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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Highlights Of Green Party Leader's Speech To Board Of Trade

Group Fed Up With Government Spending And Expensive Promises

Cyclist Dies On Highway 7

A cyclist was killed this afternoon after being a hit by a tractor-trailer on Highway 7 near the Petersville Hill area.

RCMP tells CHSJ News the collision occurred around 2:30 and two other cyclists were hurt and taken to the Regional hospital.

The victim was part of a group of cyclists from Ottawa that were travelling towards Saint John.

Human Service Workers Protest In Saint John

CUPE Local 4569 representing Human Service Workers out picketing the offices of Saint John Harbour Liberal incumbant Dr. Ed Doherty. The union says it's members, who are mostly single mothers, have been without a contract and a wage increase for two years. CUPE's Mike Davidson tells CHSJ News minimum wage will increase $3.30 an hour next year but funding to the group home sector has not.

He says because of this it's put the whole profession of group homes in jeopardy. He says Social Development came in and removed 24 crying residents when four group home were closed this week.
Davidson adds the four group homes that closed this week are located on Duke Street, City Line and Adelaide and Maple Street.

Update on Stabbing In Rothesay

A Rothesay woman has waived her bail hearing during a brief court appearance.

21-year old Mary Lisa Carrier is accused of attempted murder after a man was stabbed in the chest at a Scott Avenue apartment during the Labour Day Weekend.
Sargeant Craig McDougall with the Rothesay Regional Police's Major Crime Unit tells CHSJ News, the charge could be dropped to aggravated assualt before her trial is set to start the first week of November.

Liberals Continue To Make Promises

(Liberal Leader Shawn Graham Speaks To The Media)
              (Photo By Gary MacDonald)

If re-elected a Liberal government is commited to providing dental and vision care for children of low income families and double school supplements available to children on social assistance from fifty to one hundred dollars.

Also as part of the pledge starting in 2012 a prescription drug plan will be provided to everyone with no insurance.
During a campaign stop in Norton, Shawn Graham is promising to provide volunteer firefighters in the province with a $200 tax credit for training.

Unionized Employee's Keeping Tabs On Graham

(Members Of Cupe Local 1252 on Graham's Trail)
             (Photo By Jim Hennessy)

While travelling through Greater Saint John today, Shawn Graham has some company.
They are from Cupe Local 1252 which represents front line health-care workers including paramedics, food service and house-keeping who are looking for a boost to it's pension plan.
Roseanne Carter tells CHSJ News, the union has agreed to a 2% increase but the Government will not.
Carter says when you look at the pension benefits MLA's voted themselves back in the spring it is like salt in an open wound.

Demonstration Against Shawn Graham

(Demonstrators Hang Sign Near Kings Square)
          (Photo By Jim Hennessy)

We live with-in our means, please tell Shawn Graham.
That is what signs in Kings Square read today as a small protest is speaking out about the growing provincial debt.
Spokes-person David Bishop tells CHSJ News, they are not promoting any other party just trying to get leaders to think.
Bishop says realistically, the NDP is the party closest to what his group's message reads but says he is confident they wont form the next government.

Disagreement Over Value Of Enterprise Saint John

(Common Councillor Peter McGuire)
                (File Photo)

There is at least one member of Common Council who doesn't think the city is getting value for the 400 thousand dollars it gives to Enterprise Saint John annually. Peter McGuire is making no bones about the fact he's struggling about voting in favour of that in next year's budget.

Mayor Ivan Court takes a different view claiming Enterprise Saint John is attracting companies and promoting local business.

McGuire is suggesting economic development could be handled by city hall but the Mayor disagrees especially since Deputy City Manager Andrew Beckett decided to move on leaving a void. 

A First In The Province For Saint John Cab Drivers At Airport

(Saint John Airport)
    (File Photo)

A new programme has been completed in partnership with Saint John airport to better enable taxi drivers to be tourism ambassadors for the city.36 cab drivers, dispatchers and managers have completed the first customised taxi driver customer service programme in the province.

The executive director of the Tourism Industry Association, Real Robichaud tells CHSJ News taxi drivers can help make or break how visitors view Saint John because they can be the first people visitors talk to when they fly into the airport. That means they have to be able to answer questions about what there is to do and the best places to stay and eat at. Robichaud also says their cabs have to be clean as well.

It's estimated tourism spending by visitors in Saint John exceeded 246 million dollars in 2008 with the number of passengers flying into the airport increasing for three consecutive years.

Gas Prices Higher Again

Another increase in the price of gas after the weekly setting. Self serve regular is up by just over a cent to 97.7 a litre. Diesel has also increased to $103.5 with the maximum price for propane higher at $103.2. Heating oil rose as well to 90.4 cents a litre.

Parents Told Numbers Warrant Francophone School In The Kennebecasis Valley

(Samuel de Champlain's Satellite School In The K-V)
                (Photo by Tamara Steele)

About 60 people who want their kids to get a french education in the Kennebecasis Valley turning up for a meeting on interest in a Francophone school. The Parent's lobby group hosting the meeting at the francophone daycare which is almost full to capacity.

Researcher Christina Taylor tells CHSJ News 243 students travel to Samuel Du Champlain every day from the valley with 600 eligible students in the K-V right now. She adds those numbers are higher than the precedent set by the Supreme Court.

The kindergarten class at the Samuel Du Champlain satellite school across from the daycare is full and has a waiting list. The committee was gathering the names of parents interested in helping the school development planning committee provide the government with testimonials on the need for a francophone school in the K.V.

Provincial Candidates All Support Francophone School In Valley

(Meeting In Quispamsis On A New Francophone School)
                 (Photo by Tamara Steele)

Quispamsis Liberal candidate Mary Schryer supports the idea of a francophone school in the KV and would like to see it built in Quispamsis. She says the numbers speak for themselves.

Schryer tells CHSJ News a change of government in Fredericton may put this project in jeopardy.

NDP candidate Matt Doherty and Conservative candidate Blaine Higgs were also on hand at the meeting saying they both support a new Francophone school to serve the Kennebecasis Valley.