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Monday, February 20, 2012

Rainbow Park To Be Re-Dedicated In Children's Memory

Rainbow Park is going back to its roots.   The green space will be re-dedicated this May to the memory of Jaqueline Brewer and John Ryan Turner-two children who died in the  90's from the abuse and neglect of the parents.
Carl Trickey tells CHSJ News people in the neighbourhood want that memory resurrected.

He says as the park deteriorated over the years the original sign was lost and the community wants a new sign as the park is re-established.

Trickey says the community wants a plaque attached to one of the buildings at Rainbow Park.
The rededication is set for late May and they also want to host an annual Candlelight memorial service in October.

Committee To Recognize Our Role In 1812 Conflict

The Province forming a committee to commemorate our contribution to the War of 1812.
In Saint John for the announcement at the New Brunswick Museum, Premier David Alward says the contribution of the 104th Regiment is likely the best known event.
Premier David Alward says the work that the regiment did in many ways saved Canada.

He says the hardships of the 104th regiment have been recognized historically but, New Brunswickers need to know about their contribution.

The Committee includes Molly Demma of the St. John River Society and Captain Kevin Anderson of the Province's Military History Museum.

New Cenotaph To Be Built In Millidgeville

3 local pilots and a mechanic who lost their lives in World War I, II, and the Korean War will be honoured with a new cenotaph this fall.

The federal government giving over 27-hundred dollars for the construction of a stone memorial next to M. Gerald Teed Memorial School.

Harold Wright is with the Canadian Aviation Historical Society and he tells CHSJ News our city has a rich military history and it's great to honour our local ties to the war effort.

The memorial will be unveiled in September.

Herman Is Found And All Is Well

It was thought he was a goner after being stolen from Pets Unlimited at the beginning of this month but Herman the tortoise has been found safe and sound.

Duane Squires of City Police got information that led to the recovery of Herman who has been turned over to his owners at Pets Unlimited on McAllister Drive.

At the time of Herman’s theft, three people were charged. No further charges will be laid, according to police.

The General Manager of the Pets Unlimited store where Herman was stolen from, Joe Mullet, when contacted by our newsroom, tells CHSJ News he has been told the only thing he can say to us is "no comment".

Former Mayor Considering Another Run At City Hall

Former Mayor Shirley McAlary is at least thinking of a return to civic politics.

McAlary tells CHSJ News she hasn't made up her mind yet and hasn't even decided whether she might run for Mayor or just a seat on Common Council.

McAlary was defeated as she sought re-election as Mayor in 2004, losing to Norm McFarlane.

She had been a member of Common Council since 1994 and had served as Deputy Mayor before Tom Higgins had to leave office due to illness.

Former Finance Commissioner Tells Defamation Trial He Was Embarrassed

Former City Finance Commissioner Andrew Beckett says he was frustrated and bewildered by attacks launched by former Common Councillor John Ferguson.

Beckett told the jury he was embarrassed that former Mayor Norm McFarlane felt compelled to come to his defense.

Another excerpt from Common Council was played during which Ferguson charged the early retirement programme cost the city more money that was thought and there were errors in the city's audited financial statements.
Ferguson said he was prepared to share the documentation he had but Beckett told the court nothing was ever presented.
Beckett also maintains there were no errors with the city's financial statements and the early retirement package had a minimal impact on the city's pension plan.

Rothesay Woman Killed In B-C

A freak accident in B-C taking the life of a 62 year old Rothesay woman who was visiting her son.  

Marilyn Donnelly was standing at an intersection in Kelowna on Friday afternoon when there was a collision described as a t-bone crash. 

She was killed when a car was sent careening into her.

Man Dies In Snowmobile Crash

A snowmobile crash over the weekend taking the life of a Fredericton man.
The victim has been identified as 42 year old Reggie Blaine Gullison. The RCMP say he died when his snowmobile collided with some trees after going up a snowbank on a road near Stanley, 30 km north of Fredericton.
The RCMP, firefighters and paramedics were called after someone discovered the crash site along Cross Creek Road.

One Man In Hospital After Early Morning Fire

One man was taken to hospital early this morning suffering from burns and smoke inhalation after a fire at an apartment on the third floor of a building at 11 Ritchie Street. 

The fire was contained to the one apartment in the three storey building and the cause is not believed to be suspicious. 

A nearby building was evacuated as a precaution. 

City Road was closed to traffic until the fire was extinguished.