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Monday, June 14, 2010

Seven Impaired Driving Arrests in Charlotte County

(file photo)

A flurry of impaired drivers in Charlotte County has the RCMP looking into seven different incidents.

All seven drivers, both men and women, ranging in age from 16 to 42, were arrested over the past four days for Impaired Operation of a Motor Vehicle.

They have all been released and have upcoming court dates in St. Stephen in August.

International Award for Efficiency NB

(Efficiency NB President and CEO Elizabeth Weir)
(photo by Tamara Steele)

Say "Congrats!" to anyone you know at Efficiency NB the next time you see them. They are the first Canadian organization to receive the International Star Award from the Alliance to Save Energy.
It recognizes the company's program for large industry for pioneering creative energy efficiency programs and innovative solutions.
President and CEO Elizabeth Weir tells CHSJ News sometimes when you are busy working hard you don't stop to look at your achievements.

She adds because the award comes from outside of the province and the country, it means a great deal.  Weir will travel to Washington in September to collect the Award.

Oromocto Legion Fire Is An Act Of Arson

         (Oromocto Legion Before Fire Last Friday)
                (Photo Courtesy of a Listener)

RCMP is now confirming the fire last Friday that destroyed the Legion in Oromocto was deliberately set.

No arrests have been made but officers have identified people they feel may have been involved in the blaze.

If you or someone you know was near the Legion the night the fire broke out or during the early morning when crews were gtrying to smother the flames, RCMP ask you give them a call or call Crimestoppers.

New Moosehead Beer Available on June 26th

Coming soon to a liquor store new you, from the vats at Moosehead Brewery, it's latest flavour, Moose Light Blackberry for you to try.

The new beverage is hitting the shelf a year after the West-Side brewery launched it's hugely successful light lime suds.
The company says it considered several flavour options for its new beer and blackberry was by far the clear choice.

Moose Light Blackberry will be available on the 26th.

Blaney Responds to Liberal Ad

(Rothesay Conservative MLA Margaret Ann Blaney)
                  (File Photo)

The Conservative MLA for Rothesay is responding to a Liberal ad featured on this radio station.

It takes issue with Margaret Ann Blaney's stance of a recent water infrastructure announcement by Premier Graham.
If elected, the Liberal Government has promised to put foward a third of the cost associated with an upgrade.

The commercial indicates that Blaney is calling the move irresponsible but she tells CHSJ News, it's not the upgrade she is calling out but the two billion dollars in spending committments the Graham Government has made since January.

Blaney says she can't figure out how the Shawn Graham plans to keep all of his promises if re-elected with no limit to what the party will spend.

New Piece Of Equipment For The Refinery

(Crews Are Slowly Moving Dehexanizer For Delivery To Refinery)

                     (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

A huge and expensive piece of equipment has arrived in port for the Irving Oil Refinery.

It's called a Dehexinizer and is being off-loaded near the WallBoard Plant on Bayside Drive.

Officials are going to leave it near that property until after the rush hour drive home and then move it with a police escort to it's home at the Refinery this evening.

The unit was built in Korea at a cost of $99 million dollars and took two months to get here. It is 185 feet long, 16 feet in diameter and weighs over 200 metric tonnes.

It's main function is to reduce benzyne content in gasoline by 30% which meets U.S. regulations.
150 new jobs will be created to hook up the Dehexinizer which should go on-line by this time next year.

Canadian Union Of Public Employees Comes Up With Own Solution To Pension Problem

Finance Ministers from across the country are meeting on P-E-I trying to reach an agreement on changing the Canada Pension Plan amid concern most of us aren't putting away enough money for retirement. The President of CUPE New Brunswick, Danny Legere tells CHSJ News both employers and employees will have to contribute more. Legere goes on to say asking people to set aside money for RRSP's is easier said than done with mandy living pay cheque to pay cheque. Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty wants to make it easier for financial institutions to offer pension plans to cover self-employed Canadians and others without corporate plans. He's also proposing modest increases in Canada Pension Plan payroll premiums that would be phased in. Canadian Labour Congress president Ken Georgetti has travelled to the P-E-I meeting to try to persuade the ministers to increase premiums enough to double benefits. Flaherty doubts whether that will have much support around the table.

Lifesaving Society Warns Boaters to Wear Life Jackets

A 51 year old man, who drowned yesterday in Douglas Lake after his canoe capsized, was not wearing a life jacket. The Executive Director of the Lifesaving Society in the province, Elizabeth Lemothe tells CHSJ News this is the third such incident recently in the Saint John area which she finds shocking. Just three weeks ago, three teens rescued a man who was exhausted and near drowning from a capsized canoe. A month before that, a fisherman in Grand Bay-Westfield lost his life after the boat he was in capsized.
She advises people if they're going to be on the water to think about a life jacket as insurance because if you fall in, chances are you won't have time to put it on. Lemothe says canoes and kayaks are the most dangerous.

Naval Exercises Underway and To Continue

A major multi-national naval exercise is and will continue to take place along the Canadian and US Eastern Seaboard up until the 25th.

Of particular interest are the vicinities of the Bay of Fundy, St. Margaret's Bay and the approaches to Halifax Harbour.

Warships are manoeuvring in the St Margaret's Bay area preparing for and conducting among other activities simulated mine-countermeasures operations.

Between June 20 and 22nd, ship and aircraft activities will occur in the Bay of Fundy area.

Vessels and aircraft will engage in mock combat operations at sea and conduct simulated bombing runs at CFB Gagetown.

Close Call For Quispamsis Men

As the community of St. Stephen comes to grips with the loss of a teenager after an ATV accident, it was a close call for two men from Quipamsis over the weekend.

RCMP tell us two machines got into an accident yesterday near the Creek Road in Waterford. One of the vehicles was rear-ended and both men, 22 and 21 years old, were taken to the Regional to get checked out.

Officers believe alcohol was a factor in the crash and charges are expected.

Drowning Victim Is Identified

51-year old Phillipe Michaud of Rothesay has been identified as the man who drowned yesterday on Douglas Lake in a canoe that turned over.

People who live in the East Saint John neighbourhood heard a man screaming for help and they ploughed into the lake trying to save the victim who was found at the bottom.
Michaud was brought to shore and C-P-R was performed on him but to no avail.

Car Fire Forces Closure Of Part Of Rothesay Road

Part of Rothesay Road was blocked off by police from the old Colwell Store past the road into K-Park to the Torryburn Irving after 4 this morning when a car was set on fire in the middle of the road. Police say the mess has now been cleaned up and the road is clear for traffic.