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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

City Police Will Be Ticketing and Towing Vehicles Abandoned In Snow

The traffic division of the City police force will be ticketing and towing cars found snow covered and left on city streets more than 24 hours.

Under the Provincial Motor Vehicle Act, any vehicle left on the street for more than 24 hours is considered to be abandoned, and may be towed.

A ticket for $172 will be issued, and the owner will be responsible for all towing fees.
The City also reminding citizens to remove snow and ice from their front, rear and side windows before they drive.

Grenville Lane Garage Fire

City fire crews responding to the call of a possible structure fire on Grenville Lane off the Westfield road. The call came in just after 2 this afternoon.

District Chief Joe Armstrong tells CHSJ News on arrival crews found a single garage about 30 feet from a home fully involved.
Since the area does not have water service, they had to seta up a tanker shuttle for water supply.
He says there are three snowmobiles inside and crews were able to knock the fire down but there is major damage to the garage.

Armstrong says the garage is a loss but, their crews did a good job protecting two small homes on the laneway.
Fire investigators are at the scene and it will be a few hours before a cause can be determined.

Saint John Area Businesses Recognized For Helping Reservists

The Canadian Forces Liaison Council recognizing the support given by provincial businesses including many in Greater Saint John to reserve personnel.

Lieutenant Governor Graydon Nicholas presiding over the event in Fredericton yesterday at Government House.

Elizabeth Rybak, chair of the Provincial Council, credits reservists in the dual role they play in balancing personal and military commitments.
Some of the companies receiving the recognition include Coastal Blending and Packaging, Ambulance New Brunswick in Blacks Harbour and Xerox of Saint John.

KV Library Expansion Moves On To Next Phase

Rothesay Council getting an update on the renovation and expansion at the KV Library.

Spokesperson Heather Crawford tells CHSJ News the pre-design phase is done and the next step is to complete the schematic designs.

The project will add over 14-thousand square feet.

The final cost of the project yet to be determined but Crawford says early estimates put it at around 6 million dollars, which will be cost-shared by Rothesay and Quispamsis.

Quispamsis Council will be getting the same update at tonight's council meeting.

J-D Irving Says It's Willing To Deal With City On Harbour Cleanup

J-D Irving sending an e-mail to City Hall objecting to the wording that was used in a report on harbour cleanup.

The report stated there was a reluctance on the part of some to resolve property needs for the project to be done by the end of 2012. Deputy Mayor Stephen Chase says J-D-I believes it was unfairly singled out and he finds it disturbing.

The head of Municipal Operations Paul Groody is taking a conciliatory approach, apologising if anyone took offense at the wording.

 Common Councillor Peter McGuire is quick to defend the report saying there is no need to apologise because harbour cleanup is for the citizens and not the corporations.

East Side Councillor Pushing Artificial Turf Field At Exhibition Park

East side Common Councillor Joe Mott wants to know what it will take to build a field house at Exhibition Park complete with an artificial turf field.

City Manager Pat Woods says you'll need is a well laid out plan that makes economic sense and that will be alot easier to do because of all the work done thus far by the Exhibition Association.

The city says it's willing to contribute three million dollars but only if the federal and provincial governments each chip in the same amount.

According to Woods, the federal and provincial governments will have to be persuaded investing in this project will meet their interests.

Common Council Divided Over Parking Exemption

Wintertime parking restrictions along all of Douglas Avenue have divided Common Council right down the middle with Deputy Mayor Stephen Chase arguing for the entire Avenue to be exempt claiming some people simply have no where to park because when many of the homes were built, cars were not a consideration.

Mayor Ivan Court says that part of Douglas Avenue where parking is allowed towards Main Street is downright dangerous these days and Councillor Donnie Snook agreed saying there is no more hazardous street in the city with cars parked every which way.

The vote came out a tie meaning only half of Douglas Avenue towards Main Street will be exempt from the parking restrictions.

Common Council Gets Warning About Harbour Cleanup

The clock is ticking on harbour cleanup........That warning from the city's head of Municipal Operations Paul Groody who says the acquisition of land has to be done faster if the target date to finish the project is to be reached by the end of 2012.

Mayor Ivan Court has a message for the Port Authority and that is to get on board because this will clean up your harbour.

Common Council has been told there is difficulty over acquiring 625 metres for a lift station on port property on Broad Street at the foot of Water Street. Groody says that lift station is considered to be essential to the project.

Rothesay Council Pressing Forward With Flood Relief In Town

Rothesay Council is moving ahead with expropriation for land needed for a retention pond.

The pond is part of flood relief efforts for the people in Oakville Acres.

The land is located behind a car wash on Rothesay Road and Mayor Bill Bishop tells CHSJ News all of the land acquisition for the project is nearly complete.

Bishop says the owner of the land was asking too high a price so they had no choice but to go the expropriation route. He would like to see construction begin by the fall or winter. The town is also in discussions for another piece of land and Bishop says negotiations are going well.

East Side Stabbings Being Investigated

Three men in their twenties got into an altercation at an east side plaza where the Studio 10 theaters are located and two of them were stabbed.

Police tell CHSJ News Major Crime is still trying to sort out what happened and who to charge.