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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sargeant Gallagher makes His Final Trip Home

Sgt. Mark Gallagher makes his final trip home tomorrow (Monday, Jan.25th/2010.) After being killed in the Haiti earthquake, his body will arrive at the Moncton Airport tomorrow afternoon at 2:15pm. The ramp ceremony is closed to the public but media is permited on the tarmac.

Gallagher's body will then be escorted to Woodstock where his funeral will be held. First Responders including RCMP, municipal police and other emergency personnell will set-up a “Highway of Heroes” along the Trans Canada Highway to pay their respects at various locations. An RCMP Regimental Funeral will be held on Thursday in Woodstock.

Protest in Uptown Saint John

                 (Protestors in Front of City Market)
                        (Photo by Dave Briggs)

Close to 60 people braved the cold to take part in a rally yesterday in front of the City Market. They carried signs and chanted against Prime Minister Harper's decision to shut down Parliment until March. Joan Pearce is the organizer and tells CHSJ News, the Harper Conservatives have become quite arrogrant.

Pearce adds she really wants to work on changing how we vote and see if more young people will start to come out and cast a ballot. Other demonstrations were held across Atlantic Canada including Moncton, Fredericton, Charloteetown and Halifax.

Small Building Fire in Uptown Saint John

Nobody hurt and damage was minimal after City Fire Crews were called to a building in the uptown this morning. It was just after 4:30am when they arrived at 149 MeckLenburg Street to find a hallway full of smoke. A few of the tenants had the small fire under control and the building was evacuated to air it out.

City Police did take one person away in handcuffs but no word at this point whether charges will be laid.

Supply and Services Releases It's Budget

(Supply and Services Minister Ed Doherty)
               (File Photo)

The provincial government is deciding how to spend it's $386 million dollars worth of design and construction projects for this year. Supply and Services Minister Ed Doherty says most of the spending will be towards the Education, Health and Traning and Labour portfolios in an effort to stimulate the economy and create jobs.

New investments include $3.8 million to upgrade the province's network of radio towers, which support the communications system for emergency first responders and $4.75 million for various improvements to Supply and Services buildings. The departments regular account budget is up 2.5 per cent this year compared to last.

Emergency Measures Releases Survey

The results of a baseline survey on Emergency Preparedness in Saint John were released this week. Murielle Provost of EMO tells CHSJ News, the survey found most people turn to the radio first in a crisis.

The survey also found 95 per cent of Saint Johners think the city has a responsibility to prepare for emergencies.

Green Party Continues It's Search for Candidates

(Green Party Leader Jack McDougall)
                (File Photo)

The Green Party continues the fight against the sale of NB Power to Hydro Quebec. It released it's energy platform earlier this week and Leader Jack McDougall tells CHSJ News, the focus right now isn't getting wrapped up in winning seats but having enough candidates.

McDougall says one thing he isn't doing is counting out Premier Graham who is very resilient.

Mayor Court Puts Out the Call for Saint Johner's to Vote

(Saint John Mayor Ivan Court)
         (File Photo)

Mayor Court is asking everyone to vote repeatedly to get Saint John on the new Canadian city edition of Monopoly. Ivan Court says as the countries first incorporated city, we should be the best property on the board and that is Boardwalk.

The Mayor is suggesting everyone log onto the Hasbro website and vote often, and repeatedly. The game is scheduled to be released this summer. To cast a vote check out our website for the link