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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Boat Sinks On The Kennebecasis River

It would have been quite the show for those waiting for the Gondola Point ferry on the way home tonight and luckily no one was hurt.

Two experienced boaters had to be rescued after their boat struck something in the Kennebecasis causing their 16 foot power boat to sink.
Lieutenant Mike Boyle of the KV Fire Department tells CHSJ News luckily a kayaker in the vicinity was able to let them hang on until help could arrive.

Bus Shelter Needs Renos To Curb Loitering

A retired police sergeant offering better lighting, repairs, and a clean-up as a solution to distasteful behavior at the Sydney Street bus shelter.

Robert Buck tells CHSJ News it's become an eyesore--and a hazard.

He says there have been several incidents with groups of homeless addicts congregating in the bus shelter, drinking publicly there, and using it as a washroom. Buck recounted one incident when a woman waiting for a bus was yelled at by one of the men and charged with mischief.

Buck says better lighting is a positive step, as was the recent move to take out the bench--but more needs to be done.

Work On New Terminal Is Progressing

Construction of the new cruise ship terminal on Water street is progressing for a September opening.

Saint John Port Authority President Jim Quinn tells CHSJ News the warm weather is helping.

He says they have had great weather for the pouring of concrete.

Quinn says the cruise industry is growing in North America and this expansion will allow Saint John to have three of the larger ships in Port on the same day.
He adds the project is moving along for the Diamond Jubilee Cruise Terminal to open on time on September 5th.

Cardy Says Smart Grid Deal Needs Review

Dominic Cardy says Siemens Canada is a company with a good internatioal reputation but he does have a few issues with NB Power's new deal with them.

The Provincial NDP leader tells CHSJ News wonders if the Alward government will be putting consumers first because right now it comes with many unanswered questions.

Cardy tells us we don't know how much it's going to cost and we don't know if the prime goal is to reduce costs for consumers or large commercial clients.

He says in any other jurisdiction that could be easily fixed with a full review by the Energy and Utilities board but here it's not completely independent.

Bacchus Chapter President Pleads Guilty In Shooting Death

The 50 year old President of the Saint John chapter of the Bacchus motorcycle gang has pleaded guilty to manslaughter for shooting 31 year old Micheal Schimpf to death July 14th on Pitt Street.  

The heard what Matthew Thomas Foley of Russell Street told city police after he surrendered the night after the shooting.

City Police were told by Foley two bricks were thrown through the windows of his tattoo shop on Union Street July 6th and Schimpf was involved. 

On July 13th, Schimpf returned to the shop with two big rocks and threw them at Foley damaging some of his equipment. 

Foley got a gun and the very next night was standing outside the Bacchus clubhouse on Pitt Street when he saw Schimpf walking towards him with his hands behind his back. 

Foley claims he didn't know whether Schimpf had a weapon so he pulled out his gun. The victim started running down Pitt Street. Foley says he wanted to shoot Schimpf in the legs and had no intention of killing him. Schimpf died after his aorta was lacerated by a bullet.

Police recovered 8 shell casings from the street. The court was told Foley helped police find the gun and has written a letter of apology.

Tire Kickers Checking Out Repsol L-N-G Assets

At least one company is reported to be taking a look at Repsol's liquefied natural gas assets including its 75-percent share in the Canaport L-N-G terminal.
Industry publication Platts is reporting Spanish based Gas Natural Fenosa is giving the assets the once over to see if there's anything of interest.
Gas Natural's C-E-O told analysts in Madrid his company has been invited by Repsol to review the holdings and that will take place.
Repsol has a ten percent stake in Gas Natural which has - among other things - a fleet of 11-tankers - two of them jointly owned with Repsol.
Last week - Repsol confirmed to CHSJ News it was doing a preliminary evaluation on the possible sale of its L-N-G assets as the company looks for ways to boost its financial picture and credit ratings.

Coyote Attacks On The Rise

Hungry coyotes are ripping into the profits of local farmers...Jennifer MacDonald of the Agricultural Alliance tells CHSJ News with each calf worth $1000 or more, recent coyote attacks on nearly a dozen calves are disastrous. 

She says they've tried electric fences, keeping the calves close to barns, and shooting the varmints where possible, all to no avail. Fortunately, she's not aware of any attacks on humans so far.

MacDonald questions who the government doesn't have a program to protect farmers from wildlife attack--as one exists in every other province.

Oromocto Fires Set On Purpose

The RCMP in Oromocto are concerned after two fires were deliberately set last week and they're asking for information in order to make an arrest.

Firefighters were called July 20th to a blaze on Mockler Street. A neighbour phoned 911 to report a shed and a utility trailer on the property next door were on fire. When firefighters arrived, they noticed there was also a fire on the deck of the neighbour's home who made the 911 call.

There was significant damage after all was said and done.

Anyone with information, or who may have witnessed suspicious activity in the area, is asked to contact the RCMP at 506-357-4300. Information can also be provided anonymously through Crime Stoppers at or 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). Information that leads to the arrest of the person or persons responsible could qualify you for a cash award of up to $2,000.

The Latest On Gas Prices In City

Self serve regular is less expensive after the weekly setting but diesel will cost you more. 

Self serve is selling for $1.24.7 a litre in the city. 

Diesel is at $1.28 a litre. 

Heating oil is up by more than 3 cents a litre. 

Propane also rose by almost 2 cents to a maximum of 94.4 cents a litre.

St Andrews Rally Against Federal Budget Cuts

A big turnout at Indian Point in St. Andrews to protest recent federal budget cuts. 

More than 600 people turning out to rally against job reductions that will close the Biological Station Library, eliminate the Contaminants and Toxicology programme and severely cut the Habitat programme. 

The protestors also claim scientific research will be impaired with the reductions.

Car Leaves Highway One

Another reminder to drivers to take it easy when going through construction zones. One driver along Highway 1 at Prince of Wales had to swerve to avoid hitting a large rock and wound up in the ditch. There were no injuries but there was another vehicle on the shoulder nearby which was damaged after not missing the same rock. The highway is down to one lane in each direction.

There's more construction in the city to tell you about. Construction, as part of Harbour Cleanup, getting underway this morning along Rothesay Avenue. Traffic will be reduced to one lane each way from 8 in the morning until 6 at night until August 22nd.

Construction is also starting on Thorne Avenue between Egbert and Russell Streets as part of the same project.