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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another Case of Swine Flu in the Province

A tenth case of the H1N1 virus --better known as the swine flu--has been confirmed in the province. Chief medical officer of health, Dr. Eilish Cleary, says the latest victim is a woman in her 50's from the Fredericton area.

So far, none of the reported cases in New Brunswick have required hospitalization.

Lower Taxes, Less Money

The province's Opposition Finance Critic says despite a tax reduction to take effect tomorrow, taxpayers will actually have less money than before the March 2009 budget. Bruce Fitch says taxes are still not down to the level they were in 2007 and new fee increases means taxpayers will see less money than before the tax cuts.

Among the hikes are increased fees for vehicle registrations and driver’s licenses. Fitch says the Graham government is trying to make itself out as a hero by cutting taxes when New Brunswickers will have a deeper hole in their wallet than before. The Plan for Lower Taxes includes personal income tax savings of about 124 million dollars this year.

RCMP Seize Drugs on Tobique First Nation

RCMP have have dismantled a drug operation on the Tobique First Nation. More than two pounds of marijuana was seized from a home on the Lagoon Road yesterday, along with scales, packaging materials, 12 hundred dollars in cash and eight weapons.

A 42-year old man has been arrested and is being held for a show cause hearing.

JDI Gets Air Quality Approval

JD Irving will be getting a new air quality approval to operate its softwood sawmill near Saint-Léonard. Environment Minister T.J. Burke says the company's current air quality approval expires July 30th.

The renewal for five years follows public consultation, including a 120-day public review period.

Reward For Lost Insulin Pump

A reward is being offered for the return of a lost insulin pump at Parlee Beach on Saturday. Brian McKiel says his son was swimming at the beach Saturday evening and discovered when he left the water that his pants were gone. McKiel tells CHSJ news the tiny pump, the size of a pager, was in the pants pocket.

McKiel says his son Sean is now back using a needle 3-4 times a day for his Juvenile Diabetes until he can get the pump back that will automatically regulate his insulin for him. A $300 reward is being offered for its return--and--it can be dropped off at any Kent Building Supplies stores in the Maritimes. McKiel says replacing the unit will cost about 68 hundred dollars.

NCO Call Centre Closing

We're getting reports that the NCO call centre here in Saint John will be closing and moving its operations. An employee, who has asked his name not be mentioned, tells CHSJ news the staff were told yesterday the centre will be closing its inbound department on August 31st and moving it to Panama. He says the outbound operation will also be closing by the end of the year.

We've placed several calls to the call centre and head offices to confirm the report but they have not returned our messages. No word on how many employees will lose their jobs.

Saint John Transit Says No to Pilot Project

A pilot project for the transit commission in Fredericton won't happen here. Buses in the capital city will offer a ride for 50 cents starting next month during the evenings and Saturdays. Saint John Transit General Manager Frank McCarey tells CHSJ News, they are always looking for ways to increase ridership, but this isn't one of them.

McCarey says they have looked at the 50 cent per ride project in other area's and it doesn't produce the results they were hoping for. Saying that....he wishes the Fredericton Transit Commission all the best with the pilot project.

First Turbine is Away

No further delays for NB Power in getting one of the refitted turbines to Point Lepreau. Crews had to back off yesterday due to the weather but loaded the piece of machinery on a barge this morning. Spokes-person Heather McLean tells CHSJ News, everything went according to plan and the turbine should arrive at the generating station this afternoon.

If the weather holds, McLean says they hope to load the second turbine on the barge tomorrow and deliver it to Point Lepreau.

Refurbishment Work Continues

We have the latest update for you on how things are coming along with the refit at Point Lepreau. The release of all 760 calandria tube inserts has been completed. This means crews can now get started on removing the tubes. The feeder platforms have been installed and are ready to be used. This is to provide better access for workers to get started with feeder installation and other work.

The generator stator core was put back into place this month. This is the latest piece of the puzzle for when the main generator rotor is re-installed which crews hope to do this month. At last count, things were still running behind schedule with completion of the project now scheduled for next year.

Court and the Paper Continue Feud

Any chance for peace between City Hall and the local paper may be out the window with the latest accusastions. Mayor Ivan Court says in a recent editorial board meeting, editor Jamie Irving told him if he doesn't do what they say......things will get more difficult for him and his role as mayor.

Court tells CHSJ News, he has no problem with fair comments but there is something wrong when one person or organization feels they have this much power.
Court says he will not bow down to anyone who has their own vested interest in what happens at City Hall. We have left a message for the papers editor Jamie Irving but have not yet heard back.

Graduation Day for Some

69 paramedics will graduate from the Atlantic Paramedic Academy today. It was founded in 2001 by St. John Ambulance and transitioned to Medavie EMS in December of last year.

They shouldn't have a hard time finding work as paramedics have been in short supply over the past few years.

Change to Gas Price Schedule

You have an extra day to enjoy the price of gas at a Loonie a Litre this week. Tomorrow is of course a Holiday, so that means the Energy and Utilities Board won't release it's new price schedule until Midnight Thursday.

Normally, we find out what we will be paying at the pumps at midnight Thursday but under certain circumstances, the legislation prescribes changes to the schedule.

Try Again to Move a Turbine

NB Power officials hope today is their day. After weather put their plans on hold to move one of the refurbished turbines to Point Lepreau yesterday, officials will try again to load it onto a barge. You'll remember both fell into the harbor last fall while being loaded onto a barge and had to be sent back to the U.K. for a refit.

If they get the first one on it's way today, they hope to get the second to Point Lepreau by the end of the week.

Busy Monday for City Police

The search continues for a crewman who went AWOL at the Port yesterday. City Police were called to the water-front late yesterday afternoon and spoke to the ship's captain who says they were getting ready to pull into the Bay, when they did a head count and discovered one of their sailors was missing. Officer's have been keeping an eye out for the man and the vessel remains tied up at the Port waiting to see if he will be found.

City Police are also looking for someone who damaged four vehicles at the Irving Nature Park last night. It was around 9:30pm when a vehicle decided to put on a show by doing a few brake stands and doughnuts and caused the damage. Nobody was hurt.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Environment Critic Calls for Action Against Vehicle-Dependency

The Green Party of Canada's environment critic is encouraging Saint John decision makers to continue the move towards green technology. Lisa Fox tells CHSJ news reducing pollution will make the city more healthy, attractive, and wealthy.

Fox says Canada should be investing in reversing the trend of car dependency. She says plans for a second oil refinery in Saint John don't do that because it supports the dying fossil fuel era.

North End Fire

One woman received oxygen after being checked over by paramedics this afternoon when her apartment building at 31 Davenport Avenue filled with smoke. Fire crews were called the to North End residence after reports of smoke coming from the building around four o'clock. Fire fighters found no flames, just a pot that had been left on the stove.

A woman who had been sleeping at the time was treated for smoke inhalation.

New Brunswickers to Pay Lower Taxes July 1

New Brunswickers will see a bigger pay cheque after July first. That's when provincial residents will begin to benefit from The Plan for Lower Taxes, released as part of the 2009-10 budget. The plan includes more than 380 million dollars in annual tax savings by 2012-13. Personal income tax savings this year will be about 124 million dollars.

For example: A single individual making 25,000 dollars per year will save 202 dollars this year and 473 dollars annually by 2012. New Brunswickers can learn more about The Plan for Lower Taxes and calculate their own tax savings online.

Good News for Charlotte County Civic Centre

A new engineering report will help move the Charlotte County Civic Centre on to the next phase. Chair of the Board of Directors for the Civic Centre project, Richard Fulton, says an independent assessment from engineering firm Jacques Whitford shows the preferred Budd Avenue site is suitable for construction.

The consultant's report concludes the Budd Avenue site has traces of environmental contamination but falls within the environmental guidelines for commercial construction. Fulton says once the town of St. Stephen has reviewed the report, a copy will be sent to the Municipal Capital Borrowing Board. Before fully accepting this site, the Town has committed to holding a public information session on July 9th at the St. Stephen Legion. The multi-million dollar project has received funding from all three levels of government.

Schryer Says Meetings Are Being Planned

Health Minister Mary Schryer says meetings with medical officials are being scheduled, but nothing is concrete yet.Schryer says shortly after finding out she was taking over the portfolio she contacted stakeholders to introduce herself.She says with conflicting schedules, it's been tough to set up a meeting.
Schryer says when she introduced herself as the new Health Minister to medical officials, they were quite surprised. She says she looks forward to trying to advance her new portfolio.

Construction Begins at the Q-Plex

[Health Minister Mary Schryer, Mayor Murray Driscoll, and Fundy Royal M-P Rob Moore at the Q-Plex Site-----Photo By Dave Briggs]
The shovels are in the ground at the long awaited Q-Plex site.Quispamsis Mayor Murray Driscoll says the doors should be open at the complex by the summer of 2010.Driscoll says now that construction has begun, the excitement continues to grow.
Driscoll says this will be a regional facility, that everyone can enjoy.Saint John Mayor Ivan Court says the Q-Plex will take some of the stress off of city rinks, which will keep them in better shape longer.

New Look for Rothesay Superstore

The Province's second express style liquor store is now open at the Super-store in Rothesay. With a selection of 12 brands of beer, 263 wines and 53 spirits.....spokes-person Nora Lacey tells CHSJ News, this set-up is meant for convenience.

Lacey adds it is a bit of a test as well and what the feed-back is from the community. This is the corporations 48th store in the Province.

No Records Set for Rainfall

Despite all of the rain this month, no records have been set. So far, June has produced 114 millimeters of water with the normal amount for the month coming at just over 100. Claude Cote with Environment Canada tells CHSJ News, so far, we have had nine days of rain this month and the normal is thirteen. Cote says it feels like more than that but alot of days with no sunshine can make it feel wetter than it really is.

The record for rainfall in the month of June was set back in 1985 with 269 millimeters.

Turbines are Staying Put

If you were hoping to get a look at one of the two huge turbines destined for Point Lepreau today, it's not going to happen. The original plan to load one of the refitted turbines onto a barge and then to Point Lepreau has been delayed due to the rain and wind. They arrived back from the UK two weeks ago after a refit when they were dropped into the Harbor last fall.

Spokes-person Heather McLean tells CHSJ News, they hope to get the piece of machinery loaded onto the barge tomorrow and the second turbine before the week is over.

Ground Breaking for Q-Plex Today

Quipamsis Mayor Murray Driscoll will lead the parade of politicians for a ground-breaking ceremony later this morning. The golden shovel will go in the ground to mark the start of the construction phase for the Q-Plex. Marco Maritimes Limited will carry out the work at a total cost of over $20 million dollars. That is $235,000 less than the original tender but still over budget by $2.2 million.

The facility will be located on over 80 acres of land with construction set to finish up by next summer. Today's ceremony gets started at ten o'clock.

Court on Funding for Canada Games Stadium

The Acadian Games Flag is resting at City Hall as Saint John prepares to host the games next year. Mayor Court travelled to Petite Roche yesterday to take part in a ceremony to close this years festivities. One of the big questions still lingering over the city is will Ottawa and Fredericton come on board with funding for the refurbishment of the Canada Games Stadium. Court tells CHSJ News, he is confident both will be on board.

City Hall, UNB and the private sector has comitted funds to the work which is estimated to be in the range of six million dollars. Next year also marks Saint John's 225th birthday.

Saint John Transit Moving Into New Home

With only two days left to vacate their West-Side office, the move for Saint John Transit began over the weekend. Most of the forty foot limos' have found their new home in East Saint John with two weeks of work to left on most of the office space. General Manager Frank McCarey tells CHSJ News, he is very pleased with the new building.

McCarey says some of their office staff will set up shop at City Hall until the construction phase is finished. Total cost of the project is $23 and a half million but no word at this point if there were any cost over-runs.

Turbines on their Way to Point Lepreau

Eight months after they were dropped into the Harbor, a pair of turbines for the refit at Point Lepreau are expected to make their final journey this week. The first of the two will be loaded onto a barge today and sent up river while the second is expected to go tomorrow. NB Power spokes-person Heather McLean tells CHSJ News, the reason for the wait is not to interfere with the lobster fishing season.

McLean says the move for both turbines is weather dependant and if conditions are not ideal, the schedule will be changed.

Energy Minister Happy with Energy Hub Progress

The first piece of the energy hub puzzle arrived over the weekend with the first LNG Tanker and many are now asking........what is next? Energy Minister Jack Keir tells CHSJ News, word on a proposed second refinery would be a welcome treat.

Keir says he hasn't heard any time line on when an announcement might be made but they have told Irving Oil, the Province will do what it can to make sure the business case works.

Emergency Plan for LNG Terminal

Mayor Ivan Court is assuring Red Head residents emergency response and evacuation plans are in place in case of an incident at the new Canaport Liquefied Natural Gas terminal. The mayor gave the assurances in a letter hand delivered to the residents Friday prior to the arrival of the first tanker load of liquefied natural gas -- but -- resident Dave Morrell tells CHSJ News he doesn't remember any meetings where the plans were laid out for residents.

Another resident says she was also surprised by the references to the emergency plans which she doesn't recall hearing about either. Court's letter says the plans were approved by Fire Chief Rob Simonds and provincial emergency measure officials after a couple of revisions.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Design Your Own Shopping Bag

Uptown Saint John is promoting both the arts and the environment with its latest initative --the Bring Your Own Bag Art Contest. Uptown Saint John's environment commitee is putting the call out to artists to design a canvas bag to be distributed to uptown shops. Chair Ann McShane tells CHSJ News, the winner will have their artwork printed on 1000 organic cotton shopping bags that will be distributed in the fall.

The winner will receive a $500 gift certificate from ESL Art Supplies. Submissions must be dropped of at the Uptown Saint John office by the end of next month.

Quispamsis Teen Shoots for Top Prize

19-year-old Kelly Daly of Quispamsis has landed a spot among the five finalists competing to become the next summer host for Country Music Television. Daly will find out on Tuesday if she has won a national online contest for a two-month job interviewing country stars and attending summer music events.

Daly found out she made it into the finals on June 8 and was flown home from Toronto two days later to shoot a video of her hometown. Viewers from across the country will vote for their favourite "superfan" based on the final video entries. A finale show featuring all five finalists will air tomorrow.

KV Minor Hockey Not Happy

KV Minor Hockey is still scratching it's head after hearing the Master Recreation Report for Rothesay earlier this week. President Darren Zwicker tells CHSJ News, even with the Q-Plex going up, one sheet of ice is not going to fill the hole.

Zwicker says the stat that caught him off guard is the one ice surface for every 8000 people which he believes is a national figure and not reflective of the region.

Comments Still Wanted

Comments can still be made to the town of Rothesay about their Master Recreation Plan. Comments are being taken until July.6th on the report released last week by ADI Architecture. They indicate the town's priority list should be a field house, improvement and the building of more walking trails and then an arena. Lydia Lewicki is the senior planner and tells CHSJ News, she wasn't suprised where an arena showed up on the priority pole.

Lewicki says the final report should be ready by the end of next month.

Wild Ride Through the Falls

Two guys were shaken but not stirred after an un-scheduled ride through Reversing Falls yesterday afternoon. City Fire-fighters received a call that an inflatable boat was drifting through the raging rapids. That's when the the water rescue unit was sent in and towed the boat to shore.

The two men say their vessel lost power and the tide carried them down river.

L-N-G Tanker Finally Berths At Canaport

It finally arrived late yesterday afternoon -- the first tanker carrying liquefied natural gas for the new Canaport L-N-G terminal in Red Head berthed at the jetty yesterday -- not late Friday as we reported yesterday morning based on Port Authority vessel movement information and original information from the company.
Canaport L-N-G has been advising there may be some extensive flaring activity during the commissioning process for the first storage tank at the terminal.
The company says it will begin sending gas through the Emera Brunswick pipeline as soon as the the tank cools down.

Rate Hike Justified

The Energy and Utilities Board says N-B Power's three percent rate increase which took effect April 1st is justified.
But -- in a report to Energy Minister Jack Keir -- the Board is taking exception with some of the timing of some of the financial forecasts used for budget decisions related to the increase.
The utility is expected to lose 67-million dollars in the current fiscal year even with the three percent increase.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Emera Inc Increases Role in Saint John Energy Sector

Emera Inc is stepping up it's involvement in the provincial energy hub.The company announced it was buying the Bayside Power Plant from Irving Oil yesterday for an undisclosed amount of money.Spokesperson Jo-Anne Hicks tells CHSJ News, the energy sector is booming in Saint John, and Emera wants to be apart of it.
The Bayside Power plant is 260 megawatt gas fired combined cycle power plant that supplies energy to the province and Northeastern US markets.Emera will take over the plant in approximately two months.

Arena Getting a Green Makeover

The city is spending 137 thousand dollars to upgrade the energy efficiency of the Peter Murray Arena. SES Lighting and Energy Consultants of Bedford, NS has been awarded the contract to replace all inside lighting with new low wattage lamps and install sensors in areas where the lights are left on 24 hours. Energy cost savings are estimated to be about 45 hundred dollars annually with reductions in green house gas emissions by 45 tons each year.
Meanwhile, Master Mechanical Contractors will replace the Ammonia Plant Heat Recovery and Flood Water Heating system. This will save money and increase the life expectancy of the hot water system by 15 years.

City Police Round Up

Business as usual for city police last night making a total of 9 criminal arrests.Just after one in the morning police had a man on the ground on Prince William Street trying to hand cuff him when a woman jumped on the back of the officer.The 32 year old woman is facing obstruction, assaulting a police officer, and mischief charges, while the 24 year old man is being charged with threatening an officer after uttering death threats while being taken to the station.No one was injured in the incident.

Fundraiser For 13 Year Old With Cystic Fibrosis

The Saint John Police Force and the One Change Youth Council is partnering up for a city wide fundraiser.The collaborative effort is to raise money for a 13 year old Lorne School student with Cystic Fibrosis in need of a double lung transplant.From 8:30 to 1 o'clock Youth Council Members will be at redemption centres around the city collecting bottles for the cause.

First Rock Concert of the Year on Magnetic Hill

A big crowd is expected today on Magnetic Hill in Moncton for the first of two rock and roll concerts at the site this summer. Bon Jovi along with Burton Cummings and Randy Bachman are the headliners along with other acts. Despite the soggy conditions through-out the week, crews have everything in place and City Officials say a new drainage system that was installed following last years Eagles show should help keep any rain from building up.
Ian Fowler with the city of Moncton says no question, the wet weather this week puts a damper on last minute ticket sales but expects a good crowd to come out and enjoy the show.

Canaport LNG Phase 1 Complete

[Foggy View of the First Ship Coming In-----Photo by Deborah Stevens]

The first liquefied natural gas tanker to dock at the Canaport L-N-G terminal in Red Head has tied up at the jetty. And its arrival is drawing people to the Mispec Park to get a glimpse of the giant ship -- one of them is Dave Morrell who lives close to the new facility -- he tells CHSJ News it's an exciting day
One Red Head resident says it's an historic day and she's excited about the potential it represents for the city.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Campground Investigation Called Off

After a week long search at the Hidden Valley Campground on the Kingston Peninsula, the RCMP are calling off the investigation.On Monday, the RCMP began looking for evidence in relation to a criminal investigation based off of tips they received.No evidence was discovered to support the information they received to be accurate.RCMP would also like to state that the owners of the campground were in no way involved in the investigation.RCMP are keeping tight lipped about what they were looking for.

First Shipment Arriving At Canaport LNG

[Canaport LNG Site----File Photo]

With the arrival of the first vessel bringing liquefied natural gas to the Canaport LNG terminal, city staff are hand delivering a letter penned by the Mayor to residents living with 2 kilometres of the site.Ivan Court writes to assure residents that safety is the top priority during the first unloading process.Court says the ship is able to be docked at Canaport LNG because the facility has met 24 guidelines set out in the Environmental Impact Assessment process.This first shipment was supposed to arrive in the city at the beginning of the week, but was pushed back due to weather and other large crude oil tankers needing to unload product.

Saint John Energy Restores Power

Everyone is back on the grid after being in the dark for most of the night.Saint John Energy is reporting the power was restored in the uptown, South Central Peninsula area shortly after 9 this morning.Officials said earlier that power wasn't expected to be back until early this afternoon, but crews were able to fix the problem faster than anticipated.A piece of equipment in the underground manhole at the bottom of Prince William Street is being called the cause.

Supportive of the Fund, But the Money is Needed Elsewhere

The Chairperson for District 8's education council says while the Innovative learning fund is a good concept--- the money is needed elsewhere.Rob Fowler tells CHSJ News, the priority of educational support staff outweighs the program.
Fowler says if money is reallocated it will probably end up going into support staff---but he doesn't expect the full amount to be replaced.

CUPE Hoping Resources Return to Education Support Staff

The provincial president of the Canadian Union of Public Employees 2745 says she has high hopes that newly appointed Education Minister Roland Hache will allocate the funds from Kelly Lamrocks pet project the Innovative Learning Fund to soften budget cuts.Sandy Harding tells CHSJ News, the $5 million dollar fund is more than enough to reinstate library workers, and fix the transportation cuts.
Harding says she will be meeting with Hache on Thursday of next week to discuss putting the resources back into educational support staff.

Country 94 and the Wave Honoured By The Kidney Foundation

The Kidney Foundation of Canada is honouring Country94 and the Wave with the National Media Award for contributing to increasing public awareness of kidney disease.Acadia Broadcasting Vice President Jim MacMullin was presented with the award yesterday by the local chapter of the Kidney Foundation.

The Lights Were Out in Rothesay

It was only for about an hour, but people in the Rothesay area were left in the dark.NB Power spokesperson Heather MacLean tells CHSJ News, a tree took out a power line in the valley, causing over 1000 customers to be affected.MacLean says the lights went out shortly after 11 this morning, and crews worked to get nearly everyone back on the grid by noon.

Inmate Found Dead At Dorchester Penitentiary

A man convicted of second degree murder in the death of a five year old girl in Calgary 17 years ago has been found dead in his prison cell at Dorchester Penitentiary.Shortly after midnight last night officers found Gleason Williams unresponsive in his cell, and was pronounced dead at the scene.Gleason was serving a life sentence for killing Shannon Dawn Morrissette in his basement in Calgary.Two weeks ago the 54 year old Gleason was denied a request for escorted day passes by the National Parole Board.

Conservation Council Wants to Be Included in Barge Talks

The Conservation Council of New Brunswick wants the city and industry to include them in talks about finally building a barge docking facility in Lorneville. Fundy Bay Keeper, David Thompson tells CHSJ news ships coming through would damage lobster gear and possibly force fishermen out of the area.
Thompson says anchorage areas for ships could also be a concern for the marine protected area. Mayor Ivan Court says it's important to get a long-time proposed barge docking facility constructed in the Lorneville area. He says the city may find a way to finance the barge dock on its own if talks for funding with the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency fall through.

Steady Enrolment at UNBSJ

Enrolment levels at UNB Saint John are steady this year, stopping the university's decline in recent years. cting Assistant Vice President and Registrar, John Johnson tells CHSJ news it looks like they are turning the corner.
Johnson says that's due to better programing and more options for students.

Provincial Loan Maintains Jobs

A St. Stephen company will be able to maintain 60 jobs in the town thanks to a provincial loan guarantee. The province is giving S-W-P Industries 1.4 million dollars in loan guarantees to be used as working capital.
The company produces fencing using eastern white cedar, spruce and Chinese fir-- and-- is a value-added re-seller of vinyl and aluminum fencing products. Company president Stephen Crabbe says this is a tough time for many businesses because access to credit has been severely limited by the global financial collapse.

Shellfish Harvesting Ban

Fisheries and Oceans Canada has placed a ban on shellfish harvesting along the Southeastern Coast of New Brunswick until further notice. The ban is due to increased levels of Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning.
harvesting clams, mussels and other shellfish is prohibited within 1.6 km of Grand Manan, and the Islands of Wolves, Bliss, Hills, Frye, Deer and Campobello, as well as from Nova Scotia to Maine.

Missing Boy Found in Saint John

A boy reported missing from Digby, Nova Scotia has been found in Saint John. City police say the 13-year old ran away from home yesterday and took the ferry across into Saint John. Sgt. Don Cooper tells CHSJ news his parents thought he was still somewhere in Digby.

Officers found the boy roaming the streets around midnight and have placed him with friends of the family until his parents can pick him up today.

Uptown Power Being Restored

Saint John Energy crews are still working to restore power to parts of the uptown this morning. The lights went out in the South Central Peninsula near 11 o'clock last night. Vice President of Engineering and Operations, Darren LaMont tells CHSJ news it appears a piece of equipment in the underground manhole failed at the bottom of Prince William Street.

Three-quarters of the power is back up. No word yet on when the remaining homes and businesses will have electricity.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

RCMP Investigation At Campground Still Coming Up Empty

Nothing new to report in the investigation at the Hidden Valley Campground on the Kingston Peninsula. Sgt. Steve Gourdeau says the investigation based on tips about activity at the site has still found nothing.
RCMP still will not reveal what they are looking for, and an excavator remains on site, but has still not been used.

Former M-P Fondly Remembers Romeo LeBlanc

Former M-P Paul Zed says the country lost a great Canadian with the death of former governor general Romeo LeBlanc.
Zed says he began working for LeBlanc in 1980 as a summer student, and returned two years later as his executive assistant.Zed tells CHSJ News, LeBlanc had a certain way about him that made everyone feel comfortable.
Zed says LeBlanc strongly supported, and helped move along three instantly recognizable projects in the city----the frigate program, Market Square, and the Admiral Beatty.LeBlanc died yesterday after a lengthy battle with illness, and a state funeral is being planned.He was 81.

ESJ Chair Remains Opmtistic About Refinery Proposal

(First public Enterprise Saint John annual general meeting - photo by Gary MacDonald)

Cautious optimism -- that's how Enterprise Saint John chair Bob Manning is feeling about Irving Oil's proposed second refinery in Red Head. Manning says there are still a lot of details to work through like the environmental impact assessment and some land rezoning.In addition -- he says Irving Oil will ultimately have to make its decision based on financing and partnerships available.And Manning told the annual general meeting of Enterprise Saint John the potential impact of the refinery is unprecedented -- he says it's important to support the project through all phases of the review process.

Mayor Says New Company Predicts Lots Of Jobs

(Mayor Ivan Court - file photo)

The energy hub is beginning to show some spinoff dividends -- Mayor Ivan Court says an Ontario company which builds large industrial components is moving into the Spruce Lake industrial park -- and -- is talking about eventually employing up to one thousand people.

And Court says it's important to get a long proposed barge docking facility constructed in the Lorneville area for fabricators building components for the offshore and other projects.

Court says the Fox company is currently retrofitting a building in the industrial park -- and -- plans call for a second building once the company gets a foothold here.

Irving Company Gets New Name

The Irving Oil Company Ltd is getting a name change.
The holding company will now be known as Fort Reliance, and has been changed for a number of months, but it just being publicly announced today.
Irving Spokesperson Daniel Goodwin tells CHSJ News, with the number of new projects the company is getting into now, the change was necessary.
Under the Fort Reliance umbrella, will be Irving Oil, the lubricants business, residential and commercial energy, as well as the joint venture with Repsol at the Canaport LNG Terminal.

Houses Not Staying On the Saint John Market For Long

First time home buyers might well be advised to move on closing a deal sooner rather than later. The chief economist with the Canadian Real Estate Association -- Gregory Klump -- says entry level homes aren't staying on the market very long in the greater Saint John area.
The average price of M-L-S listed homes in the greater Saint John area shot up last month to just over 188-thousand dollars -- the highest average price on record.

Charges Laid In Moose/Vehicle Accident

A 36 year old man from Mechanic Settlement is facing charges of failing to stop at the scene of an accident.The charge comes from an accident involving a moose last Wednesday on Route 114. The driver of the vehicle left the passenger at the scene of the accident, and the 32 year old woman remains in the hospital in serious condition.Sussex RCMP made several attempts to locate the man before he turned himself in yesterday. He will appear in court on July 9th.

Five More Cases of Swine Flu in Province

Five additional cases of the swine flu are being confirmed in the province today.
Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Eilish Cleary says they confirmed a woman in her 50's from the Moncton area late yesterday, and an additional four cases of the H1N1 virus this morning.
Cleary reminds residents to follow preventative measures, such as washing hands thoroughly and often, and coughing or sneezing into sleeves.
She says if anyone is feeling flu like symptoms to stay at home, and avoid contact with family members.
Cleary also says anyone at risk of complications, such as pregnant women, or people with compromised immune systems should seek medical attention immediately if they have influenza like symptoms.
The total number of cases of the swine flu in New Brunswick is now at nine.

New Ambulance New Brunswick President

Ambulance New Brunswick has a new Chief Executive Officer. AlanStephen has been appointed to the position. His career has been primarilywith the Canadian Forces as an Officer, with most recent experience as General Manager of Infrastructure and Emergency Services with the City of Sudbury.

University in City Appealing to Students

The Acting Assistant Vice President and Registrar of UNBSJ says the university is attractive to a large number of students. A recent report by the Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission says participation in Maritime universities has more than doubled during the past 25 years.
John Johnson tells CHSJ News they are seeing more women and students from diverse cultures attending UNB Saint John.
Johnson says future cooperation with the community college and Dalhousie Medical School may mean an increase in people attending university in the future.

Still Nothing Found at Hidden Valley Campground

RCMP have so far turned up nothing during their investigation at the Hidden Valley Campground on the Kingston Peninsula. Officers are working on several tips about activity at the site, but won't say what they are looking for. An excavator is on site but has not been used.
Sgt. Steve Gourdeau says they have not found anything that would help substantiate the information they are working with. But they must cross their T's and dot their I's.

Gas Prices Take a Dip

Good news for anyone heading on vacation this weekend by car--the price of gasoline has dropped by about 3 cents a litre. The provincial Energy and Utilities Board has released the weekly price schedule and a litre of self-serve regular gas has fallen to 100.5 from yesterday's 103.7. Pump prices in GrandBay Westfield are showing 99.7.

The price of diesel fuel has remained the same at 97.6 a litre and propane has inched up 2 cents to land at 86.4.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Saint John Building Reaches 105th Birthday

[The Carnegie Building Birthday Cake----Photo By Dave Briggs]

The home of the Saint John Arts Centre is celebrating it's 105th birthday.The Carnegie Building originally opened in the city as a public library in 1904, and Ian Wilson began working there in 1961. He tells CHSJ News, the renovations done in the 1980's really improved the building but was able to keep it's original charm.
The location on Hazen Avenue is the only Carnegie Building still standing on the East Coast.Over the years the building has been occupied by a number of tenants, beginning with the library, and in '85 it became the Aitken Exhibition Centre, and finally in 2002 the Arts Centre moved in.

Canada Games Stadium Makeover Awaiting Word From Province

Saint John Conservative M-P Rodney Weston remains hopeful the province will be onboard with funding for the upgrade of the Canada Games Stadium.
Weston says the project is his number one recreational priority -- a view shared by the city.
The total cost of upgrading the stadium and track facilities is in the six million dollar range -- the city has already committed funds -- so has U-N-B -- and -- the private sector.
There are growing concerns if the funding isn't in place soon -- the upgrades won't be completed in time to host the Acadien Games next summer.

Feds Kick In Cash For KV Sports Fields

If all goes according to plan -- K-V High teams and soccer leagues could be playing on a new artificial turf sports field behind the school next spring.
The federal government has committed 250-thousand dollars while the province is onboard for 300-thousand -- that's on top of a million dollar donation by the late Arthur Miller.
K-V High principal Bob Munroe says the funding should at least provide one artificial turf field and an upgraded grass field complete with lighting -- and -- it should be ready by next spring.
Munroe says the plan also calls for a second artificial turf field -- total cost of the project is 2.7-million dollars -- and -- Monroe says a public fundraising campaign will be launched shortly while corporate donors are being sought to help with the goal of the second field.

RCMP Release Name of Boy Killed in Crash

RCMP have released the name of a young boy killed on Monday in an off road vehicle collision in Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaska. 10 year old Scott Paul Ouellette from Rivière-Verte passed away at the Edmundston hospital as a result of his injuries. Sgt. Marc Violette tells CHSJ news there were three other children on the vehicle--including the driver-- when it overturned.

The driver suffered a broken leg. Violette says the five-wheeled off-road vehicle belonged to a relative of the boy who was killed and no one was supervising at the time of the crash. No word on whether charges will be laid.

Man Charged in Death of Young Woman

A 23 year old Alberta man is facing charges of Criminal Negligence causing death and alcohol related offences in the death of a young woman from Belleisle Creek. 20 year old Shana Lee Berryman died at the scene of a single-vehicle crash that took place in June, 2008 in Wards Creek. She was the passenger in a car that left the road.

The man, formerly from Sussex, is due in Sussex court on July 16th.

UNB to Research Storing Carbon Dioxide in the Province

Researchers at the University of New Brunswick will begin a new study this summer for reducing the province's industrial greenhouse gas emissions. Geology Professor, David Keighley, says they will look into the potential for permanently storing large volumes of carbon dioxide in deep saline reservoirs. He tells CHSJ news the reservoirs are more a kilometer deep in rocks containing salt water.

Keighley says they must determine if the province is geologically viable, if it's environmentally safe and if it's affordable. Researches have received 71 thousand dollars from the New Brunswick Climate Change Secretariat and Irving Oil to conduct the study.

Report Shows High University Participation

A new report shows universities in the Maritime region are attracting high numbers of students from both within and outside the Maritimes. The Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission says overall participation in Maritime universities has more than doubled to 34 per cent during the past 25 years. That's eight points greater than the national average.

28 per cent of people in this province attended university--compared to 39 per cent in Nova Scotia and 25 per cent in Prince Edward Island.

City Hires Consultants to Review Fire Services

City politicians are still hoping to cut costs for fire service. Common council has approved hiring consultants, Risk Management Services, to conduct a baseline assessment of the fire protection needs in Saint John and options to reduce the cost. The fire department's budget is 20.3 million dollars--the highest in the province.

Council had originally asked the Fire Chief to conduct a comprehensive Review of Fire Service-- but-- Chief Rob Simonds says he and his staff don't have time for that, while carrying out their regular duties. The city will pay the consultants 40 thousand dollars for the review.

City Councilor Puts Pressure on MP to Deliver Water Funding

Councilor Peter McGuire is still waiting for a federal cheque to be cut for Saint John's clean drinking water projects. A recent report by the Conference Board of Canada shows Saint John will be the only small to medium sized city in the country that will grow in GDP next year. McGuire says Saint John's economy is booming--but--will do even better once water projects get federal backing.

The Conference Board of Canada says Saint John's growth can be attributed to provincial infrastructure investments and tax cuts.

Fundy National Park to Receive Funding

Fundy National Park is getting some more federal cash.
Fundy Royal M-P Rob Moore announced today the feds are making a $12.2 million dollar investment in Fundy Park.
$8.8 million is for improving a 4.1 kilometre span of Highway 114---$2.9 million is for replacing the Bennett Lake Dam, and half a million will help repair bridges and culverts.
Moore says in addition to benefiting the Park, these projects will benefit the local economy, create jobs and increase tourism.

New Deputy Chief Medical Officer

This Province has a new deputy chief medical officer of health. Dr. Paul Van Buynder takes over his new gig today, relocating from Australia. During the past 20 years, Dr. Van Buynder has worked in a number of Australian jurisdictions as well as at the Centre for Infections in the United Kingdom Health Protection Agency.
He is a graduate of the University of Melbourne medical school and the University of Sydney.

The Province Continues to Grow

They have been working on it since their mandate began three years ago and results are showing for the Graham Liberals on boosting the Province's population. The numbers are up for the ninth straight quarter, with the largest growth since 1992. The latest figures from Stats Canada shows this Province led Atlantic Canada in population growth, gaining a net 547 new residents between Jan. 1 and April 1 of this year.
Since January 2007, 4000 people have moved to New Brunswick.

Hampton RCMP Round Up

We have an update on the RCMP investigation at the Hidden Valley Campground on the Kingston Peninsula. RCMP want to stress there is no danger what-so-ever to the public. Campers are still camping and any word about this investigation being linked to what happened with the Noel Winters murderer's are nothing but rumors. Officers do tell us this is a criminal investigation based on information they received a few days ago into some activity at the camp ground. An excavator is on site but officer's won't indicate what they are looking for.
Also, Hampton RCMP have one man in custody after a vehicle was stolen and held for ransom. It was stolen from a home in Willow Grove when the owner left the keys in the ignition. A short time later, the vehicle's owner received a phone call from a man saying they could have their vehicle back for $800 dollars. No word on charges or a court date at this point.

Ottawa to make Funding Announcement

Ottawa appears poised to come on board with the KV Fields Project. Saint John and Fundy Royal MPs Rob Moore and Rodney Weston will make an announcement concerning the project in the gymnasium of Kennebecasis Valley High School. Just last weekend, the province came on board with $300,000 dollars for the project which hopes to upgrade the current sports fields with artificial turf, expand their parking lot and put in more lights.

Fund-raising for the project has been on-going for the past three years. Today's new conference gets started at 1:30pm.

Another Busy Night for City Police

Plenty of calls for City Police to deal with this morning and last night. Some of the highlight reel includes a call just after midnight about a man chasing another man on Winter Street swinging a machette. Ironically, the man with the machette ended up being hurt and taken to the Regional to get looked over. He is going to be fine and remains locked up until he goes before the judge later today.

It was also a trip to the Regional for one man just after 2:30am this morning. This after he was punched in the head by another man at a bar on King Street. The man who threw the punch ran back into the club when police arrived but was quickly taken into custody. The man who was hit was taken to hospital to get his head checked and is going to be fine. The man who threw the punch faces a charge of assualt casuing bodily harm.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Stalemate Over Agent Orange Inquiry

The deadline has come and gone -- and -- members of the Agent Orange Association of Canada are still waiting for a response from Veterans Affairs Minister Greg Thompson.
The group marched on Thompson's office last month demanding a public inquiry by June 15th -- Art Connolly of Agent Orange Alert tells CHSJ News the limited 20-thousand dollar compensation package which expired this year didn't go far enough.
Meantime -- when we last spoke with Veterans Affairs Minister Greg Thompson -- he wasn't budging -- he says his government's 20-thousand dollar compensation package was more than fair even though a report by Dr Dennis Furlong found no grounds for it.
Agent Orange Association co-president Gary Goode tells us plans are being made for a protest march on Parliament Hill.

Man Down at Canaport LNG

One man has been taken to hospital after an incident at the Canaport LNG this afternoon. Fire crews and ambulance were called to the facility just before five o'clock with reports of a man receiving CPR near tank 3. Initial reports indicate the man may have suffered a heart attack.

WorkSafe NB has been called in to investigate. No word on the man's condition.

Boy Killed in ATV Crash

A nine year old boy has been killed in an all-terrain vehicle crash in Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaska. The boy died in hospital as a result of his injuries after the ATV flipped over on Monday.

His name is being withheld out of respect for the family.

Addiction Treatment Centre to be Set Up In Province

A group of people are hoping to establish a new non-profit residential drug and alcohol treatment centre in the province. President of ReAdd, Janet Bordage says this will be the first 12 step based program in New Brunswick.

Bordage says 75% of crime in Saint John is directly linked to drugs and addiction treatment has been proven to work. In the short term, the centre hopes to split up treatment for men and women and create a family wellness centre. Long term goals include building renewal retreat facilities and transitional residential housing. Bordage says they are currently looking for grants, loans and donations to pay for their start up costs.

City Hall Prepares for Possible Smaller Budget in 2010

Councilor Gary Sullivan says changes to the way property taxes will be doled by the province may mean far less money next year than the city was expecting. As a precaution council is asking city administration, and all agencies, boards and commissions to prepare next year's budget based on a 2.5 per cent increase, rather than 4.5 per cent as previously stated.

Sullivan says it's easier to add to the budget if there is extra money than it is to make cuts after the fact.

Acting City Manager Gets Pay Increase

Acting City Manager Pat Woods is getting a pay raise--at least temporarily. While filling the void left by former City Manager Terry Totten, Woods will receive a salary for top level management. He will also be given a city leased vehicle for business and personal use, complete with maintenance and free gas. The only exception being that fuel for personal use outside the city be paid for at his expense.

Once a new City Manager is hired, Woods will return to his old position as Deputy City Manager.

NB and Quebec Increase Cooperation on Energy

The Premiers of New Brunswick and Quebec are hoping develop partnerships in the energy sector. Premier Shawn Graham and Quebec Premier Jean Charest have directed their energy officials, as well as NB Power and Hydro-Québec, to explore opportunities for co-operation.

Graham says it's necessary to increase collaboration with Quebec with regard to clean and renewable energy supplies at a competitive cost.The two provinces are placing an emphasis on accessibility, supply, transmission, market opportunities, and greenhouse-gas reduction.

Fourth Confirmed Case of the Swine Flu

[Dr. Eilish Cleary----File Photo]

The Department of Health is confirming another Moncton area woman has contracted the swine flu.Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Eilish Cleary says with the fourth confirmed case of the H1N1 virus in the province, residents need to continue to use preventative measures to reduce the spread of the flu.This news comes shortly after the third case was confirmed on Friday.Back in May, Dr. Cleary warned that additional cases could be expected this summer and even more in the fall. Of the four cases confirmed in New Brunswick, none have required hospitalization.

The Province Is Looking For A Partner

The province continues it's search to find a developer to continue the Route One Gateway Project. This is part of the province's commitment to complete Route One as a four-lane highway. It includes 55km's of highway between Murray Road, near Waweig and Lepreau. A number of selected upgrades will also be made to Route 1, with construction to be completed no later than July 31, 2013.
The developer will also assume responsibilities for the operation, maintenance and rehabilitation of 235 km of Route 1 between St. Stephen and River Glade beginning in June 2011 and continuing for 30 years. This will be Province's third public-private partnership for a section of it's highway. A final agreement is expected by February of next year.

Quispamsis Mayor Reacts to Rothesay Report

[Mayor Murray Driscoll----File Photo]

The proposed Master Recreation Report for Rothesay appears to be sitting well with neighbouring Quispamsis. It says a field house, improvement and the building of more walking trails and renovations or the construction of a new arena should be the priorities in that order. Mayor Murray Driscoll tells CHSJ News, any previous talk about additional user fees for facilities is just
Rothesay Mayor Bill Bishop echoed the same statement last night. Driscoll adds he is pleased Rothesay continues to move ahead with their recreation plan.

Hampton Police Round Up

A criminal investigation is underway by Hampton RCMP at a campground on the Kingston Penninsula. Officers aren't saying much except it is based on information they received a few days ago into some activity at the Hidden Valley Campground. They began their investigation over the weekend and hope to have more details in the coming days. We placed a call to the campground and the owner John Weaver tells us RCMP and an excavator are on site but officers haven't told him what they are looking for.
Also, a 19-year man from Quispamsis has a court appearance scheduled today. This after someone walked into the Willow Grove Convenience store on Monday of last week with a knife and demanded cash. They got away with an un-disclosed amount and nobody was hurt. The charges included armed robbery while masked.

Local Girl Wins Prize From Bay Ferries and the New Brunswick Museum

A local girl is the winner of a contest put on by Bay Ferries and the New Brunswick Museum. The Special Whale Watcher Award was created on the strength of a treasure map created by Aliyah Washington from Glen Falls Elementary. Washington and her family will get a daylong Sea Cruise on the Princess of Acadia, as well as free admission to the Hall of the Great Whales at the museum.
Carrie May Lafford of Riverside and Shanay Bent from Nova Scotia are the winners of the Captain for a Day prize where the students will visit the wheelhouse of the ship later this summer.

Looking to Rescind Motion

The city solicitor will look into common council's request to rescind a motion made in 2002 that gives city managers a two-percent pension top-up. Councilor Bill Farren put forward the motion during last night's council meeting. Former City Manager Terry Totton will get an additional 16 thousand dollars annually as a result of the 2002 resolution, now that he has retired.

A motion by Farren to have the city solicitor approach the provincial government for an amendment to the Municipalities Act has also been referred. Farren says council should have the option of hiring senior staff either permanently or on contract. The act currently prohibits hiring senior staff for term employment.

Moving to Service Based Budget

The city is changing the way it prepares its budget and will begin reporting how money is being spent on city services. Common council has approved a staff recommendation to move to a service-based budget over the next five years. Acting City Manager Pat Woods says this will show the relationship between funding levels and the results on service.

The service-based budget is part of the city's move towards becoming more accountable.

No New TownHouses in the Park

Common council has placed a moratorium on development near Rockwood Park until a community plan is designed for how the area should be zoned. The move came last night during discussion of a municipal plan amendment for 1671 Sandy Point Road. That's where North Star Holdings wants to build townhouses on 4 hectares of land near Harrigan Lake. Councilor Patty Higgins put forward the motion.

But Councilor Peter McGuire says the city has just thrown away potential property tax revenue from the proposed development. The city deemed the land surplus for development but controversy remains over whether it was meant to be kept as part of the park when the city bought it in 1967.

Rothesay Recreation Master Plan

If you've been following the fight for more ice time in the Kennebecasis Valley, this may shock you. The Town of Rothesay unveiled it's Master Recrreation Plan last night and renovations or a plan to build a new arena comes in last on the priority list. ADL Architecture says according to their data, citizens want to see a multi-purpose field house and improvement or the building of more walking trails. Mayor Bill Bishop says the field house design is not just a school gymnasium

Total cost of the field house, with-out the purchase of a piece of property at this point is seven million. Comments can made on the proposed plan until July.6th with a final report expected by the end of next month.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Weather And Tanker Traffic Delay L-N-G Ship

Strong winds and other large crude oil tanker traffic are being cited as reasons for a revised schedule for the arrival of the first L-N-G tanker at the new Canaport Liquefied Natural Gas terminal in Red Head.
A Canaport L-N-G spokesperson tells us the wind speed is critical with the tanker berthed in the outer portion of the harbour -- meantime -- there are other crude oil tankers needing to offload their product.
The big L-N-G tanker is now expected later this week.

The New Health Minister Is Up For The Challenge

[Health Minister Mary Schryer----File Photo]

Newly appointed Health Minister Mary Schryer says the early morning call from the Premier came as a bit of shock.
Schryer says it's touching that that the premier would give her a post that is so important to everyone in the province.
She says she isn't concerned about taking a heavily criticized post--because she sees passion and criticism as something different.
Schryer says it will take some adjustment balancing the health portfolio, as well as the status of women file.

Schryer says her first order of business this morning was to call all stakeholders to introduce herself, and extend an invitation for meetings.

Political Scientist Weighs in On Cabinet Shuffle

The changes to the cabinet come as no surprise, and a Political Scientist at UNB Saint John says it's an interesting shuffle.Don Desserud tells CHSJ News, what's interesting about the changes is there are no demotions, or new faces.
Desserud says newly appointed Health Minister Mary Schryer will have her work cut out for her as it's a tricky position. He says not many Ministers go into the position excited and happy about the job---but someone with a fresh outlook on the job might be the ticket.
Desserud says he doesn't expect the public to be overly excited about the changes---because no one is being punished. He says the public reaction will help determine when the next election may be called.

LNG Tanker Now Due Later In The Week

(Canaport L-N-G terminal in Red Head - file photo)

If you were hoping to catch a glimpse today of the first L-N-G tanker to come up the bay to the Canaport Liquefied Natural Gas terminal in Red Head -- forget it.
The company now says the ship isn't expected to arrive until later this week -- but -- it says the start up of the facility will still fall within the scheduled window.
Canaport L-N-G has been running a series of radio ads advising residents not to worry about flaring at the facility when the tanker arrives -- it's part of the commissioning process and will be reduced to a small flare once the onshore tank has been brought online.

Cabinet Shuffle

Seven Ministers are getting new responsibilities as Premier Graham shuffles his cabinet.
Mike Murphy is moving from the Health Department, to become Minister of Justice and Consumer Affairs, as well as Attorney General.
Mary Schryer will take over Health Minister duties, and will remain responsible for the status of women.
Roland Hache is the new Education Minister, while Kelly Lamrock is taking over social development duties.
T.J Burke will take over the role of Environment Minister, with Greg Byrne becoming the Finance Minister.
The new Business Minister will be Victor Boudreau.
These portfolio changes are effective immediately.

Baby Falls From Third Storey Window

If you think your weekend was exciting, wait until you hear what happened to James Blagden.
It was Saturday night at 9:30pm when the 37-year old Blagden was standing on Victoria Street in the North End with his friends and noticed a small baby hanging from a third storey window. He ran over and broke the fall of the child. The two year old baby boy did hit his head on the sidewalk and was taken to the Regional to get looked over.

The baby and Blagden are both doing fine.

ER Doctors and Province Make Agreement

A new deal is being inked between the provincial government and doctors in hopes of eliminating staff shortages in emergency rooms.
Doctors will be paid for clinical work, as well as teaching and administering call schedules.
Physicians will also be compensated for developing collaborative practices with nurses.
Details are still be hammered out between the province and the doctors.

Turbine Rotors in Town

The circle of life for a pair of re-fitted turbines is almost complete. They arrived back from the U.K. on the weekend after they fell into the harbor last fall while being loaded onto a barge for a trip to Point Lepreau. NB Power spokes-person Heather McLean tells CHSJ News, they will be stored at the port for about a week.
McLean says they hope to have the turbines ready for a second trip to Point Lepreau by early next week after the lobster season has come to a close.

Contenious Issue Up for Debate

On the common council agenda tonight is a report on the comprehensive review of fire services in the city. Back in May, city council asked the Fire Chief to review services and find a way to reduce costs. The review will look at consolidating stations, the potential use of volunteers, and any other cost cutting measure.

Council is looking for a complete review to be finished no later than September 30th. Tonight's council meeting gets underway at 5:30pm.

Think About Use of Pesticides

The Conservation Council is asking people to remember using cosmetic pesticides affect your neighbours.Dave Thompson tells CHSJ News, people often do not consider how pesiticides are not limited to your own lawn.

Thompson says the Conservation Council is requesting people refuse services that use chemical pesticides. Late last week, the province announced the sale and use of more than 200 over-the-counter lawn care pesticide products on domestic lawns will be banned by this fall.

Trouble for Vessel

Tough finish to the weekend for some people on a sailboat. Rescue flares were spotted near Ragged Point around one o'clock and the In-Shore Rescue and Water Rescue Unit were called in to assist.

In-shore staff reached the vessel first, got her steady and towed her into shore. No word on what the problem was and no one was hurt.

Recreation Plan for Rothesay

It should become a little clearer as to which way the Town of Rothesay is going when it comes to recreation tonight. ADI Architecture will unveil it's plan they have put together for the municipality on where they think the town should concentrate their efforts and funds.

There has been a lot of pressure on town officials to get on board with the Q-Plex facility in Quispamsis but officials say there is more sports than just hockey that need attention in their town and the Kennebecasis Valley. Tonight's open house gets started at seven at the Bill McGuire Center.

First Liquified Tanker Arrives Today

The first shipment of liquefied natural gas will arrive in Saint John today. The first operational tank was supposed to accept its first shipment on Saturday, but because of the rain was pushed back. The Canaport LNG site will permanently employ 70 employees, with security officers on site 24 hours a day.

The official ribbon cutting ceremony is coming in September when all three storage tanks will be operational.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Construction Cash

The Provincial Government and Quispamsis are teaming up to make a construction request a reality. Both will spend $100,000 dollars to put in place a right turning lane at the Route 119 and Monarch Drive intersection.
No word on when construction will get started.

Increased Recycling Numbers

The Fundy Region Solid Waste Commission is reporting increased recycling this year. General Manager Mark MacLeod says they're getting 20 tonnes more of recycables each month than last year. He tells CHSJ news composting numbers are also towing the line --but--he's not sure if they'll beat last year's record.
The Solid Waste Commission will be making recycling easier by August when recyclables will only have to be divided into three groups instead of five.

Turbine Coming Home

They fell into the harbor eight and a half months ago and today....the two turbine rotors that are part of the refit project at Point Lepreau, are back in the city. Heather MacLean with NB Power tells CHSJ News, the rotors will be stored at the Saint port until the end of the fishing season but no confirmed date on when they will be transported.
They were sent to the UK to be refurbished after they were dropped into the harbor in October of last year while being loaded onto a barge for delivery to Point Lepreau.

Provincial Tourism Promotion Stepped Up

With the official arrival of summer this weekend -- a lot of people are thinking about summer vacation. Provincial Tourism Minister Stuart Jamieson says a lot of New Brunswickers explored the province last year -- and -- he's expecting a similar trend this summer. Meantime -- Jamieson tells CHSJ News the department has invested a lot in its web site this year:
Jamieson says promotion efforts have been stepped up in Quebec - Ontario - and - New England -- he says there appears to be a growing interest from people in the United Kingdom.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Final Rally Of Hope in Record Books

What a way to finish up. After 24 years of raising funds for the Regional Hospital, the final Rally of Hope played out in the rain yesterday but there was nothing wet about the final total. Over $1.6 million dollars has been raised to go towards a complete renovation of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Executive Director of the Regional Hospital Foundation Tim Cameron tells CHSJ News, they continue to sort out the final details of what their new fund-raising initiative will be.

Cameron says they will unveil the new fund-raiser in the fall.

Province Urging People to Beware of Lyme Disease

Another health warning from the provincial government.Chief Medical officer Dr. Eilish Cleary is reminding everyone to protect themselves against lyme disease.Cleary says people are generally not aware of the seriousness of the disease, and there are indications that blacklegged ticks and lyme disease are spreading in eastern Canada.Those infected generally develop flu like symptoms, such as headaches and fatigue, as well as a bull's eye target rash near the tick bite.For more information on preventing Lyme disease check out\health.

Last Rally of Hope

The final Rally of Hope goes today after 24 years of raising funds for the Regional Hospital Foundation. Chair of the event is Judy Mitchell who tells CHSJ News, this years event is a thank-you barbeque for event staff, volunteers and patients who have benefitted from funds raised in past events.
The goal for this years event is to raise $1.5 million for the neo-natal intensive care unit. Things wrap up at three o'clock and everyone is invited.

Work on the Peter Murray Arena

Work on the Peter Murray Arena will get underway this summer. Erbs Enterprises has been awarded the contract to supply and install new pre-fabricated boards and spectator sheilding. The cost of the replacement is 188 thousand dollars. The existing boards are in a deteriorated condition.

MacIntyre On The Road to Recovery

Saint John East MLA Roly MacIntyre continues his recovery. This after under-going double by-pass surgery at the Regional back in February. MacIntyre tells CHSJ News, he was hoping to but won't be back for this sitting of the legislature.
MacIntyre says he is working about four hours a day from home and the expectations for his recovery might have been too high.

Friday, June 19, 2009

East Side Liquor Store Closed Until Saturday

Those looking for a few beer to kick off the weekend will have to go somewhere other than the East Side Parkway Mall liquor store tonight. Nora Lacy with NB Liquor confirms to CHSJ news the store is closed for maintenance until tomorrow due to plumbing problems.

Third Case of Swine Flu Confirmed in NB

New for June 19 09 2:24pm

The province has its third confirmed case of the H1N1 virus --or-- the swine flu.The Department of Health says it received confirmation that a 20-year-old woman from the Moncton area has contracted the virus. Chief medical officer of health, Dr. Eilish Cleary, says the woman had recently returned from a trip to the United States.

Back in May, Dr. Cleary warned that additional cases could be expected this summer and even more in the fall. Of the three cases confirmed in New Brunswick since the outbreak began on April 26, none have required hospitalization.

Province to Replace Old Wooden Bridge Near Hampton

New for June 19 09 2:23pm

The Brawley Brook Bridge near Hampton is being replaced. The provincial government has set aside 160 thousand dollars to begin construction on the project Monday. The Damascus Road will be fully closed to traffic over the next 9 weeks while the Department of Transportation removes the bridge and replaces it with a 9.1 meter longer--and--9.1 meter wide concrete steel stringer bridge.

Transportation Minister Denis Landry says the existing wooden bridge is 42 years old and reaching the end of its service life.

K-V Fields Project to get Provincial Funding Boost

New for June 19 09 2:23pm

Quispamsis MLA Mary Schryer will be presenting a cheque for 300 thousand dollars to the KV Fields project tonight at the K-V high school graduation ceremony. Schryer tells CHSJ news the money will be used to build quality synthetic fields behind the Kennebecasis Valley High School.

The KV fields project will cost close to 1.5 million dollars.

Local Housing Prices In Record Territory

Housing prices in the greater Saint John area are on the way up -- the Saint John Real Estate Board says the average price of M-L-S listed homes hit $188,500 last month -- that's the highest average price on record and a 12-percent increase from May of 2008.
M-L-S sales in the local area were also up 4.1-percent last month compared to May of last year.
Meantime -- Canada Mortgage and Housing reports new housing starts to the end of May are off by a little over two percent compared to the same period a year ago.

Police Seek Public Help in Vandalism Case

New for June 19 09 1:18pm

City Police are seeking the public's help in finding those responsible for causing a substantial amount of damage to the new Plaza under construction on the West Side.

Officers say someone vandalised the property at 41 Plaza Avenue, next to the new Sobeys on Fairville Blvd in the early morning hours of Saturday, June 6. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Saint John Police Force at 648-3333.

Keir Rejects Call For Lepreau Review

The opposition Tories have hit a brickwall in attempts to get an independent review of the Point Lepreau upgrade.
The project is running about five-and-a-half months behind schedule with the reactor now scheduled to come back online early next year.
Energy Minister Jack Keir told the Legislature this morning a review would mean more delays and add as much as 110-million dollars to the overall cost of the project. '
Keir says N-B Power has been open and transparent about the progress of the complex retubing of the reactor and associated work.

Search is on for Missing Person

New for June.19th/2009:

New for Friday 11am:

Missing since June.7th, the Major Crime Unit is asking for your help to find a 69-year old man. Jaakko Lauri of 16 Dove Street in the Moreland Trailer Park was reported missing on the 16th.
He is six feet one, 168lbs, slight build, bald, with a moustache, and growth of beard on face.

He was wearing a blue vest, blue jeans and a white hat. Lauri suffers from depression and if you have seen him, your asked to call City Police at 648-3333 or Crime-Stoppers.

Break and Enter Attempt

New for June.19th/2009:

New for Friday at 11am:

The search is on for two young men by Hampton RCMP. This after someone tried to break into a home in Willow Grove yesterday. Police arrived and gave chase on foot but they both got away.

One is described as five ten, slim build, 170 pounds wearing a white long sleeve hoody and baseball cap. They other is also five ten, late twenties, also 170 pounds wearing a long sleeve black hoody.

Change Come to Recycling Problem

New for June.19th/2009:

New for Friday 11am:

There is a change coming to the recycling program. The Fundy Region Solid Waste Commission has announced they are moving from a five to a three step product stream which allows them to get more collection efficiency. General Manager Mark MacLeod tells CHSJ News, they are in the process of purchasing the equipment for the new set-up which should be ready in August.

It's expected to cost half a million dollars to get the new collection system up and running but MacLeod says the efficiences with the new system will pay for that.

More Students to Say Goodbye

New for June.19th/2009:

New for Friday 5am:

District Six started earlier this week and today, the first of the four high schools in District Eight will hold it's graduation ceremony tonight. Students from Harbourview High will don the cap and gown. Saint John High will hold it's ceremony Sunday afternoon followed by Saint Malachy's and Simonds on Monday.

Also, over 600 students will receive their diploma's from the Saint John Community College this afternoon. The ceremony gets started at 1:30pm at the Trade and Convention Center.

Plenty of City Police to do Last night

New for June.19th/2009:

New for Friday 5am:

It was a night for the record books as City Police were sent to some wild calls. The first of note was Sobeys in the North End just before ten o'clock where a man was hit in the head with a hammer outside the store. He was taken to the Regional and with the exception of a massive headache, is expected to make a full recovery.

City Police also had their hands full with something that doesn't happen everyday. A man walked into his home at 181 Britian Street to find his apartment had been ransacked. His first thought was he had been robbed but then out of no-where, a deer charged at him and hit him in the hip. Officer's tell us the deer crashed through the glass door and tore the place up. The Department of Natural Resources was brought in and the deer was put down.

Fire in Millidgeville

New for June.19th/2009:

New for Friday 5am:

How a fire started in Millidgeville last night remains a mystery at this point. Fire-fighters were called to 40 Millidge Avenue to find heavy smoke coming from the second storey of the building.
They quickly knocked down the flames and nobody was hurt.

Major Crime is assisting as they believe the fire is a case of arson.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Crash Victim Identified

New for June 18 09 5:42pm

A radio listener has helped RCMP determine the identity of a woman who remains in a Moncton hospital in critical condition. Sussex RCMP tell us the 1990 Pontiac she was driving hit a moose last night at ten o'clock on Route 114.

Police have confirm the victim as a 32 year old woman from the Mechanic Settlement area. Her name has not been released. She remains in the Intensive Care Unit.

Decision Expected Soon for Alternative Heating System for Landfill

New for June 18 09 4:44pm

It won't be long now before the Fundy Region Solid Waste Commission decides whether or not to use methane gas coming out of the landfill to heat and power its buildings. General Manager Mark MacLeod tells CHSJ News they expect to finish measuring the amount and composition of gas coming out of the landfill within a month.

MacLeod says their engineers are in the process of mounting a business case for using the gas to take the landfill off the electrical grid. He says doing so wouldn't be cheap. A decision is expected by fall.

Rockwood Park May be Developed for Housing

New for June 18 09 4:44pm

The group Friends of Rockwood Park is accusing the city of trying to sell off bits and pieces of the park to private developers. Common council tabled a proposal made on Monday to construct 12 four-unit townhouses on 4 acres of park property. The group says the lot has been deemed surplus to help pay for water infrastructure along Sandy Point Road. Spokesperson Joan Pearce tells CHSJ news the city is going down a slippery slope.

Pearce says development will pollute the nearby lakes and streams, and blasting on the hillsides will destroy the local ecosystems.