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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Group Opposed To Shale Gas Not Surprised At Latest Development

One of the grassroots groups that opposes the establishment of the shale gas industry is not surprised that the Alward Government is moving forward with making it a reality.

The provincial Tories used their majority in the legislature to defeat a Liberal amendment calling for a moratorium and a committee study on shale gas.

Carl Wolpin is with Hampton Water First and he tells CHSJ News he's not surprised the vote in the legislature went the way it did and it appears the province will steam-roll anyone in its way.

He says despite this latest set-back, groups like his will still continue to oppose the shale gas industry in New Brunswick.

Mayor Wants Less Cabs In The City

Mayor Ivan Court says the overabundance of cabs in the city is making it hard on those who drive one full-time.

The taxi by-law is undergoing revisions, such as introducing metered fares, and he says he wishes he could help the drivers trying to make an honest living by getting rid of those who only drive during busy periods or on weekends.

Court says he would like to see a limit on how many taxis there are in the city but that power falls under the province.

Saint John Drug Dealer Sentenced

A 42 year old man who peddled cocaine in the city has been handed two years behind bars. 

Timothy Bostwick was charged as part of the undercover drug investigation "Operation Portland" but then took off out west when he was supposed to appear in court.

Bostwick spent two years on the run before returning to Saint John and turning himself in to City Police. He pleaded guilty to six charges, the most serious of which were two of trafficking. 

Bostwick wrote a letter to the court in which he claims to have a new outlook on life and is a changed person.

Bostwick told the court he's a working man and disputed those parts of the pre-sentence report which claimed he didn't work for a living.

A two year sentence also handed a 24 year old Saint John man David Andrew Breau for breaking into an apartment and removing a baby's diaper with a steak knife. The baby was not hurt.

Growth In Housing Sales Expected In 2012

Housing sales will see a slight jump next year -- that's according to the latest figures from Remax.

Gordon Breau tells CHSJ News there will be a slight increase in price -- .05 percent -- and the number of units sold should go up by about 3 percent.

He says sales have picked up over the last few months and the momentum should carry forward due to great interest rates.

He says first-time buyers drove the market in 2011.

Inmate In Critical Condition After Assault At Local Jail

The Major Crime Unit is looking into a serious assault that took place at the Saint John Regional Correctional Centre last Tuesday.

A 33 year old inmate from Fredericton, Thomas Jack is at the Regional Hospital in critical condition.

His mother says Jack suffered a fractured skull with swelling to his brain and she fears there might be permanent damage.

The suspect is a 35 year old inmate from the Saint John area.

Police say charges are anticipated.

Police Asking For Public's Health In Underwear Thefts

RCMP is looking for your help in the multiple cases of missing underwear and sex toys.

So far, there have been 20 reported thefts of undergarments and sex toys in the Saint-Paul, Sainte-Marie, Bouctouche and Adamsville areas.

Investigators are asking people who live in the areas to contact police if they have witnessed anyone suspicious around their home or had someone unexpected come to their door in recent weeks and months.

The RCMP has set up a dedicated phone line for this investigation. Anyone with information is asked to call 506-523-8269, Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS or  click here.

Quispamsis Council Supports MIllidgeville Blood Production

Keeping the blood production lab in Millidgeville now has the formal support of Quispamsis Town Council with the vote being unanimous. 

Canadian Blood Services has run into mounting local opposition over its plans to transfer blood production to Dartmouth.

There was another unanimous vote but this one rejected a funding request for the proposed field house at Exhibition Park.

The councillors say the priority for recreation dollars in the town is the Q-Plex.

Big Plans Unveiled For Quispamsis Elementary School

A big fund raising campaign will be launched next month to raise money for a major playground improvement at Quispamsis Elementary School.

Mark Hatfield of the Community Play Place Committee tells CHSJ News the total cost when it's all said and done will be somewhere between 300 and 400 thousand dollars. 

The plans call for larger and better fields for baseball and soccer along with new basketball courts.
There will also be a walking trail and new playground equipment, the cost of which he says is through the roof. 

The committee has raised more than 20 thousand dollars thus far and is asking the town for 5 thousand dollars. That request has been referred to the town's finance committee.

Phase one of the project will cost 123 thousand dollars.

Parking Garage Partially Reopens

Things are slowly returning to normal at the Chipman Hill parking garage. 

It is now partially opened again after being sealed off yesterday because of an electrical problem.

The bottom part where you come in from Chipman Hill remains sealed off but the Union Street entrance has reopened and the upper floors are lit.

Quispamsis Town Council Approves Raises

The incoming members of Quispamsis Town Council after the next municipal election will be getting paid more and just a portion of their salaries will be taxable. 

Raises have been approved unanimously by the current Council based on the recommendations from an independent consultant.

The new Mayor will be paid over 31 thousand dollars a year with 13 thousand dollars in expenses. Quispamsis Mayor Murray Driscoll calls that reasonable because it has turned into a fulltime job.
The next Deputy Mayor will be paid more than 16 thousand 500 dollars plus 74 hundred dollars in expenses. 

Individual town councillors will get over 14 thousand dollars annually plus 69 hundred dollars in expenses. 

Beginning in June of 2013, any hikes will be tied to the increase in the cost of living.

Autism Registry To Be Set Up By City Police

People with autism are 7 times more likely to come into contact with police and many times there is no criminality. 

They are also more likely to perceive sirens, police uniforms and strange voices as threats.

Staff Sergeant Tanya Leblanc says that's why City Police in conjunction with the U-N-B Saint John Department of Nursing and Health Sciences are developing an autism registry.Any names on the registry will be voluntary and will only be available to police. 

Leblanc says the registry has worked well in Ottawa with police better able to handle  situations if they know who they're dealing with. The Police Commission has been told those types of situations can spiral out of control if police officers don't modify their behaviour.

City Police already have a wandering persons registry of people suffering from Alzheimer's Disease.