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Monday, October 22, 2012

Transport Flips Over On Causeway

A tractor trailer flipped on the eastbound lane of the causeway coming off Crown Street.

You can expect the entire exit to be blocked off for some time.

While there's not much spillage, you're still advised to use caution in that area.

Police say the driver was not hurt, but was very shaken up.

Man Hurt At Pulp Mill

A 55 year old millwright is in hospital after a workplace accident at the Pulp Mill.

Crews were lifting a gearbox using the overhead crane system when one of the lifting straps failed striking the worker.

Worksafe NB spokesperson Dino Scichilone tells CHSJ News the man was sent to hospital with deeps cuts to his arm.

The man is a contractor at the pulp mill.

Stabbing Suspect Held For Assessment

Two teens got hurt after a stabbing incident on a school bus this morning outside Saint John High on Canterbury Street.

Sgt. Chuck Elgee of the Saint John Police Service tells CHSJ News they have a 17 year old in custody regarding the incident.

He made a court appearance today on two charges of aggraved assault.

He did not enter a plea but was held in custody for a 30-day psychological assessment.

School District spokesperson Debbie Thomas tells CHSJ News that parents would have received a direct message from the school and they are working directly with the police on the matter.

Workplace Accident At Irving Pulp & Paper Mill

A man is in hospital with what is believed to be a broken arm after a workplace accident early this afternoon at the Irving Pulp & Paper Mill.

District Fire Chief Joe Armstrong tells CHSJ news the employee was lifting equipment when the strap broke and hit his arm.

Port Of Saint John Could Become A Home Port

Our cruise ship industry could be taking a turn, with you being the cruise ship passenger departing from Saint John to another location.

The provincial government will be investing $50,000 into a feasibility study to see if our port could be a home port for cruise ships.

Tourism Minister Trevor Holder tells CHSJ news the opportunities and spin offs could be endless. He says it could create an opportunity for visitors to fly here, spend a few days in our hotels, then hop on a cruise ship. Holder adds that could also attract new flights from the US, help rebuild the economy and bring in new money.

Holder says a home port wouldn't just be about cruise, but would be another opportunity to showcase our tourism.

By the end of this 2012 season, 74 ships will have docked in our port with about 190,000 visitors.

We Don't Know Enough About Our Own Money

Investors in the province are coming up short when it comes to what they should know to build a nest egg for the future and protect themselves from fraud.

The Provincial Securities Commission has released a study showing 36 per cent of people in the province have no savings or investments set aside for the future.  Only 1 in 5 have a written financial plan with goals.

One third of investors have never done a background check on their financial advisors and almost 60 per cent don't understand investments offering a higher than market rate of return with little risk are almost always bogus. 

Only 30 per cent of New Brunswickers bother to report an attempt at investment fraud and only 13 per cent are aware they should be reporting it to the New Brunswick Securities Commission.

Dogs Get Set For Pink In The Rink

It will be Pink in the Rink this Friday night as the Saint John Sea Dogs host PEI and continue to support the event for Breast Cancer research.

The event see the players wear special pink jerseys during the game which are auctioned off after for charity.
The post-game jersey presentation is changing this year from a silent auction to a raffle.

Dogs president Wayne Long thinks the change will allow more people to take part, create more competition among the fans and end up bringing in more money.

The jersey winners will be announced at the end of the game and jerseys will be given out in numerical order according to the roster.

Tickets for the raffle are available now in the Sea Dogs office and are $5.00 each, 3-for-$10 or 10-for-$20.

For more info, call the Sea Dogs office at 657-DOGS (3647) or email:

250 Kids Run In Fredericton

More than 250 young runners took part in the Middle School Cross Country New Brunswick Championships on Sunday at Odell Park in Fredericton.

Organizers says the conditions were perfect with good temperatures and hardly a cloud in the sky.

Two Teens Hurt In Uptown Stabbing

Two teen boys were hurt in a stabbing incident on a school bus this morning outside Saint John High.

It happened on Canterbury Street about 8:40am.

Sgt. Chuck Elgee of the Saint John Police Service tells CHSJ News they have a 17 year old in custody regarding the incident.   

He describes the injuries to the two teens as moderate.
The two victims, a 16 and a 17 year old, were treated in hospital and released.

Police Investigate Stabbings Of Two Students

Early morning excitement at Saint John High as police investigate the stabbings of 2 students on board a schoolbus parked in front of the school on Prince William Street just after 8:30 this morning. 

The two are 16 and 17 years of age and are being treated for their wounds which are described by police as moderate.

Another 17 year old student is facing charges.

Grade 11 student Kyle Soucy was outside the school when the bus pulled up. He tells CHSJ News the bus driver was pointing to the back of the bus where he could see punches being thrown and a student come off the bus saying someone got stabbed.

Two People Die In Weekend Accidents Near Fredericton

The search for a missing man near Fredericton has ended with the discovery of his body late yesterday afternoon

The RCMP and the provincial Department of Natural Resources began looking for the unidentified 47 year old man who last seen operating an ATV near an overflowing brook in the Durham Bridge area on Saturday afternoon. 

It's believed he tried to cross the water.

 A two-vehicle collision on Highway 102 near Upper Kingsclear has left an unidentified 16 year old girl dead.

The RCMP say an SUV travelling westbound lost control and collided with an eastbound vehicle. An 18 year old man and 61 year old woman were taken to hospital and will recover from their injuries.  

Creativity Is Key To Future Economic Prosperity

In the new economy, it will be the cities that are the most creative which will prosper and those cities which are best able to attract the most creative people. 

The Co-Founder of the New York based Intelligent Community Forum, Lou Zacharilla is impressed with Saint John, having visited the city a couple of times and spoke recently as part of a forum at the university on the What's the future Saint John.

He argues the most creative people are not necessarily attracted to the largest cities and economics alone will not be enough to attract those people.

Zacharilla also tells CHSJ News all of us have a creative instinct and 6 year old children see themselves as being creative but by age 26, only 5 per cent of us believe we are.

Realtor Says City Will Have To Offer Incentives

Common Council would like to see some development taking place on the city owned vacant lots but first things first........Ward 4 Councillor David Merrithew wants to know how many city owned lots are we talking about. 

Realtor Gary Vincent tells CHSJ News to development in the urban core and priority neighbourhoods, the city will have to offer up some incentives. Vincent says the local real estate market is flooded right now with 3 units, 4 units and 6 units that are selling for 120 thousand dollars.

Vincent also says developers might be put off investing alot of money to build something new in certain neighbourhoods when you look at what's going on around there.

Mayor's Priority Is To Change City's Image

One of Mel Norton's priorities is to rebrand Saint John so that it's viewed as a dynamic city that's open to business, new ideas and innovation. 

He says all too often Saint Johnners themselves sell their city short until they're told otherwise by outsiders.

Norton points out Plan SJ is getting not only national but international recognition and Saint John is been cited as one of the 7 smart cities in the world. 

On the other hand, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business ranked Saint John 78th out of a 100 cities for being business friendly.

Help Needed For Over 1000 NB Kids In Foster Care

It takes a special person to open up their home to a kid in need. With this week being designated National Foster Family Week, communities throughout Canada are celebrating the families doing just that. 

Supervisor for children's residential services Eileen Gauthier tells CHSJ news without foster families the system couldn't work.Foster parent Judy Smith says the rewards more than compensate for the challenges because the kids will contact her years later and thank her for the difference she made in their lives.

There are currently 79 regular foster homes in Saint John, but more are always needed. For more information on what it takes to be a foster parent, click here