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Monday, November 29, 2010

Saint John Doctor Found Dead

Rothesay Regional Police are investigating the death of a Saint John doctor.

Dr. Corrina Golding was found dead in her Rothesay home.  Police do not suspect foul play.

She lost her medical license after facing criminal charges including trafficking the prescription drug oxycontin.

She also faced charges of arson and uttering threats but the case fell apart when vital police evidence was destroyed.

She did get her medical license back and set up a family practice in the North end.

Province Answers Questions about Penobsquis Water Supply

The provincial government isn't expecting too many headaches regarding incoming legislation to protect the Penobsquis drinking water supply.

The province holding an open house today to inform the public and answer any questions.

Welfare Protection Officer Sherry McCoy tells CHSJ News the legislation mostly deals with the storage of various chemicals, like petroleum, pesticides and fertilizer, in order to protect the water.

She says about 55 property owners will have to comply with the legislation, which will go into effect late next year.

Youth Sentenced To Five Years For Armed Robbery

It's 5 years in the federal penitentiary for 19 year old Kurtis Alexander Kincade.

The youth found guilty of 2 armed robbery charges and 3 break-and-enters.

Judge William McCarroll told the youth to see prison as an opportunity to enter treatment programs and to turn his life around.  

He added the severity of the sentence had to reflect the seriousness of committing an armed robbery that resulted in injuries.

On October 3rd, two cab drivers were robbed at knife-point with one of them suffering cuts on their neck and arms.

Motorists With Transponders For The Harbour Bridge Have Questions

Big changes are coming to the Harbour Bridge in the new year with the removal of tolls by the end of March.
Many are wondering what will happen to all the drivers who paid for transponders.

Bob McDevitt chairs the Harbour Bridge Authority and says it's one of many issues that needs to be worked out.
He estimates 23, 000 people have them and that money will have to come back to them but, how that happens still need to be figured out.

Liberal MLA Worries About The Impact Of The Bridge Deal On Provincial Taxpayers

The Liberal Transportation critic thinks the Alward conservatives could have got a better deal on the Harbour Bridge.
Charlotte The Isles MLA Rick Doucet tells CHSJ News it's the same deal that the Graham government said no to.

He says removal of the tolls is a good idea but, he wishes the negotiation was open and transparent because no one knows the true cost of this deal for taxpayers in the province.
Doucet says some good jobs will be lost and while it's good to scrap the tolls, it will still cost 1 to 2 million dollars a year for annual maintainance on the bridge.

Old City Airport Receives Historic Designation

The site of the old City airport in Millidgeville is now part of our provincial aviation history.

Wellness, Culture and Sport Minister Trevor Holder on hand to unveil a plaque at M. Gerald Teed Memorial School which lies within boundary of the old airport.

The Saint John Municipal Airport was the prime landing field for the City from 1928 to 1951 and one of the first municipally owned airfields in the country.

RCMP Seek New Info On Woodstock Man's Disappearance

Woodstock Police and Crimsestoppers are hoping to find some new leads in the disappearance a 30-year-old man from the town.
Gregory David Wry was reported missing on February 24th, three days after he stayed at the Howard Johnson’s in Fredericton.

He was driving a sandy four door 2005 Chevy Malibu with the licence plate of GMS 732 which was found abandoned east of Woodstock.
Wry is 5 foot 8, about 140 pounds with brown hair and green eyes wearing a ball cap and a jacket with leather sleeves and brown patches, jeans and sneakers.

If you have any information, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS, or click here

We Need To Eat More Fruits And Veggies

(Registered Dietician Meaghan Sim)
             (File Photo)

Eating healthy is challenging every day and even more so during the holidays when eat more and not generally light foods.

Registered Dietician Meaghan Sim tells CHSJ News one tip is to snack before heading to a holiday gathering. She suggests munching on carrots with hummas which is a good healthy and filling snack.

Sim adds if you don't go hungry to these events, it's easier to make healthier choices.

She also says people in Atlantic Canada are not eating enough fruits and vegetables.

Medical Program At U-N-B Saint John To Result In Major Economic Spinoffs Down The Road

(U-N-B Saint John Campus At Tucker Park)
             (File Photo)

The Dalhousie Medicine Program on the campus of U-N-B Saint John will bring big things to the city -- that from Pat Darrah, chairman of the anglophone medical education committee that brought the program to UNBSJ.

Darrah tells CHSJ News the upcoming research component of the program will pay huge dividends to the city with the economic spinoffs coming in 2012.

The program allows students to earn their medical degrees here in Saint John.

The Saint John Board of Trade recognizes the potential and current contributions to the city -- the program picked up the Chair's Award at the Outstanding Business Achievement Awards.

Economic Summit Starting On Future Of The Province Amid Mounting Concern

(Former Premier Frank McKenna)
            (File Photo)

Debate on the future of New Brunswick begins today at an economic summit in Moncton co-chaired by David Ganong and former Premier Camille Theriault.

Ganong tells CHSJ News there is cause for concern starting with the provincial deficit combined with weak job creation and an over reliance on federal transfer payments which many observers expect to be reduced.

And what about Saint John where alot of big plans have failed to come to fruition? Former Premier Frank McKenna, for one, doesn't believe the city has lost its momentum.

Ganong is hoping the summit will produce innovative ideas to put the provincial economy on a sounder footing. He points out there are lots of well paying, high tech jobs available in the province but the people with the proper skills don't seem to be there. His own chocolate company in St. Stephen had to bring in workers from Romania.

Not As Much Money Will Be Spent On Roads In The Province

(Provincial Finance Minister Blaine Higgs On Election Night)
                        (File Photo)

Its time the provincial government stopped building more roads. So says Provincial Finance Minister Blaine Higgs.

He says the province's capital budget for roads this year is between 800 and 900 million dollars which is from 300 to 400 million dollars more than would have been spent in years gone by.

Higgs is giving every indication there will be changes to the planned 6 lane highway between the K-V and Saint John as part of what he calls rationalisation.
He has confirmed there have been meetings with the Transportation Department to examine traffic requirements including what needs to be done with the exit at Dolan Road.