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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Time Change Weekend

Did you remember to put your clocks ahead one hour last night?
If you didn't, you might be waking up to find it's later than you think.

Everyone in Saskatchewan and a few other pockets of the country do not recognize daylight time.
For the rest of us, in exchange for the possible loss of an hour's sleep, there are months ahead with an extra hour of evening sunlight.

City Man Has Family In Japan

A City man who son lives in Japan felt the impact but was not hurt by the earthquake.
Bob MacVicar's son Mark and his family live near Yokohama about 30 minutes south of Tokyo. He tells CHSJ they felt the earthquake in Tokyo where transportation was knocked out.

His daughter-in-law and grandson were in downtown Tokyo at the time shooting a tv commercial and spent three hours on a bus trying to get back to Yokohama but ended up stayng in a shelter.
MacVicar says the aftershocks are the strength of legitimate earthquakes themselves registering magnitude 6.0.     To make a donation to the Red Cross relief efforts in Japan,
click here