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Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Faulty Detector & Broken Water Pipe Keep Crews Busy

If you were wondering about the series of sirens uptown & west--we can tell you why.

Fire crews busy in the last hour with a faulty detector at Scotsburn Dairies-- the Popsicle factory on Station street and now crews are west dealing with a broken water pipe at Moosehead breweries.


Summer Fun At Stonehammer Geopark

It's a piece of geological history in our own back yard.

Stonehammer Geopark showcaes the colliding continents and ice age volcanoes that formed the land we call home. The park includes well known sites like Rockwood Park and interactive exhibits and a chance to learn more about how New Brunswick was formed millennia ago. 

Director Bill Merrifield recently gave a presentation to common council in which he explained why it's a great educational opportunity, especially for the kids. He described the park as providing a sense of ownership and context for the land.

The park is asking the city for $25,000 in the next fiscal year which they say would be invested directed back into the community via signage and marketing.

Steer Clear Of Beaches & Dunes With Your ATV Or Truck

The Department of Natural Resources reminding the public that it's illegal to drive on beaches, dunes, lakeshores and riverbeds.

Motorized vehicles represent a big threat to the conservation efforts in these places where many at-risk species make a gravel-sand beach their home.

DNR is asking for your help by avoiding beaches and shores where bird species may nest and the public should be most careful in areas with signs and fencing.

For more info, click here

Former Mayor Reacts To Snook

A sad situation but time heals all wounds and they city will move on .......That's the reaction of Councillor At Large Shirley McAlary to her former colleague on Common Council, Donnie Snook pleading guilty to so many charges of abusing children he was in the business of helping.

McAlary, who is out and about a lot, concedes she did not suspect Snook of being a pedophile.

Alot of people who had contact with Snook may be beating themselves over how they could have been fooled for so long. That's understandable according to Katina Feggos, Case Manager of Clinical Services at Family Plus/Life Solutions.

She says the real focus, though, should not be on what they should have known or done but on what the individual did to violate their trust.

Couples Benefit From Traveling Together

38 per cent of people responding to a survey say by traveling together they learn they have more in common with their partner than they thought.

Couples Therapist Ashley Howe tells CHSJ News most Canadians want to travel with partners rather than alone.

She says people were noticing a trend of single vacations and people trekking through Europe alone so there was an impression that travel alone was becoming more popular.

The survey found 88 per cent of Canadians prefer to travel with their spouse.

Gas Prices Are Down

You'll get a bit of a break with gas prices this morning after the weekly setting. 

Self serve regular in the city is going for $1.25.2 a litre with diesel at $1.27.7. 

Propane is also cheaper with a maximum price of $1.03.6 a litre and the max for heating oil is less expensive at $1.10.3.

Fredericton Author Fined For Tax Evasion

A New Brunswick author has been fined $9,000 for failing to file his personal and corporate income tax returns.  

Glenn Willard Murray of Fredericton was sentenced on nine separate charges under the Income Tax Act.

Murray is the director of Three Serious Guys Inc. and author of a popular book series.