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Monday, July 6, 2009

Major Announcement Tomorrow Morning

A major infrastructure announcement is being made tomorrow morning in McAdam.Premier Shawn Graham, Veterans Affairs Minister Greg Thompson, and President of NB Southern Railway James Irving will be on hand.A spokesperson for the province tells CHSJ News, this announcement will be significant for all of southern New Brunswick.Things get underway at 10 o'clock at the McAdam Historical Restoration Commission.

Confirmation Of Doctor Working in the ER Over the Weekend

A caller to our newsroom over the weekend said the Regional Hospital was without an emergency room doctor on Sunday.Dr. David Marr tells CHSJ News, this is not the case, and there were physicians working during the entire weekend.Marr says there are policies in place to ensure emergency care can be provided even if they are short handed.
Marr says the hospital has an overcapacity policy, and a disaster policy which prepares them for almost anything.

President of The West Side Business Association Responds to Concerns

The president of the West Side Business Association says he's surprised a business owner went to the media to voice concerns about a proposed tax, rather than to the group or the city.Owen Boyle tells CHSJ News, the tax is 1 and a half cents on a thousand dollar property assessment, and it's going towards improving the business area on the west side, and to attract more patrons, and businesses.He says the proposal is not designed to hurt any local businesses.
Boyle is responding to Dorothy Shepard the owner of the Colour Centre who said she cannot support the bill, unless she knows exactly what the money will be going towards.He says the West Side Business Association doors are always open, and that if she has any concerns to give them a call --- like almost every other business on the West side has already done.

RCMP take Two Teenagers into Custody

A string of mischief and arsons in the Charlotte County area has resulted in charges against two 19-year old men. During the last week of June, homes in the Utopia and St George areas suffered various damages to property including broken mail boxes, broken vehicle windows, smashed flower pots, stolen and broken garden lights, damaged above ground pools and several fires, including two vehicles that were attempted to be set on fire.

No word on when the two men from St. George will appear in court.

Results of the 2009 Moose Draw Available

The results of the 2009 moose draw are now available.
To find out if you have been chosen you can call 1-800-459-3729, or check online at the Natural Resources website.
Applicants must have their medicare number available to check if they have won the draw.
There were over 60 thousand applications in for just over 34 hundred licences for the season starting on September 24th.

Camping Numbers are Down

The vacancy sign is up at the Rockwood Park Campground but so far, not to many takers. Three weeks of rain and the struggling economy in the United States are both factors to the decrease in campers. Manager Jeff Spears tells CHSJ News, construction work at the entrance to the park is an in-convenience but worth it in the long run.

Spears says many of his regular U.S. visitors have calledand say they simply can't afford to make the trip this year. If everything stays on course, renovations to the campground itself could get started this fall.

Update on Highway Seven Crash

A 21-year old man from Quispamsis was hurt late last week in a two-vehicle accident along Highway Seven in Petersville. RCMP say a north bound vehicle illegally passed on a double solid line and hit a vehicle travelling south-bound. Damage to the Ford Ranger and Jeep Liberty was extensive.

The man from Quispamsis was taken to hospital in Fredericton but no word in his condition. Officers are also trying to locate two men who were in a vehicle that was about to be passed before the accident happened. The driver is believed to be between 16-18 years old and the passenger in his late 40-s or early 50's.

Target Practise in Hampton

Nobody hurt after someone decided to take some target practise in Hampton over the weekend with a bb gun. RCMP tell us they received three complaints of a home or vehicle being hit but nobody was hurt.

Officers picked up a young man who they know on a first name basis. He is on probation and has been sent back to the jail in Miramichi.

Arson Cases in St. Stephen

The search continues for a suspect or suspects following a rash of arsons in St. Stephen last week. RCMP tell us they are still reviewing the files and there were no blazes over the week. 12 vehicles were torched at a body shop, the fire chief's vehicle in Rollingdam was stolen from the fire hall, driven to another location and torched.

Another vehicle was lit up at the local curling club and a pair of buildings were also destroyed. Nobody was hurt.

Clean Air Coalition on Public Review of Refinery

The Clean Air Coalition is encouraging everyone to check out the public review documents concerning the Irving Oil Refinery. The document responds to questions brought forth by the public concerning the pollution caused by the refinery. Spokes-person Gordon Dalzell tells CHSJ News, the review addresses a lot of his groups concerns. '

Dalzell says people need to review the document and contact newly appointed Environment Minister T.J Burke with any concerns. He says pressure needs to be put on the minister to ensure strong regulations are put into place to help protect the air quality in the city.

Saint John Transit With New Route Plan

Changes in the bus system may be on the horizon. New routes and schedules for city transit buses will be presented to Common Council during tonight's meeting. The plans will feature changes that include a new Park'n'Ride service with parking lots and new routes proposed for Lorneville, Latimore Lake and Golden Grove area's.

Tonight's council meeting gets underway at 6:30pm.

West Side Business Owner Not Happy

A proposed tax to west side businesses is causing concern for one owner. The owner of the Colour Centre says the proposed tax is worrisome because she has no idea what it is for. Dorothy Shepard tells CHSJ News, she was told by the West Side Business Association that they can't say where the money will be spent until council approves it.

Shepard says she doesn't oppose the tax, she just wants to make sure it's not going towards new roads or other projects her property tax already should be paying for. The public proposal is planned for July 20th.

West-Side Robbery

An attempted robbery at a West-Side store last night. City Police tell us a man wearing a mask with a weapon walked into Martello Convenience at 9:30pm and demanded money from the clerk.

They refused and the man ran from the store empy handed.

Investigation Into Found Body Continues

Still plenty of questions but not alot of answers concerning a body that was found over the weekend. City Police were called to East Saint John Saturday morning to find a body in the creek behind Parkway Mall just before eleven o'clock. It was discovered by River-Valley Ground Search and Rescue who were on a training mission.

The body was scheduled for an autopsy yesterday to i.d. the person and try to figure out the cause of death.