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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More Pictures From Today's Historic Memorial Cup Victory Parade

Sea Dogs Victory Parade

People's Alliance Party Questions Possible MLA Trip To Germany

The People's Alliance of New Brunswick taking issue with two Tory MLA's and one Liberal MLA potentially attending a conference on legislative democracy on the taxpayer's dime. The conference is in Germany next month.

Leader Kris Austin tells CHSJ News this trip comes as the current government is slashing and cutting the budget of nearly every department.

He says this trip is a blatant misuse of money. Austin adds the three MLA's considering this trip have 42 years of political experience collectively and if they don't know the job by now, then they should retire.   Our newsroom placing a call to Conservative MLA Wayne Steeves for his thoughts.

Local Players Marvel At Support

After the parade fans holding up flags, posters, hats, and jerseys for their favourite players to sign.

Number 7, Zack Phillips hails from Fredericton and tells CHSJ News the last few days have been amazing.

He says it's been the best few days of his life and seeing all the people out to support the team is similar to the feeling of winning.

Number 22, Aiden Kelly, is originally from Saint John and says turning the corner at Kings Square and seeing the crowd was absolutely surreal.

Thousands Come Out For Sea Dogs Memorial Cup Celebration

Thousands turning out for the Sea Dogs victory celebration in uptown Saint John.

The festivities starting in King's Square, followed by a parade down King Street and then a rally at the Market Square Boardwalk where the team showed off their latest hardware: the President's Cup and the Memorial Cup.

Sea Dogs President Wayne Long says Saint John hockey fans are the best in the country.

Meanwhile, the normally reserved Mayor Ivan Court couldn't hide his enthusiasm, saying the Sea Dogs have joined a winning legacy which includes the Mooseheads and the Flames.

The Sea Dogs flag will be flying at city hall for the rest of the week.

Fredericton Man Facing Child Porn Charges

A 49-year-old man who is part of an ongoing police investigation into the illegal trade of child porn in the province is now facing charges.

Scott Trapnell of Fredericton in Woodstock Provincial Court and charged with possession of child pornography and he'll be back in court next month.

Trapnell is one of four people arrested on March 23 as part of Operation ‘J Treasures'.    An 18-year-old Grand Bay-Westfield man is facing a charge relating to the case.

Brainiacs At K-V-H-S Continue To Excel In National Competition

What constitutes the success of Kennebecasis Valley High at Reach for the Top?

K-V-H-S went undefeated in winning its second consecutive national championship, a feat only accomplished once before in 45 years.

Team coach Jason Thorne tells CHSJ News you need more than just being bright to do well in this sort of competition because if you're not quick on your feet and can answer the questions quickly, it doesn't matter how knowledgeable a student might be.

Thorne goes on to say at K-V-H-S, younger students are groomed by first competing in the junior division and then moving up the ranks.

All of the winning team members this year are in grade 12 and will have to be replaced by a new crop of students.

Charlotte Street Man Back In Court For Attempted Murder

Another court appearance for a 31 year old Charlotte Street man charged with attempted murder.

Nicholas Wayne Welsh earlier pleaded not guilty in the stabbing of a 53 year old man in the neck who was bleeding near the corner of Duke and Charlotte Streets on May 19th.

Welsh is also looking at other less serious charges and is scheduled to return to court on June 14th at which time a trial date will be set. In the meantime, he has been sent back to jail.

KVHS Wins Second National Reach For The Top Championship

KV High Winning Its Second Consecutive Reach for the Top National Championship.

KV beat Centennial Collegiate Vocational Institute of Guelph, Ontario last night 380 to 360.
The Ontario champs mounting a big comeback including a 40-point team question at the end of round three.

KVHS becomes only the second team in 45 years to win back-to-back National Championships.

Fire In North End

The fire department on the scene of a fire in a building at 595 Sandy Point Road for several hours this morning.

Fire Crews were notified as they raced to the blaze that the building was fully engulfed in flames.

There are no reports of any injuries and, so far, not word on a cause.

Sussex Man In Court For Stealing Handguns

The RCMP making an arrest in Sussex in connection with a theft of handguns which had occurred on May 27th.

Seven handguns, which had been stolen during a breakin at a fish and game store on Main Street in Sussex, were recovered.

A 28-year-old man from Sussex, Joseph Shortridge has pleaded not guilty and will be back in Hampton Provincial Court today for a bail hearing.

Waiting List Too Long For Methadone Treatment

More methadone treatment needs to be available in Saint John in order to continue the fight against HIV.

That from the Director of AIDS Saint John Julie Dingwell who tells CHSJ News only a handful are getting methadone, leaving many to languish or put themselves at serious risk by turning to needles for drug use.

She says the majority of people who use the needle exchange have Hepatitis C, which means most intravenous drug users will become infected and become a huge cost the health care system as Hepatitis C is very expensive to treat.

Dingwell adds there are hundreds on the waiting list for methadone treatment and hundreds more who are are not even registered.