearing around town.
The young man went off the road on Manawagonish Road wrapping his car around a tree near Hillcrest Village.
He is facing charges of dangerous driving and maybe more.

City police responding to what they thought was a dispute involving weapons on King Street East just before noon today.
After many different officers responded with sirens and lights, no weapons were found.
Charges may be laid in the matter.

Layoffs Coming To Moosehead Breweries

No word yet on how many office staff at the Moosehead Breweries on the city's west side will be let go.

The beer company recently announced that layoffs will be happening because of contract issues with an international brewer and the strong Canadian dollars.

Moosehead currently employs 350 hourly, admin, and sales staff in Canada and the U.S.

Flag Raising At Jervis Bay/Ross Memorial Park

On a brisk morning in East Saint John, real estate agents and veterans gathering to see a Canadian, New Brunswick and Armed Forces flag go up at Jervis Bay/Ross Memorial Park.
The flags, hardware and 75 trees givien to the park and the Jervis Bay Legion from the Saint John Real Estate Board.
Jervis Bay Legion President Terry Murphy tells CHSJ News the HMCS Jervis Bay began as a cruise liner in Australia.

He says the ship was brought to Saint John and refitted here and then in Halifax it ran into a German battleship called the Admiral Sheer.

Murphy invites everyone to join them for their Remembrance Day ceremony next Friday at the Graham Street cenotaph and to come by their Bayside Drive Legion later in the day.

New Connection Road Opens In Grand Bay-Westfield

The Town of Grand Bay Westfield celebrating the opening of Colonel Nase Boulevard, a connection path in the heart of the town that links to Highway 7.

Mayor Grace Losier tells CHSJ News not only will it ease any traffic issues but it will also be a game-changer for development.  She says the extra 2.3 kilometres of road will provide much needed commercial and residential space.

Losier says the road cost over 8 million dollars -- both the the federal government and the province contributed to the project.

Union Warns Cutting Back On Snow Removal Might Be Shortsighted

The Canadian Union of Public Employees speaking out against the provincial government's plans to cut back on snow removal this winter.

Cupe Regional Director Gordon Black says the cuts mean roads will not be plowed as often as they are now and tells CHSJ News who knows how severe the winter will turn out to be.

Black warns if the snow is not removed early and often and then turns into ice, it will become, in his words, " a heck of a mess". He adds the same problem crops up if the salt is not put down early enough.

Black also telling us staff numbers will be reduced by 28 and 178 rural roads will not get plowed.

Noah's Ark Comes To Cherry Brook Zoo

Cherry Brook Zoo will be getting some new animals. The zoo's Director of Development Linda Collrin tells CHSJ News one of them comes from India and is known as a blue antelope.

A breeding pair of Zebra will be right across from the breeding pair of blue antelope and April, the Callimico monkey that was kidnapped and then returned to the zoo safely after a lot of publicity, will be breeding with two new males coming to live with her. These monkeys are rare and endangered.

April's brother "Charlie" is leaving for a zoo in Ontario to breed and in the primate house, a breeding pair of Black Spider monkeys will be introduced to eachother.

Collrin says this is the culmination of many months of work and planning.

Saint John Man Sentenced For Armed Robbery

A 27 year old east side man has been sentenced to 4 and a half years in prison for holding up a convenience store on Ellerdale Street last September. Kent

Joseph Leblanc, who lived across the street from the store, pleaded guilty to armed robbery and having his face concealed in the commission of a crime. The court was told he has a serious drug addiction problem with dilaudid.

 Leblanc, the father of a 3 month old daughter and 4 year old son, was armed with a knife and the court heard, the clerk was so traumatised, she quit her job. 

Leblanc told the court it was a stupid mistake but he's glad it happened if it helps him get off drugs.

Landry Says Province Should Be Tougher On Shale Gas Companies

The Provincial Liberals think the Alward Tories should come down hard on Windsor Energy for shale gas testing in Sussex without the permission to do so.
Natural Resources critic Denis Landry tells CHSJ News the province is sending a message to the entire industry that we won't be tough on companies that break the rules.

He says this approach is giving worldwide companies the impression they can come here and do whatever they want and they won't be penalized.

Landry adds Minister Northrup should be explaining what penalties Windsor Energy should face for their actions.