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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Chretien Fires Back At Conservatives

June 13, 2009

(Former Prime Minister Jean Chretien at Liberal fundraiser - photo by Gary MacDonald)
Former Prime Minister Jean Chretien says he wanted to say thank you to New Brunswickers for supporting his bid to win a seat in the Commons back in 1990.
Chretien was keynote speaker at the Liberal fundraiser here in the city last night -- and -- he wasted no time slamming the Harper Tories for attacking Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff for spending 30-years in the U-S.
It's Chretien's first such public speaking engagement since stepping down as federal Liberal leader five-and-a-half years ago.

Graham Says Election About Economy

June 13, 2009

(Premier Shawn Graham mingles with crowd at Liberal dinner - photo by Gary MacDonald)

Premier Shawn Graham says next year's provincial election will be about the economy -- he says it's the number one issue on the minds of New Brunswickers and Canadians.

And speaking to a crowd of 12-hundred attending a Liberal fundraiser at the Trade and Convention Center last night -- Graham continued to pledge support for Irving Oil's proposed second refinery project.

The sold out dinner - which raised over 600-thousand dollars for the provincial Liberal party - is being billed as the largest ever political fundraising dinner in the history of the province.

Graham was greeted by a small and noisy group of union members outside the Convention Center protesting cutbacks in government services and wage freezes.

Former Prime Minister In City Tonight

June 13, 2009

The city is playing host to a former Prime Minister this evening -- Jean Chretien will be guest speaker at a sold out Liberal dinner at the Trade and Convention center.
The dinner is being hosted by Premier Graham with approximately 12-hundred people expected to attend.

Saint Johners Urged To Show The Flag

June 13, 2009

Saint John M-P Rodney Weston needs some help -- he's challenged a west coast M-P to see which riding is more patriotic.
Weston has launched a Proud to be Canadian campaign and is asking Saint Johners to display our flag leading up to and including Canada Day.
Weston has also mailed out information packages complete with a flag decal -- he's asking anyone who is committing to display the flag to return the registration card or register online at

Cruise Line Gets Port Award

June 13, 2009

The Carnival Corporation and PLC Cruise Lines are the recipients of the 2009 Port Award of the year award.
The Saint John Port Authority chooses a recipient each year who has contributed to it's success.
The Carnival Corporation family has 23 vessels which have made 313 calls to the Port of Saint John.
The Cunard Princess was the first ship landing in the city---20 years ago.

Liquor Corp Still Searching For Uptown Location

June 13, 2009

NB Liquor continues to scout locations in uptown Saint John for a new store.
Spokesperson Nora Lacy tells CHSJ News, putting another location in the uptown is a priority.
Lacy says the problem is finding a spot that has enough parking, space for deliveries, and large enough retail space.
A new express style shop will be open in Rothesay by the end of the month, attached to the Atlantic Super-store.

Holder Critical Of Lack Of Funding For Stadium

June 13, 2009

A major overhaul of the Canada Games Stadium remains in limbo thanks to a lack of commitment from the provincial government.
Saint John Portland Conservative M-L-A Trevor Holder tells CHSJ News if a decision isn't made soon -- we could have trouble hosting the Acadien Games scheduled next year.
The stadium and track makeover is expected to cost close to six million dollars.
June 13, 2009

Provincial Tory Leader David Alward wants clearer updates on what is going on at Point Lepreau.
Alward tells CHSJ News, he is forming a committee to try and force NB Power and Atomic Energy of Canada to give more indepth progress reports.
Alward says his party is concerned about the cost of work being done at the reactor and wants a more specific time frame on when work will be finished.