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Friday, August 20, 2010

Refinery Offers To Clean Up Mess

If you live in Champlain Heights, Silver Falls of the Loch Lomond area, you may want to take a look at your home and vehicle.

Irving Oil is reporting that an interrupted start up of a processing unit at it's Refinery last night caused Catalyst to be released into the air.
It is a non-hazardous material but neighbours have been notified along with the Department of Environment.

The company is offering to clean up any area that may have been affected by the material if you call 202-3000.

Restrictions On Where You Can Burn

Even with the rain today, Provincial Officials are issuing a burn restriction for campfires and the burning of small brush and debris.

This does not affect fires in approved campgrounds and approved fire pits.

If you have any questions about where you can or can't burn, you can call the burning permit information line at 1-866-458-8080.

Official Sod Turning Ceremony

Titus Speaks On New Police Headquarters

(Common Councillor Chris Titus)
(File Photo)

Common Councillor Chris Titus, a long time supporter of the new police headquarters, was on hand for today's sod turning.

Titus tells CHSJ News he hopes people that were against the project are now on board. 

He says it went through the democratic process, it was open and transparent and council made a decision. 

Titus says the whole concept of a justice complex is important to the city because it's one of the icons people look for when they're looking at a police system.

Official Sod Turning For New Police Headquarters

(Police Chief Bill Reid)
(File Photo)

A crowd turned up despite the rainy weather to see the official sod turning for the new Police Headquarters.

Police Chief Bill Reid says this is something they've been looking forward to for a long time.

Reid says he doesn't disagree with some of the concerns people have raised against building of the police headquarters, but says they're moving on and they're proud to build a new facility.

Alward Meets With Business Leaders

(Conservative Leader David Alward)
             (File Photo)

Tucker Park, the Harbour Bridge, safe drinking water and the Port.
Four topics that business leaders in Saint John and Conservative Leader David Alward discussed in a closed door meeting today.
The Conservatives are committed to all should they form the next government and Alward says the Harbour Bridge issue needs some closure because Saint John residents are tired of being treated differently than anyone else around the Province.

Alward adds he left the meeting very impressed with the sense of community and determination from the people he spoke with.

Keir Looking For Conservatives Transparency

(Energy Minister Jack Keir)
         (File Photo)

Transparency continues to be on the mind of Energy Minister Keir when it comes to the Conservative Party.

Disappointed today's meeting was not open to the media nor were the party's energy policy sessions, Keir tells CHSJ News, he doesn't think it is right Alward continues to talk a good game but fails to deliver.

Keir says Premier Graham met with the same group of business leaders two weeks ago and the session was open to the media.

Police Boards Meet In Saint John

         (Saint John Mayor Ivan Court)
                    (File Photo)

Affordability, accountability and sustanability.

Three of the topics up for discussion as the Canadian Association of Police Boards is meeting today and tomorrow at the Trade and Convention Center.

Mayor Ivan Court is a member of the Saint John Police Commission and tells CHSJ News, there is a fiscal in-balance between municipalities with local forces and those served by RCMP.

Court adds the Saint John Force has duties due to new federal regulations at the port with freighters and cruise ship security to name a few and Ottawa should be helping out.

NB Liquor Getting A New Store West

Add another chapter to the new look for Fairville Boulevard.

NB Liquor is moving out of Westwind Plaza to set up a free standing location in the front parking lot of Sobeys.
One reason for the move is the current lease in the plaza is up and the new store will give them more of a profile.
Spokes-person Nora Lacey tells CHSJ News, they continue to search for a new uptown liquor store location.

Lacey says construction will get started next month and hope to have it finished by the spring.

Group Opposing Park Development Draws A Big Crowd

(Friends of Rockwood Park Chair Joan Pearce)
(photo by Sherry Aske)

A crowd of people turned up at the Fort Howe hotel to hear more about a report proposing development for Rockwood Park. Joan Pearce is Chair of Friends of Rockwood park and tells CHSJ News the city has really fallen short by not clarifying where the boundaries of the Park are and that is crucial.

Pearce says the other concern is there is something else driving this need for development in the park when a man across the street wants to build 135 homes.

Pearce says she and a lot of the people who attended the meeting, feel that the study proposes five story apartment buildings and commercial development that don't belong in or near Rockwood Park.

Park Report Author Was Never Proposing Five Story Buildings

Brian White is with ADI Consulting and is the author of the report proposing development in Rockwood Park. He tells CHSJ News, he never proposed five story apartment buildings.

He says the form of development is low rise, two to three stories very common height for most of residential development but he also recommends increased density to provide for larger access points of the park.

He says it's not development for development's sake, but is development to help facilitate access to the park.

Sod Turning At New Police Headquarters Today

(The City's New Police Headquarters At Peel Plaza)
(file photo)

Today marks the official sod turning for the New Police Headquarters in the Peel Plaza Justice Complex. Mayor Ivan Court and members of the Police Justice Steering Committee will be at the corner of Peel and Chipman Streets for the ceremony with things getting started at 12:15.

Construction on the controversial Justice Complex has already resulted in partial closures of Peel and Hazen Streets, and will affect Wellington and Union as well when water and sewer work takes place.

Merit Award Winners In the K.V.

The Kennebecasis Valley High School Reach for the Top Team among the winners of the 2010 New Brunswick Day Merit Awards for the Town of Quispamsis.

The other winners are the KV United Church Suites Committee, Ron Scott and Shannex Parkland in the Valley.
The awards handed out last night at Quispamsis Arts and Culture Park.