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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Woman's Body Identified

The body of a woman discovered just north of Fredericton on Tuesday has been identified.

The woman was 26-year-old Alicia Dawn Boone, originally of Nackawic but recently living in Fredericton. Her body was found shortly before 1:30 p.m. on the side of Killarney Road. She was approximately seven months pregnant at the time.

The cause of death has not been determined but is considered suspicious. The Major Crime Unit is now on the case and they are trying to piece together what happened.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the RCMP at 1-888-506-RCMP (7267) or NB Crime Stoppers online at or 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

Tax Breaks In Province Criticised For Making Deficit Higher

An economics professor at U-N-B Saint John says the provincial government's deficit is far worse because of tax cuts implemented by the Liberals under then Premier Shawn Graham back in 2008 which weren't opposed by the Conservatives who were then out of power.

Rod Hill claims two thirds of the two-thirds of the deficit can be attributed to the tax reductions and the people who didn't need a tax break benefited the most with the bottom half of taxpayers getting only 10 per cent of these reductions.   

He argues the tax breaks have cost the government over 730 million dollars in revenue over 4 years and the province finds itself borrowing over 100 million dollars annually to give tax reductions to those people earning more than 80 thousand dollars a year.

The Dogs Are Transitioning But Full Of Talent

"A team in transition" that is how the Saint John Sea Dogs president is describing the team this year.

Wayne Long tells CHSJ News at 9 and 9 they are happy with the team's performance.

He tells they was a lot of apprehension starting this season about how the team would be but he says the team is very competitive.

Long says losses are to be expected but they are excited about their young talent including 16 year old defenceman Oliver Leblanc.

He tells us the future is very bright for the organization and they are happy with where they are right now.

How Can Soap and Shampoo Help Fight Poverty?

The first step to getting out of poverty is getting a job, of course--and that's not easy if you don't have what you need to look clean and presentable. 

The Saint John Board of Trade’s Women in Business Forum looking to help with that this month by collecting toiletries and donating them to women in need. Imelda Gilman of the Saint John Board of Trade tells CHSJ news it's a basic health and self esteem issue.

You can drop off items to the Bare Necessities campaign at all CIBC and RBC Royal Bank branches in Saint John and at the Saint John Board of Trade at 40 King Street.

Teens Gather For Conference At Local High School

When it comes to dangerous behaviours like drinking and driving, we need to teach our children well at a young age.Teens Against Drunk Driving is hosting a provincial conference this week at KVHS where kids will learn more about preventing impaired driving and its consequences. 

Constable Anika Becker of the Rothesay Regional Police tells CHSJ news it's a key age group to target, because many kids start to be tempted to experiment with drugs and alcohol around the same time they get their licenses.

The keynote address is from special guest Retro Bill, a high energy motivation speaker affiliated with the D.A.R.E Program. Registration is from 4-6p.m. tomorrow although space is limited. The conference costs $35 to attend which includes accommodations at KVHS, snack breaks, a bag and T-shirt. For more information contact the Rothesay Regional Police.

Our Listeners Weigh In On Crime

With Police Chief Bill Reid urging folks not to worry about news reports of violent crime in the city, we had our listeners weigh in on whether they're concerned.

Listener Amanda-Dawn says: "The crime rate has always been the same. The only difference now is that before people didn't get caught as much [and] now they are."

Krista agrees, saying, "I also believe its not that the crime rate is that much higher its just that social media has made it so that all the crime is more in our faces."

Daniel says the problem isn't the criminals, but the system itself: "The worrying starts once the accused enter the justice system. The judges and lawyers in this town are the ones who deserve a good rattling."

Malcolm: "The crimes for the most part are only effecting a certain element of the city, and I’m not a part of that element. Being afraid of a crime happening to you is the same as being afraid you get hit by a bus. You can’t live your life in fear, use your head and common sense, and you should be fine."

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Slight Bump In New Housing Starts

New home construction activity in the greater Saint John area is running slightly ahead of last year -- that's the latest word from Canada Mortgage and Housing.
The federal agency says 44-new units were started in October compared to 27 in the same month last year - this year's number bolstered by a flurry of activity in multi-residential construction.
That is also helping to push the year to date totals just above last year's numbers for the ten month period ending in October.
Meanwhile -- C-M-H-C reports housing starts in Moncton running ahead of last year over the same ten month period while Fredericton is lagging behind last year's numbers.

Apartment Building Fire In St. Stephen

Several tenants who live in an older apartment building at 80 Union Street in St. Stephen are getting help from the Red Cross as they find themselves temporarily homeless after a fire.

One woman had to be treated for smoke inhalation. 

The cause hasn't been determined yet. 

Two of the apartments in the two storey building sustained fire damage with water and smoke damage in the others.

Xmas Decor Popping Up Across Saint John

Whether you think it's too early or not, stores and streets across Saint John are starting to get into the Christmas spirit.

Keirstead's flower shop on Charlotte street uptown now have lights and wreaths hung outside their store, and have been playing Christmas music since last week. Connie Dean works at the flower shop, and she tells CHSJ news there's many reasons why they're getting into the festive spirit before Remembrance Day. She says they used to wait until after November 11th, but says times have changed, other stores are following the trend and they need to stay current. She says a lot of people already have their Christmas shopping done, so if you want to sell anything you have to have it out early.

And with the weather getting worse and the Christmas parade looming on November 17th, they want to have the decorations out now. 

Dean admits there is mixed feelings at the store with being so festive before Sunday, but adds the store has a Remembrance Day window and the shops first floor won't be touched until after honoring out veterans.

Self Serve Regular Is More Expensive

You'll being paying more if you have to fill up with self serve regular after the weekly setting. 

It has gone up by two cents a litre and is being sold in the city for $1.23.2. 

Diesel has declined by just over a cent to $1.35.5 a litre.

There has been a decline as well in the price of heating oil. The maximum price is now at $1.15.9 a litre. It had been just over $1.18 and the maximum price for propane has risen to 98.9 cents a litre.