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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Leaders Talk About The Impact of Televised Debates

Polling after the first of two televised leaders debates this week show the Liberals clawed back some support at the expense of the Conservatives.
And Liberal leader Shawn Graham says he thinks New Brunswickers were frustrated by Conservative leader David Alward's antics during the debates. Graham says Alward was continually interupting and he's not sure why he chose that tactic.

Green Party leader Jack MacDougall tells CHSJ News he was pleased with his perfromance in the debates.   Polling shows the Greens didn't lose any ground -- but -- they didn't gain anything from the debates remaining at four percent support of decided voters.

Fundy River Valley Liberal Candidate Busy Campaigning

In what is supposed to be one of the closest races on election night, the Liberal candidate continues knocking on doors in Fundy River Valley. Jack Keir tells CHSJ News, the response at the door has been positive.

He says he's been out every afternoon and evening and the reaction is wonderful and he says they will keep at it until the end.

Keir says it's not all positive as a few people have voiced their displeasure with the failed NB Power-Hydro-Quebec proposal but some have said they were in favor of the deal.

College Of Physicians And Surgeons Want More

The New Brunswick College of Family Physicians wants more than the band-aid solutions proposed so far by politicians.

The group says the restriction on billing numbers in the province prevents well-trained family doctors from working in the province forcing them to work elsewhere.

They point out that many patients have been on waiting lists for a family physician for over 5 years.
Because of the dire need for more doctors, the College of Family physicians is urging the provincial government to help solve this problem.

You Can Vote In Advance Polls Today

If you've already made up your mind on who you will be voting for, you can cast your ballot today or Monday in the advance polls. Chief Electoral Officer Michael Quinn tells CHSJ News, this service is a convenience:

He says it's very good and equipped for high demand and convenient for people to have those two days ahead of voting day to vote.
Quinn says to make the process go quickly, a reminder to bring your voter information card with you. Each has a unique bar code to help each worker find your name quickly. Information on where you can vote is on the information card.

Tours of the Refinery Today

If you've ever been curious as to what goes on at the Irving Oil Refinery, today is your day to find out. The facility is hosting it's annual open house and neighbour day.

Things get started at eleven at Champlain Heights Elementary.

Still Working On Curbside Recycling For Rothesay

The Town of Rothesay continues to explore the option of adopting a curbside recycling program. Mayor Bill Bishop tells CHSJ News, negotiations with the Fundy Region Solid Waste Commision are on-going.  Bishop says they want an agreement that's longer than six months.

He adds most of the hauling companies are looking for a contract for up to two years. If the program is adopted, Rothesay will be the first town in the southern half of the Province to adopt curbside recycling.

City Coach Finds The Border Has Changed

How tough is it to cross the border these day? Barry Ogden, who chairs the city's recreaton committee, found out last weekend when the U-N-B Saint John Seawolves travelled to Bangor to face the Hussan College Eagles.   Ogden says since he took a team down 30 years ago, the border has really changed and he thinks the Mexican-U.S. border is having an impact on our border.

Ogden has also been the driving force behind construction of the replica of the Marco Polo tall ship which will be taken, with a police escort, from the lower west side over the Harbour Bridge to the Station next month. It will be used to help the Saint John Theatre Company stage the Marco Polo musical at Harbour Station.