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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Provincial Government Urges Caution In Storm

It's looking pretty messy out there.

The provincial government is reminding New Brunswickers to think ahead have everything they need for at least 72 hours following a storm. That means: having an emergency kit for home and car, knowing what to do during power outages, and knowing how to stay safe during an emergency.

The public is also advised to monitor future forecasts and warnings.

Copper & Car Tire Thefts Troubling SJers

According to Sergeant Jay Henderson of the Saint John Police Department,  copper thefts have increasingly become a problem in Saint John.

A total of 8 break-ins by thieves seeking copper plumbing have been reported in the New Year alone.

Another new scheme has been hitting car dealerships, as well.Thieves quickly put cars up on blocks, then stealing the new tires.

As well, police are investigating a break-in at a home on Mason Road on the East Side in which a phone and camera were stolen while the homeowners were sleeping.

VIDEO: JDI Announces $450 Million Investment At The Pulp Mill

The pulp mill on the west side never heard so much applause or saw so many standing ovations.  

 A huge crowd on hand as JDI annnounced it's investing 450 million dollars in a modernization program at the West side pulp and paper mill.

It will generate 1.2 million in person hours of construction over two phases which is the equivalent of 600 full time equivalent jobs.

Jim Irving says there will be further announcements in other locations.

He says there will also be money spent at mills in Doaktown, Chipman, St. Leonard's and Sussex.

Premier David Alward was asked about the timing, one day after his government's new forestry strategy was laid out.

He says a stable wood supply was essential to see any sort of investment back in the industry.
He's says it is a direct link but he feels very positive because they have found the balance of environmental sustainability.

The land available where the old Simms Brush factory used to stand will be used for overflow parking and staging but no new buildings will be constructed there.

The total investment is $513 million in three phases.   Phase 2 begins this spring with a price tag of $198 million and will last for two years.   It will include building a new chip screening and handling system.

Saint John To Get Lots Of National And International Coverage

Curling fans from around the world will have their eyes on Saint John beginning Saturday afternoon at Harbour Station with the Ford World Womens Curling Championship. 

There will be 50 hours or so of TV coverage on TSN and 50 hours on Euro Sport. 

Canada hasn't won this competition since 2008. Rachel Homan, representing Canada, won bronze last year. 

Host Committee Chair Jeff Lacey tells CHSJ News curling turned out to be the hot sport at the recent Winter Olympics and is getting popular in the unlikliest of places such as Turkey and Brazil.

The opening ceremonies at noonhour on Saturday are free. Canada plays Russia on the opening day. Three of the teams taking part competed in the Sochi Olympics including Sweden which won the silver medal.

Forestry Plan Denounced As "Devastating", Will Result In Local Extinction of Wildlife

As politicians and business leaders celebrate JDI's $513 million dollar investment in its mills, environmental groups are condemning the Alward government's new Crown forestry plan as a tragic blow to our forests and wildlife.

Close on the heels of the new forestry plan in an announcement today at the Irving Pulp and Paper Mill, JDI spokesperson Mary Keith stated the $513 million dollar investment will create 326 new jobs in Saint John.

Tracy Glynn of the New Brunswick Conservation Council tells CHSJ News the idea this investment in mills will create long-term jobs is patently false--in fact, she says, modernizing the mills will ultimately reduce the amount of manpower needed. 

The new forestry plan announced yesterday reduces the amount of protected old growth forest and deer habitat from 30% to 23%, and allows for 20% more softwood to be cut annually on Crown land. The rationale is that a stable supply of wood will result in greater investment in our forestry industry.

Glynn says we can expect to see the local extinction of wildlife species in the province due to the destruction of their habitat.

SJPD To Start Wearing Cameras On Duty

Earlier this month police fatally shot a 27-year-old Rothesay man who allegedly threatened police with a knife--and the whole thing was captured on tape thanks to small cameras worn by the police officers involved.

Saint John Police Chief Bill Reid tells CHSJ News the SJPD is looking to adopt similar devices. In fact, they're already talking to vendors and are hoping to roll out a pilot project this year.

Reid says they've been looking at cameras since long before the Rothesay incident, but that's a prime example of why cameras can be useful.

Gas Prices Down Again

Drivers getting another price break if they have to fill up after the weekly setting. 

The maximum price for self serve regular is lower by half a cent a litre.

Diesel decreasing by almost 4 cents a litre and heating oil by just under 2 cents a litre. 

The maximum price of propane falling by almost 15 cents a litre.

Storm Causes Disruptions

Schools are closed in Anglophone South from Sussex to St. Stephen including the Saint John area as well as schools in Francophone South, Anglophone West, Eastern College and Eastern Trades College. 

Classes at the New Brunswick Community College in Saint John and St. Andrews won't begin until 10:30 this morning. Classes at U-N-B Saint John have been delayed until 10:00.

Gelas Duguay of Environment Canada tells CHSJ News Saint John won't be getting as much snow as earlier forecast with just another 2 to 4 centimeters along the coastline with more the further inland you are.

In the Fredericton area, they're expecting 30 or more centimeters of snow. Duguay also telling us it will be turning a lot colder as we get into the afternoon. 

Air Canada flights from Toronto and Montreal into Saint John Airport have been cancelled through noon hour, meaning  no departures for Montreal and Toronto until later this afternoon. The only flight leaving the airport this morning will be at 9:40 for Halifax.