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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cadet Week Announced In Quispamsis

September 16th to 22nd is now "Cadet Week" in Quispamsis.

17-year-old Cadets Marissa Gillis & Brittany Patterson presenting and impressing Quispam council about the positive experiences and skills they've learned through the cadets. 

Cadet week's goal is to raise awareness, gather recruits and share what they do... which Petty Officer Brittany Patterson refers to as a "well kept secret".

Chief Marissa Gillis says the cadets have allowed her to go to Ireland, compete in national competitions and meet Prince Charles and Camilla.

They're holding a cadet recruiting night at 7pm Tuesday, September 25th at KVHS.

Quispamsis Is Moving Forward On Lift Station

Quispamsis isn't sitting still on their lift station.

Quispam Mayor Murray Driscoll tells CHSJ news the idea of them moving the station in 5 to 10 years is simply not true. Driscoll says they have agreed to move their lift station which, according to Rothesay council, has been leaking sewage into Rothesay brooks whenever it rains. Driscoll admits that lift stations do occasionally overflow in various areas across the province, and Quipamsis isn't immune to that.

Driscoll adds if Rothesay does not go forward with the retention pond, it would give Quispam more breathing room in moving the lift station, which could mean inserting a force main first then moving the station second.

Driscoll says Quispam is right on schedule, the design is 80% done and there's no reason to think they're not moving the lift station.

Earlier this month at Rothesay Council Mayor Bill Bishop said their council was writing a letter to Quispam addressing the lift station being moved immediately. Driscoll says he has yet to receive that letter.

Auction To Save A Friends Life

A family benefit auction is being held next weekend to help save a friends life.

42-year-old John Phillippe has a form of brain cancer that can only be stopped by a drug called Avastin, which costs $10,600 a month and isn't covered by the province or a medical plan.

Friend Janet Holt is gathering gift cards and items for the auction which, she says, is the only way friends and family know how to help him. Holt says one prize they have is a 7 day vacation and RV rental in Hampton. She says the drug has greatly helped John, who was partially paralyzed on one side and is now walking and talking.

The auction is taking place on Saturday, September 29th at the Aquarius Pub & Restaurant. Tickets are $20, a meal is served at 4:30, and the auction starts at 7:00pm.

Tickets can be purchased at Cox Electronics & Communication (843 Fairville Blvd) or by calling Janet Holt at 652-1889.