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Thursday, December 31, 2009

More Information Released on Crash near Petitcodiac

The RCMP are releasing more details around the crash on highway 1 near Petitcodiac yesterday that claimed two lives.

31 year old Gregory Banguay of Saint John, and 29 year old Michael McAloon from Fredericton were killed when their vehicle rear ended a transport truck that was gearing down.
The roads were extremely slippery and icy at the time, and the RCMP want to remind motorists to slow down, and take your time while travelling.

Smoking Law Starts Friday

The provincial ban on smoking in a vehicle when a child is present goes into effect at midnight.

The Smoke Free Places Act prohibits smoking a vehicle when someone under the age of 16 is present.
Offenders could face fines between $140 and $570 dollars, and this act is one of many initiatives put in place to try and decrease, and recoup costs associated with tobacco use.
2009 saw a ban on tobacco displays and point of sale tobacco advertising, as well as a lawsuit from the province against tobacco companies.

Rothesay Regional Police Ready For Tonight

It's business as usual for Rothesay Regional Police this evening.
Patrols will be no different than any other weekend, with road blocks and random spot checks.
The police tell us, New Years Eve generally isn't too bad in the valley---but patrols will be watching for impaired drivers coming back from the city.

A Few Reminders

A couple of reminders from the city. All city owned parking lots will be free for overnight parking this evening, and on-street parking in the South Central Peninsula will be changing sides.
Anyone who would normally put their garbage out tomorrow should do so, because garbage collection is running on it's regular schedule.
And, Mayor Court and Common Council are holding it's levee tomorrow at the HMCS Brunswicker---things get started at 11 o'clock.

Out in the Valley, Quispamsis Mayor Murray Driscoll is hosting a levee at the town hall at noon, and Rothesay Mayor Bill Bishops event gets underway at 11 at the town hall.

Pilot Road Projects

[Transportation Minister Denis Landry----File Photo]
A couple of new projects from the provincial government is aiming to reduce the amount of snow building up on highways.

Transportation Minister Denis Landry announced the four pilot projects, that will include using salt brine before a storm to reduce the amount of accumulation.
Highways in the Miramichi, Moncton and Sussex will be used to test the effectiveness of using salt brine.
Landry says previous attempts to weaken the build up of ice and snow using de-icing materials were not effective, because it would blow off the roads. He says salt brine will stick to the roads better, and hopefully make highways safer during the winter.

KV Fire Chief Larry Greer Reflects on 2009

[KV Fire Chief Larry Greer---File Photo]
A new pumper and ladder truck definitely the highlights of 2009 for the Kennebecasis Valley Fire Department. Chief Larry Greer tells CHSJ News, training for both has been a success and he is now focusing on hiring a few more bodies.
Greer adds volunteer fire-fighters are a valuable asset to the department but it is becoming tougher to recruit them with everyone carrying heavier workloads. Chief Greer will retire this year but nodate has been confirmed.

Mayor Bill Bishop Looks Back on 2009

[Rothesay Mayor Bill Bishop---File Photo]

With the finishing touches still to be ironed out for it's municipal plan, the Town of Rothesay likes what it accomplished over the past 12 months. Engineering work is being carried out on an eight million dollar infrastructure grant will be finished by next year with work still to come on the recreation file and an eye on more seniors housing and condos. Mayor Bill Bishop tells CHSJ News, there is still plenty of property to build homes.
Bishop adds they hope to finish up renovation work for the wharf in Renforth in the spring.

Canadian Blood Services Looking For Donations

Before the end of 2009, you can do a good deed by donating blood this morning.

Canadian Blood Services has special holiday hours from 8am until Noon today at
405 University Avenue.
Spokesperson Amanda Cullen tells CHSJ News this time of year it can be tough to keep donations.
Canadian Blood Services will be closed tomorrow.
To book an appointment for blood donation, call 1-888-2-DONATE.

Gas Prices Increase Again

Gas prices are creeping up again.

The Energy and Utility Board is reporting the maximum price for regular self serve is now 101.3, and Diesel can be sold for 107.8.
Furnace oil has maxed out at 90.4 cents, and propane can be sold for a 112

Car Goes Off Road on West Side

Slippery roads are the cause of a single vehicle accident on the west side this morning.

Around 2:30, a car went off the road on Bay Street, with three people being sent to the hospital with minor injuries.
City police are urging motorists to be cautious of ice while driving during the cold snap.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Crash Kills Two Near Petitcodiac

Two men are dead after a two vehicle collision near Petticodiac this afternoon. It was just before one this afternoon when a transport truck which was gearing down was rear-ended by a small vehicle. The driver of the rig and of the smaller vehicle were both in their thirties and pronounced dead at the scene.

RCMP is still trying to piece together what happened but alcohol is not believed to be a factor in the crash. The section of Highway one was very slippery at the time and no names are being released at this time.

Saint John Art To Be Part of Winter Olympics

(file photo)

Chalk up another dream for local artist Norm Jackson -- he's presented his latest painting dedicated to the winter Olympics to the Vancouver Olympic organizing committee.
Jackson flew out to Vancouver earlier this week and met with committee reps yesterday.
He tells CHSJ News he also presented a letter from Mayor Ivan Court -- the painting featuring the Olympic Inukshuk symbol along with northern lights will eventually hang in an Olympics museum to be established in Vancouver.

North End Vandalism

A bizarre case of vandalism in the north end has forced a man from his apartment. A building at 13 Main Street was vandalised which included a water pipe being broken. This caused flooding and the power being shut off. The Red Cross has arranged for the man to have accomodation until the damage is fixed. City police are investigating.

Swine Flu Death in the K-V

A 27 year old Quispamsis man has died from the swine flu virus after spending nearly a month in intensive care. Doctors had tried treating him with the anti-flu drug Tamiflu but Dr. Paul Van Buynder, the province's Deputy Chief Medical Health Officer, says he had a number of underlying medical conditions and its unlikely he had received an H-1-N-1 flu shot.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Power Outages Wide-Spread Across the Province

It's two steps forward and three steps back for NB Power crews. They have been battling the weather all day trying to get a good portion of it's customers back on the grid. As of eleven o'clock Tuesday night, December.28th, 2285 are still with-out electricity. 1297 are in the Fredericton area, 330 in Rothesay, St. Stephen has 567 homes and businesses in the dark and Bathurst has 88.

Our radio stations, CHSJ and 97.3 The Wave were also hit by the power outage, with the signal for both stations down for a good portion of the day

Stricter Regulations at Saint John Airport

[Saint John Aiport---File Photo]

With stricter regulations in place about what passengers are able to carry onto an airplane, the Saint John Airport is recommending people travelling to the United States arrive earlier for their flights.

President Bernie LeBlanc tells CHSJ News, the regulations do not have a significant impact on operations.
There are exceptions to the regulations. Laptops, cameras, medications and small purses are still allowed onto the plane.
LeBlanc says nearly 25 per cent of traffic from the Saint John Airport travels to, or from the U.S.
The regulations have been increased due to a failed terrorist attack on Christmas Day in Detroit.

Vehicle Ends Up in Ditch Near Norton

Sussex RCMP are reporting a single vehicle accident near Norton yesterday.

The accident happened on Highway 124, when the 34 year old driver lost control on an icy road and ended up overturned in a ditch.
The vehicle was carrying 3 children, and the drivers 9 year old son was taken to the Sussex Health Centre, to be later released with minor injuries.

City Roads Getting Cleared

[Germain Street at 1:35pm----Photo by Dave Briggs]

Municipal Operations are on target for having all priority roads cleared this evening.

Deputy Commissioner of Municipal Operations Kevin Rice tells CHSJ News, so far operations have been running smoothly, with just a few minor maintenance issues this morning.
Rice says he's been getting great feedback from plow operators about the level of cooperation from uptown residents with vehicles.
Rice says plows have been able to clear uptown roads after one or two runs, rather than three to four like last year.
He says the important thing to remember during a snowfall is to be patient, because every road will be cleared.

Update on Barnwood Pub Robbery

The 55 year old Saint John man appearing in court in relation to an incident at the Barnwood Pub in Rothesay is being remanded for a psychiatric exam.

Adrien John Lepage appeared in court today in connection with the armed robbery of the pub, and the abduction of an employee.
Lepage did not enter a plea during his initial court appearance, and will be back in front of a judge on January the 5th.

New Rules for Selling or Purchasing a Condo

For the first time since 1969, a change is being made to the purchase and sale processes for condominiums in the province.

The Condominium Property Act aims to modernize the approval process, as well as increase transparency in the purchase and sale process.
Those looking to buy a condo will be given a 10 day cooling off period to obtain legal advice and to review any documents outlining the rules and requirements for living in a condominium community.
Over the past 15 years, condos have become popular housing choices, with more than 200 community's located throughout the province.
The new act goes into place on January the 1st.

BOT Expects Costco to Attract More Shoppers

[President of the Saint John Board of Trade Imelda Gilman----File Photo]

2009 was a good year for Saint John. So says the President of the Saint John Board of Trade, Imelda Gilman who tells CHSJ News it could have been alot worse considering the economic meltdown.
Gilman is looking forward to the opening of Costco in the spring which she says will attract more shoppers to Saint John.

Accident in St. George

Traffic along highway one westbound at St. George had to be detoured this morning after a head on-collision involving two cars. One person was taken to hospital after complaining of some pain.

MacIntyre Looks Back on 2009

[M-L-A Roly MacIntyre---File Photo]

The court house issue has been resolved, the emergency room expansion at the Regional continues to move ahead and the first students for the new Medical School are being interviewed. Just some of the highlights for the city from the eyes of Saint John East MLA Roly MacIntyre. He tells CHSJ News, regardless of the attention the NB Power proposal has and continues to receive, they are moving ahead with the capital budget.
MacIntyre adds not only is he proud of the work in the past year, very pleased with the accomplishments over the past 15. He will not re-offer in the Provincial election in September.

Accident in Hampton

The RCMP in Hampton reporting a single vehicle accident last night in the Hammond River area which injured three young people. police say their vehicle hit a patch of ice and left the road. Their injuries were not serious even though one of them was not wearing a seatbelt and was ejected from the vehicle.

Road and Weather Conditions this Morning

If you are out and about on the roads this morning, we are getting reports of very treacherous conditions. There was a report earlier of a tractor trailer that jack knifed on Highway one westbound just past the Lorneville exit and a car went off ther McKay Highway going westbound between Quispamsis and Hampton. Linda Libby of Environment Canada tells CHSJ News the snow is expected to end around noonhour and then it gets alot colder tonight and tomorrow morning.

By contrast, the temperature yesterday reached plus 6. Libby didn't know for sure but says it could very well have set a new record high for the date.

Fire Chief Reflects on 2009

[Fire Chief Rob Simonds---Photo Courtesy of]
Looking back at the past 12 months, there certainly was a lot of down time for the City Fire Department. Along with the thousands of calls, they were kept busy with operational training, capacity building a full review of services at the request of council. Chief Simonds tells CHSJ News, he was thrilled to see members of his force iron out a new contract.

Chief Simonds adds although the fire services review took a great amount of time, it was over-due and helped highlight why they need the resources they have.

The Premier Says The New Year Will Be Challenging

[Premier Shawn Graham----File Photo]
He's calling it the most challenging year of his mandate -- and -- Premier Shawn Graham says the new year will be just as challenging.

Graham says his government has been dealing with reforms of the education - healthcare - and - taxation systems while struggling with the impact of the global recession.
Graham says his government isn't going to coast through the new year while preparing for the fall election -- he says he will continue to move ahead with reforms and the controversial sale of N-B Power to Hydro Quebec.

More People Moving to New Brunswick

Statistics Canada is reporting the population in this province is increasing.

New Brunswick's population increased by .13 per cent, which is the highest quarterly growth since 1991 for this province.
There is growth in population in every Atlantic province, and strong numbers of growth in the west.
This province has the smallest percentage of growth of all Canadian provinces this quarter.

Getting Rid of Your Christmas Tree

Instead of just tossing your Christmas trees on the street, getting them mulched is a far better idea. In Saint can take your tree to the Gorman Arena in Millidgeville, The Peter Murray and Hilton Belyea are taking trees for the West Side and in East Saint John,it's the Forest Hills Ballfield. A location for the South End is still trying to be found........ In Quispamsis, you can take your tree to the parking lot of the Recreation Center off Meehan's Cove Road and the Walter Jewett Ballfield parking lot. Trees must be dropped of by Jan.8th. In Rothesay, there are four drop-off area's. The Bill McGuire Center, Wells Recreation Field, East Riverside Kingshurst Park and the front lot of the Rothesay Arena.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Vandals Hit Two East Saint John Car Dealerships

Some vandals spent the long weekend breaking car windows at two dealerships on Rothesay Avenue.

Damage was done to vehicles at Saint John Hyundai, and Saint John Toyota. An employee tells us, there is a total of 15 vehicles vandalized.
He says the estimated cost of damage is not known, since the damage was found this morning.
City police are investigating.

The Mayor Looks Back on 2009

[Mayor Ivan Court---File Photo]
There was plenty on the plate of Saint John Mayor Ivan Court as we look back at 2009. The on-going pension woes, contract negotiations and locking up funding for several projects including harbor clean-up. Court tells CHSJ News, the mayor's job is a 365 day commitment:
Court says the recent survey by Ipsos Reid shows the majority of citizens are happy with the job he and council are doing with more road repairs and safe drinking water high on the priority list for next year.

Police Investigating Shot Fired at Home

City police are looking into a bullet being shot into a home in the South End.

The police tell us, just before seven o'clock last night a bullet was fired through a window in the central south area.
There were no injuries, and Major Crime is currently investigating.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Malls Crowded

Once you manage to fight the traffic gridlock and find an elusive
parking spot - the malls are almost wall to wall people with lots of
line ups to even get through the doors of some stores.

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Bargain Hunters Swarm Eastern Retail Area

Traffic backs up on Westmorland Road as throngs of shoppers descend on
the eastern retail area in search of Boxing Day bargains.

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District 8 Looks Back and Forward

Technically, school District Eight is only halfway through it's year despite the rolling of the calendar in a few days. Officials have plenty left to do with a new literacy plan, rebuilding the district education plan along with revised math curriculums. Director of Education Bev MacDonald tells CHSJ News, one of the biggest achievements has to be how smoothly the H1N1 vaccination process rolled out.

MacDonald says in the new year, the District Education Council will hold open houses to ask parents and the public what they feel should be priorities as far as infrastructure needs are concerned.

Holder Reflects

[ Trevor Holder -- on file]

The MLA for Saint John Portland looks back fondly on alot of things accomplished in 2009. Trevor Holder tells CHSJ News, he never imagined how-ever his party would be locked in a debate over the future of NB Power.
Holder says despite the NB Power-Hydro Quebec bombshell, alot of positive things were accomplished including setting up a nature preserve in Millidgeville and great strides continue to be made in the Old North End.

Boxing Day Sales Start Today

[Photo taken by -- Melissa O'Rourke]

It may say the 27th on the calendar but for the die-hard bargain shopper’s, today is the yearly Boxing Day sales at most stores through-out the metro. Advertising on store-wide bargains were announced two days before Christmas to lure those looking for a sale or someone who snatched a gift card from Santa this year to come and see what was up for grabs.
Many people showed up at malls around the region yesterday hoping to get a head start but because of the Provincial Days of Rest act, stores were closed with the exception of a few. There are reports out of Moncton that some stores opened at six this morning to try and draw in those hungry to get back to the mall and do some shopping.

Accident on the MacKay

[Photo taken by -- Mark McGraw]

An accident last night on the MacKay highway.

9 o'clock last night a car rolled onto it's roof after a collision with another vehicle.
There was one injury, but nothing serious.
Cars were backed up for over 30 minutes in some area's.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

All is Normal For Christmas Day

As it should be, for the most part, all was peaceful in Greater Saint John on Christmas Day. City Police and Fire, Rothesay Regional and RCMP were all steady but nothing serious to report. As far as the weather is concerned, here is what the three day forecast looks like:

A mix of sun and cloud today and a high of -1. Cloudy tonight with a low of zero except inland where the temperature is supposed to drop to -5. Rain expected late tomorrow afternoon....about 10mm's, windy and a high of 4. Cloudy Monday and a high of 2.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas From CHSJ News

Merry Christmas from the CHSJ News Department. We hope your having a wonderful day with family and friends. A reminder from police forces in Greater Saint John to drive with care and caution and please don't drink and drive.

If you do spot news happening, feel free to call the news-line at 648-3000 and leave a message. We are checking them over the holiday.

A Steady Night for Emergency Officials

Plenty of calls for emergency officials in Greater Saint John on Christmas Eve but nothing major. Rothesay Regional Police say they were called to a few accidents last night when freezing rain was falling. Nobody was seriously hurt.

City Fire Crews were called to a fuel spill in Millidgeville late yesterday afternoon. After laying down some peat moss, the fuel was soaked up and didn't cause any major damage.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Another Dumping of Snow for Greater Saint John

(Shot of King Street During Recent Storm)
         (Photo by Dave Briggs)

The second major winter storm of the season is giving most what they had hoped for.....a white Christmas. Environment Canada Meteorologist Mike Campbell tells CHSJ News, Greater Saint John is pushing back over 15cm's of fresh powder, Fredericton is cleaning up just over 23cm's while Woodstock and area's north are reporting 25 and even 30cm's of snow on the ground.

In was nothing but rain with 25mm's falling. A good portion of Saint John was with-out power for most of the over-night hours with the power coming back on at five this morning. We have placed a call to Saint John Energy but still haven't heard back as to what the problem was.

Gas Prices Back on the Climb

(Energy and Utilities Board Logo)
              (File Image)

After enjoying a drop over the past few weeks, the price for gasoline and other petroleum products is up this week. The Energy and Utilities Board has released it's weekly price schedule which shows gasoline at a maximum total price of 98 cents. Most stations are selling a litre of self-serve for 95.3. Diesel has a maximum total price of $105.6 with most stations selling a litre for $102.8.

Furnace oil has maxed out at 88.3 for a total price but the retail number comes in at 82.6 and the maximum total price for propane is $109.2 but selling for 97.9.

Premier Graham Not Paying Attention to the Poll Numbers

(Premier Shawn Graham)
        (File Photo)

Premier Graham is dismissing a recent national poll showing him as one of the least popular premiers in the country. Responding to a CHSJ News question -- the Premier says he's not going to govern based on polling numbers

Graham admits 2009 has been the most difficult year of his mandate with the impact of the global recession - the swine flu pandemic - ongoing reforms in health - education - and - taxation -- and -- the controversial proposal to sell off N-B Power to Hydro Quebec.

A Request for More Ward Meetings

City staff are looking at a possible spring date for another set of Ward Meetings. Councillor Bill Farren is asking staff to look into possible dates as a way to increase communication with taxpayers. Mayor Ivan Court says the meetings should all be held on the same night in the middle of a week.

Court says as long as both councillors from each ward can attend and a member of staff they should run smoothly.

Murray Driscoll Happy with 2009

(Quispamsis Mayor Murray Driscoll)
          (File Photo)

Quispamsis Mayor Murray Driscoll is looking back on 2009 with a smile. Driscoll says over the year, a lot has been accomplished in the town including reducing some costs to an all time low.

Driscoll says at the beginning of this year, there was a 17 per cent increase in the tax base, but the town was able to cut the tax rate by close to 4 cents.

A Request for More Lights

By the end of next month, the issue of lighting on the Westfield Road may be found. Councillor Peter McGuire is looking for advice from Saint John Energy on helping find a positive change to the dark road.

McGuire says even at the best of times the road is hard to manoeuvre and is terrible at night. The acting city manager is being asked to report back on his discussions with the utility by the end of next month.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Enbridge Gas Is Denied by Energy and Utilities Board

       (Enbridge Gas Logo)
    (Provided by Company)

Enbridge Gas has been denied an interim increase on its delivery rate for natural gas by the Energy and Utilities Board. A day long oral hearing was held at the EUB office in City Hall Monday which heard from several companies and municipalities opposed to the hike that would have taken effect January.1st. In it's ruling, the board says is not convinced the present application falls within the category of the exceptional and interim rate increases should be granted only after a full public review and only be granted in exceptional circumstances.

If approved delivery rates for residential customers would have risen by ten per cent and large corporate clients would have seen their delivery rates double.

Graham Dismisses National Poll On Popularity

Premier Shawn Graham isn't bothered by a recent national poll showing him as one of the three least popular premiers in the country.
When asked by CHSJ News -- Graham says he has more important issues to deal with than worrying about a poll.
Graham says he doesn't want to become like previous governments which backed away from tough decisions because of polling numbers -- he says his government won't be coasting in the new year even though it's an election year.

Petitions Against NB Power Proposal Still Rolling In

(Conservative Leader David Alward)
             (File Photo)

6900 and growing is the number of people who have signed one of 50 petitions that have been presented in the Legislature by the Conservatives. They are all speaking out against the proposed sale of the assets of NB Power to Hydro Quebec. Leader David Alward says the number of signatures speaks volumes about the opposition to the proposed sale.

Alward adds petitions continue to file in and his party will continue to listen to people around the Province and speak for them on this issue.

Latest Update From Environment Canada

   (Traffic Still Moving Smoothly on King Street)
              (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

The weather continues to be the conversation of many as 10-15cm's is set to land in Greater Saint John. Environment Canada Meteorologist Claude Cote tells CHSJ News, compared to some other area's of the Province, we are getting off easy where there is 30-40cm's in area's like Woodstock and further North.

Cote says the temperature will drop this afternoon and that is when the snow will get heavier but the storm will track out to Nova Scotia tonight. The full three day forecast is coming right up.

Affects of Winter Weather Being Felt

It is the storm that nobody wants with two days left to go until the holiday. Snow-fall continues in Greater Saint John but other area's of the Province are feeling the heavier affects. NB Power is reporting 79 of it's customers are off the grid including 59 in Bathurst and 20 in the Fredericton area.

Flights at the Saint John Airport are feeling the sting of Mother nature as well. One from Montreal and Toronto are delayed and you can call 696-0200 to check on any flights coming or going. Police also remind everyone doing some last minute shopping or travelling to slow down and take your time.

Single Vehicle Accident in Grand Bay-Westfield

Damage is estimated at 10 thousand dollars after a car, in slippery road conditions, left highway 102 at Morrisdale last night before 11 and went over a guardrail crashing into a tree. Two teens, aged 16 and 15, managed to emerge unscathed.

New Message From Quebec Government on NB Power Sale

The Quebec government is singing a different tune about the sale of NB Power scrambling to clarify a suggestion that its purchase of the utility is a done deal with no chance of making changes.
Quebec's Natural Resources Minister Nathalie Normandeau has changed her tone, one day after saying the agreement is final and not open for renegotiation.
She's now saying that only an agreement-in-principle was signed in late October and negotiations are ongoing with a more comprehensive final deal not expected before March.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Crash Victim Identified

The 22-year-old woman killed 4 days before Christmas in a highway crash in Lorne has been identified.

Christine Ouellette lost control of her vehicle Monday morning and struck an on-coming truck.
She died at the scene.
Ouellette was originally from Campbellton but, had been living in Moncton.

Acadia Broadcasting Launches New App For Smart Phones

If you're on the receiving end of a new iPod Touch or iPhone this Christmas -- you will be able to take along Country 94 and sister station 97.3 the Wave where ever you go.
Our parent company - Acadia Broadcasting - has just launched an new app which allows you to listen to our station - see what song is playing and the name of the artist.
It also allows you to see the last ten songs played and direct access to the station's web page.
You can get the free app by going to our web site at or and clicking on the iPhone - iPod button -- and -- for you Blackberry users -- there is a similar app currently under development which should be available soon.

New Income tax Reductions as of January.1st

If your trying to keep all your paper-work in order for tax time, here is something else to consider. As of January.1st, the province's tax brackets and non-refundable amounts for personal income tax will be indexed by two per cent. That means there are several scenario's which can save you money including a one-earner family earning $25,000 per year will pay no provincial income tax, and will save $219 next year or 100 per cent of the tax paid in 2008.

The Province says the four year plan for lower taxes will deliver $380 million dollars in savings over that time. For a complete look at what savings are available next year, they are posted on our website at just click news.

For the 2010 taxation year:
a single earner with taxable income of $15,000 per year will not pay provincial personal income taxes in 2010, a 100 per cent saving of the tax paid in 2008;
a single earner with taxable income of $25,000 per year will save $376 in 2010, compared to 2008:
a one-earner family earning $25,000 per year will pay no provincial income tax, and will save $219 in 2010, or 100 per cent of the tax paid in 2008. 

Ikea Recalls High Chair-----Story Courtesy of the Canadian Press

A potential safety hazard has prompted Ikea to voluntarily recall the Leopard children's high chair. Snap locks that secure the seat to the frame can break, posing falling and choking hazards to children. There are no reported incidents in this country.

Ikea says customers should stop using the chair immediately and take it to any Ikea store for a full refund. Parents can get more information at

Changes to Motor Vehicle Program

A contract signed recently by the province will modernize the Department of Public Safety's motor vehicle program. DMR, a division of Fujitsu Consulting Canada is the successful bidder on the contract worth up to seven million over the next three years.

Work set to get underway will see the creation of a modern technology platform, replacing the outdated system currently in use. This will result in easier and more timely access to issues such as information on driver and vehicle data.

Work Continues on New Interchange

(Shot of Ramp on One Mile Interchange)
            (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

A new contract has been awarded as part of the Route One Interchange Project in Saint John, New Brunswick. Valued at $2.57 million dollars, Debly Enterprises will complete the grading and paving on the highway adjacent to the westbound lanes of Route 1. Phase 2 of the project will continue during the winter with Fundy Contractors of St. George and three subcontractors are building the viaduct substructure.

Work includes driving piles, construction of the north abutment and construction of a pier adjacent to Rothesay Avenue. Total cost of the project is close to $65 million dollars.

Premier Says Controversial Decisions Stirring Interest In Province

Premier Graham says lower corporate taxes and the potential of lower power rates through the Hydro Quebec deal are positioning the province for significant investment opportunities.
And during a year end meeting with reporters -- the Premier says the government's position is already producing results with a major announcement scheduled for the Fredericton area early in the new year.
Graham says the province is receiving more calls from large companies who are taking notice of the advantages of setting up shop in New Brunswick.

Elsie Wayne Still in Hospital

(Elsie Wayne--File Photo)

The former MP and Mayor of Saint John continues to make steady progress. Over a month after suffering a stroke, Elsie Wayne continues her road to recovery at the Regional Hospital. Her husband Richard tells CHSJ News, she is doing alright but no word on whether she will be home for the holidays.

The 77-year old Wayne has been working with a therapist to correct some of the effects of the stroke for the past several weeks.

Nazi Markings Show Up in Morna Heights

One of the most recognizable signs of hate around the world has shown up in Morna Heights. Public Information Officer Sargeant Pat Bonner tells CHSJ News, officers found swastika's on a van yesterday in a sub-division, put there by a marker. Earlier this morning, officers were called to the Morna Heights School to find more swastika's spray-painted on a shed along with the term ""Nazi Bitch""

Sargeant Bonner adds there was some additional damage done to the van but the shed wasn't broken into.

Sale of NB Power Not To Be Renegotiated

The Quebec government says it has no plans to renegotiate a deal to buy NB Power dismissing suggestions the multibillion-dollar agreement remains a work in progress.
Natural Resources Minister Nathalie Normandeau quashed talk of renegotiation as she exited a cabinet meeting saying`That's not on our radar screen. There's a signed agreement and it was negotiated beforehand. Voila.'' Those remarks appear to pour cold water on the suggestion, coming out of this province that the deal is somehow still in flux.

Fire At Sobeys in the North End

Fire crews were called to the Sobeys store on Lansdowne Avenue in the north end yesterday afternoon after a garbage compactor caught on fire. District Fire Chief Gerry Morris says the compactor was connected to the store itself. The store had to be evacuated because of smoke seeping into the building but has since reopened. There were no injuries and no fire damage to the building itself. The fire department was on the scene for about two hours.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Moncton Woman Killed in Crash

A 22-year old woman from Moncton is dead after an accident this morning on Highway 11. RCMP say the vehicle the woman was driving north-bound, lost control and hit an on-coming truck. The woman was pronounced dead at the scene.

Her name will not be released until family have been notified and no word at this point on what caused her vehicle to lose control.

Conditional Discharge for Noonan woman

A woman from Noonan who claimed to be abducted back in August and taken to Ontario was in court today.
44-year-old Marcia Simmons was charged with public mischief with the intent to mislead police back in October.
In court today in Burton, Simmons recieved a conditional discharge and probation for two years and she must pay a victim fine surcharge of $100.

Property Owner Considering Going Back to Oil

With Enbridge Gas New Brunswicks proposal to increase distribution rates in the province, several businesses are speaking out about negative affects.

President and CEO of Killam Properties Philip Fraser says Enbridge isn't improving the distribution lines enough to justify increasing the rates.
Fraser says he has properties in other provinces, and it's a lot cheaper to use natural gas elsewhere.
Fraser says his company has been looking at converting back to oil over the last month, and says in several cases they've already switched. He says if the proposal is accepted by the EUB, Killam Properties has a concrete plan to convert buildings back.

Enbridge Gas New Brunswick Looking to Increase Rates

The Energy and Utilities Board is mulling over whether to approve Enbridge Gas New Brunswicks request to increase delivery rates.
EGNB General Manager Dave Charleson says even if the rate is increased, natural gas will still be competitive.
Charleson says due to the size of the market in this province, it will never see the same rates as other provinces in the country. He says New Brunswick just doesn't have the demand other provinces do.

Mayor Court Talks About Budget


(Mayor Ivan Court - file photo)

Saint John Mayor Ivan Court says he is feeling no pressure when it comes to finalizing the budget. The question was asked because with the exception of Grand Bay Westfield, all of the outlying municialities have cut their tax rates but Court tells CHSJ News, Saint John provides most of the infrastructure for those people living in those communities to come to work so he can't see how the city budget can be cut by the five cents recommended by the Province.

Court says the budget for Saint John will be handed down the first or second week of January.

Cable Breaks on Westfield Ferry

   (WestField Ferry in Action)
            (File Photo)

An update on the ferry from the Westfield landing which broke loose earlier today. Department of Transportation spokes-person Andrew Holland tells CHSJ News, the ferry has been towed back to shore and everyone on board, including a school bus and it's driver are fine.

Holland says it will take some time for inspectors to figure out what made the cable snap but it could be something as simple as wear and tear.

Ambulance New Brunswick Grabs Saftey Award

Ambulance New Brunswick is being awarded the first ever EMS Safety Foundation Award. It's to recognize the companies dedication to world-leading ambulance safety policies and practices. Matt Crossman is vehicle safety manager and will take possession of the hardware early in the new year.

Ambulance New Brunswick has more than 900 paramedics stationed across the province.

Province on Board With Saint John 225

(Tourism and Parks Minister Stu Jamieson at City Hall)
                 (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

Just days after announcing the line-up for the Saint John 225 celebration, the Province has come on board with some funding. $225,000 dollars was presented to chair Peter Buckland at City Hall earlier today. Tourism and Parks Minister Stuart Jamieson says this is a winning formula the Province is happy to be part of.

Ottawa is on board with $750,000 dollars in funding for the event and the City has matched the Province with $225,000 dollars.

Canada Games Stadium Upgrade

    (Canada Games Stadium in Millidgeville)
                    (File Photo)

Premier Graham remains committed to kicking in some provincial money to help with the six million dollar make over of the Canada Games Stadium and track. Graham tells CHSJ News the province is working with Ottawa to get some federal cash to help with the expansion of internet broadband in the province -- cash which could be directed to projects like the Stadium upgrade.

The federal government has already committed 1.4-million dollars to the project while U-N-B -- the city -- and -- the private sector have also committed funds.

Saint John Store Broken Into For a Third Time

The Long and McQuade Music Shop on Rothesay Avenue at McAllister Drive was broken into for the third time. A window was smashed and city police have one person in jail with charges pending including probation violation.

Price of Natural Gas Could Go Up

The price of natural gas in the province could rise January 1st if Enbridge Gas gets approval from the Energy and Utilities Board for an interim increase on its delivery rate. A hearing is being held in Saint John today.
If approved, delivery rates for residential customers will rise by about 10 per cent until the company gets a formal ruling on its request to make the increase permanent.
But some large corporate clients would see their delivery rates double if the interim increase is approved. The town of St. Stephen is opposed and will talk about the impact a 114 per cent increase on delivery rates would have on the community's two major employers, Flakeboard and Ganong Brothers.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fire in Lower Burton

Remembering to check the battery in a smoke detector helped save a family from disaster when their house caught on fire early this morning in Lower Burton.

Around 3:30 the family of 5 woke up to the smoke detector and were able to escape injury.
Canadian Red Cross volunteers are arraging emergency accomodations while the insurance adjustors inspect the damage and process the claim.
The cause of the fire is still under investigation, but the Oromocto Fire Department says it looks like it started in the chimney and spread through the walls.

Holiday Travel Tips

[President and CEO of Saint John Airport Bernie LeBlanc---File Photo]
Adding to the chaos of this time of the year is those who are travelling to be with loved ones for the holiday. Nobody knows about the traffic ramping up better than the President and CEO of the Saint John Airport. Bernie Leblanc tells CHSJ News, if your travelling with gifts, leaving them unwrapped until you arrive at your destination is going to be a big help:
Weather is also a big factor when travelling this time of the year and Leblanc points out, weather can change very quickly so get to the airport a little early and keep an ear to the latest weather forecast.

Saint John Community Arts Board Looking for New Members

Tomorrow nights Common Council meeting will put some focus on finding new members for the Saint John Community Arts Board. 6 members of the board will be stepping down in the new year. So far names brought forth to replace members include Stephen Tobias, Steve Carson and Signe Gurholt.
The Board was established in 2003 to develop, advise, and recommend to Common Council, policies, activities, and initiatives in arts and cultural matters in Saint John.

Council starts tomorrow at 6:30.

Another Run For Dr. Ed Doherty

The Minister of Supply and Services is sticking with Provincial Politics. Despite alot of speculation to the contrary, Ed Doherty tells CHSJ News, he will re-offer next September:

One member of the Liberal Party that won't re-offer is Saint John East MLA Roly MacIntyre and Saint John Fundy MLA Stuart Jamieson told our news-room back in October he still hasn't made a decision on whether he will re-offer.

Nearly $400,000 Expected From Hospital Home Lottery

Another Hospital Home Lottery has come and gone so what was the bottom line. Executive Director of the Foundation Tim Cameron tells CHSJ News, he is very pleased with how things finished up....22,000 tickets sold.
Cameron expects when the numbers are added up, they will be close to $400,000 dollars which will be used for cancer, heart and mental health projects at the Regional. As for next year, Cameron tells us the draw will be the same but different.

The Home For the Holidays Program

The Delta Brunswick is again giving during the Christmas season. The Home for the Holidays program is in affect again this year and General Manager Paulette Hicks tells CHSJ News, this is the 20th year they have put the offer out for families needing a place to stay.
The program runs between the 23rd of this month til the 3rd of January. Families interested in taking part in the program should contact the hospital at 648-6000.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Long Wharf Lobster Sale

Lobster for Sale at Long Wharf

In case you couldn't make it to Long Wharf for the Lobster are some pictures taken by Jim Hennessy.

          (Fishing Vessels Pull into Long Wharf)

        (Lobster Fans Line-Up for Crustaceans)

          (Cooked Lobsters Ready to Be Sold)

     (The Line-Up for Lobsters Continued to Grow)

Lobster For Sale on Long Wharf

(Line-Up at Long Wharf Looking for Fresh Lobsters)
                  (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

They were hoping for a big crowd and that is exactly what local lobster fisherman got. The line-up started at ten in the morning and a steady stream of people with coolers continue to show up at Long Wharf for an amazing deal on crustaceans. They are going for between four and five dollars a pound. Colleen Lynch is spokes-person for the Fundy North Fishermans Association and tells CHSJ News, they should have known plenty of people would turn out but you never want to take anything for granted.

Lynch adds an important part of today is to keep awareness front and center that there is a local fishery. The lobster are on sale until three o'clock.

Pemier Graham Talks About Proposed NB Power Sale To Hyrdo Quebec

Wrong Way Driver

One man charged with impaired driving last night after driving the wrong direction on the highway. Early this morning police followed a vehicle heading eastbound in the westbound lane on Highway 1. The 28 year old driver proceeded to hit an oncoming vehicle before pulling over on the Fox Farm Road.

No one was injured. The man has been charged and released.

Impaired Driving

A Rothesay Regional Police officer thinks a move by the Conversative opposition to tougher the penalties for drunk drivers is a good idea. The Conservatives want to see the number of days a person's licence would be suspended if they blow a warning after a breathalyzer from 24 hours to 5 days.
Sargeant Evan Scott tells CHSJ News any kind of a deterent against impaired driver is a positive move. Scott says their officers will be out doing random checks through the Holidays looking for impaired drivers. He encourages anyone who suspects they see an impaired driver on the road to call 911.

Randy Nelson Trenholm Inquest

The death of Randy Nelson Trenholm will go under the spotlight during an inquest to be held in the new year between Feb. 22nd and the 26th. It was back on June.2nd of 2007 that Trenholm was unresponsive while in the custody of RCMP. Emergency medical services transported Trenholm to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Presiding coroner John Evans and a jury will publicly hear evidence from subpoenaed witnesses in order to determine the facts surrounding the death. The jury will have then make recommendations aimed at preventing future deaths under similar circumstances.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Rothesay Regional Police will conduct spotchecks over the Holidays

Rothesay Regional Police will be stepping up their spotchecks between Christmas and New Year's looking for impaired drivers.
Sargeant Evan Scott tells CHSJ news they encourage people to call 911 if they see a possibly impaired driver on the roads.
Scott add they will be doing random checks and in the past they have apprehended drunk drivers at all hours.
Sargeant Scott believes the Provincial Conservatives have a good idea in proposing that the license suspension when a person blows a warning level after a breathalyzer be increased.  It's 24-hours now and the new amendment would increase it to five days.

Chief Coroner Calls For Inquest

The death of Randy Nelson Trenholm will go under the spotlight during an inquest to be held in the new year between Feb. 22nd and the 26th. It was back on June.2nd of 2007 that Trenholm was unresponsive while in the custody of RCMP. Emergency medical services transported Trenholm to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Presiding coroner John Evans and a jury will publicly hear evidence from subpoenaed witnesses in order to determine the facts surrounding the death. The jury will have then make recommendations aimed at preventing future deaths under similar circumstances.

Premier Firm Hydro Deal Will Pass

Premier Graham is sidestepping questions about his political future.
When asked by CHSJ News if he would resign if the deal fails to clear
the Legislature - Graham responded it will be approved by the
Legislature by the March 31st deadline.
But - the Premier was more vague about his future if his party loses
the fall election - he does say his government won't be coasting in
the final year of it's mandate.

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