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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Crews Knock Fire Down, 10 Displaced

16 firefighters on the scene of a fire on Broad Street this morning behind Shawn's Variety.

Platoon Chief Eric Garland says smoke and fire could be seen underneath some decking between the first and third floor at the back of the building.

He tells CHSJ News crews later realized the fire was in the wall.

He says crews had to do a lot of ripping and tearing to open up the walls with a chainsaw  to make sure they had contained the fire.

10 people living in the building are currently displaced but Garland is hopeful most of them will get back in today.   The damage is restricted to one apartment with some in another unit.

A fire investigator is looking into the cause.

SJFD Evacuate Broad Street Building

Fire crews are at the scene of an apartment fire on Broad Street.   

The building has been evacuated.

Crews are putting out the flames behind a deck/stair structure.

Cardy Holds Little Hope For Enforcement

The NDP leader says this Province has a proven track record of writing lots of nice things on pretty peices of paper that never get enforced.

Dominic Cardy points out the shale gas regulations are for new developments not the existing 24 wells in the province.

He says why would exclude the operations that are already in place adding the same standard should be in place wherever you live in the province.

Cardy says he not sure if anyone will want to come drilling here and if they don't, he fears the government may start subsidizing them so they will.

He is also expressing concern about the ratio of chemicals being used in fracking.