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Thursday, March 27, 2014

TransCanada Hosts Public Consultations In Ontario

There is a sense of concern for the environment following public consultations in Thunder Bay for the proposed Energy East pipeline.

Several presentations were made Wednesday evening including one from Paul Berger who is with Citizens United for a Sustainable Planet.

Berger says the group has a few objections.

He says they have three main points opposing the pipeline being they know it will leak, that aboriginal territory be respected and they are very concerned about the climate change that will come with that.

He adds that the current pipeline is not designed to see a conversion into carrying oil instead of gas which is included in the proposal.

Bordertown RCMP Looking For Missing Teen

The Mounties in Bordertown are looking for some help finding a teen who may have run away.

14 year old Michael Peter O'Neil was last seen in St. Stephen yesterday  when he left his home early in the morning.

O'Neil is 5 foot 4 inches tall weighs 158 pounds with brown hair.

He may be wearing a black Duck Dynasty t-shirt, ripped jeans and blue sneakers.

If you have any info on where O'Neil might be call the St. Stephen RCMP at 506-466-7030 or 1-888-506-7267.

NB Company Expands To Scotland

Cooke Aquaculture has signed a deal to buy Meridian Salmon Farms..... Meridian is a salmon farmer with assets on Shetland, the Orkney Islands, and the mainland of Scotland.

Cooke is Charlotte County's biggest employer....they'll have 25-hundred employees after the acquisition.

The Numbers Of Those Without Power Keeps Changing

It's a see-saw of numbers when it comes to power outages around the Province today.

It's been as a high as 1800 and as low as 933.

It's down to 171 now.

You Can Give Blood Again

You can go and give blood today in Saint John and Moncton now that the storm is over.

Cancellations across the Maritimes resulted in a lost opportunity to collect approximately 390 blood donations.

At 405 University Avenue, you can donate today from 4-8pm and tomorrow from 11am to 3pm. 

To book an appointment to give blood, click here

Man Trashes Cell Phone Kiosk

Maybe he wasn't happy about his bill.

City police confirm a man seriously lost his temper at a cell phone kiosk at McAllister Place around noon.

Apparently, the 35-year-old man went into the store at the mall, assaulted another customer and did some damage to the store before taking off.

Officers were still at the scene at 1pm. 

 The victim also left.    City police are also looking into the matter. 

Before And After In Blizzard 2014

The door to our studios at 58 King Street at 4pm on Wednesday and today at 10am.

Woman Disputes Claim Of No Cutbacks In Plowing

A woman, who prefers to remain anonymous, and lives along Route 101 at Clarendon is taking issue with Transportation Minister Claude Williams who claims there have been no cutbacks this winter in highway plowing. 

She tells CHSJ News about being shocked after talking to one of the plow operators and was told there are just so many drivers and they're exhausted.

She says its very apparent to her the nearby highway is not being plowed to the same degree it once was, pointing out her husband had to driver on the other side of the road at 6 in the morning for 5 kilometers to reach the main highway in order to make it to work.


Lights Out For Many

More than 1800 people remain off the grid following the blizzard.

That includes Clifton Royal and over 200 homes impacted in Brown's Flat.

Outages are also reported in Grand Manan, Belleisle Creek and Shediac Bridge .

Couple Rescued By Simonds Fire

At the height of yesterday’s blizzard, the Simonds Fire Department was called to a snowmobile accident in the Upper Quaco Road in the Barnesville area on Route 820.  

The snowbiler was no where to be seen when the firefighters got there but was eventually found and taken to hospital by ambulance for observation. 

As fire crews were returning, they came across three vehicles that left the road along Route 820, including a couple trapped in one. 

Route 820 had to be closed for a while because of the blizzard conditions.  

From Whiteout Wednesday To Cleanup Thursday

Yesterday's big storm lived up to all the hype and won't be forgotten for some time. The Saint John area got battered and was virtually closed down by early in the afternoon. 

City Police are trying to clear the streets and highway ramps of all of the abandoned vehicles that got stuck in the snow drifts, estimated at around 30. The tow trucks had to be taken off the roads because the whiteout conditions got too dangerous but they're now back on. 

Drivers who abandoned their vehicles are being called and if they don't get them out of the way, they're being towed. Something like 7 vehicles were abandoned along Highway 1 between Musquash and Lorneville. Police say even some tractor trailers got stuck. The highway was closed but has since been reopened to one lane in each direction. 

Winds were gusting up to 91 kilometers an hour and will remain strong today. Andy Firth of Environment Canada tells CHSJ News another storm system is heading our way on Sunday which might have significant snowfall but it's too early to say how much we'll get.

We also have a warning to pass on after a traffic light at the corner of Sydney Street and King Square North was damaged and it is in danger of falling because of the strong winds. Repairs can only be made when the wind dies down. 

Saint John Energy is reporting all power has been restored after three outages last night on the west side. As of early this morning, NB Power was reporting more than 15 hundred homes and businesses are without electricity in the Rothesay region with most of them in Quispamsis, Titusville, Bains Corner and Browns Flat. There's no word on when the power will be back on. 

Both sailings of the Princess of Acadia are cancelled today.

The first three flights of the day departing for Toronto, Montreal and Halifax have been cancelled. The rest are on time and all arrivals today are on time.