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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Uptown Store To Be Hit With Cash Mob

We have all heard of flash mobs but what about cash mobs?

Heather Day-Thorburn is co-organizing such an event for March 23rd, where a large group of people will descend on a single store in the uptown and each person will spend 20 dollars.

She tells CHSJ News she use to own her own business and she knows how difficult it can be to make it work.

She says it's a great way to support local businesses and other cash mobs will be planned as well.

To get involved, search "Cash Mobs Saint John NB" on Facebook or @CashMobsSJNB on Twitter.

Ca-r-ma Rescues Abandoned South End Cat

It's a happy ending for a sick cat found in the hallway of a
building in the City's south end.

Two students found the white cat with green eyes with infections, fleas and crying in pain.

The recent end to the animal control contract between the
City and SPCA Animal Rescue meant they couldn't find any help for the cat.

Luckily, non profit group Ca-r-ma (Cat Rescue Maritimes) is now caring for the cat and spokesperson Stephanie Godin tells CHSJ News one of students called her after finding "Emery" on Sunday night.

Godin says "Emery" is now under a vet's care and they are working to clear up the infection in her leg.
She adds once she is released she will have to be fostered until she can be adopted.

For more info, click here

Rinehart Will Be Running For Council

It's official...Shelley Rinehart is seeking the councillor at large position around the horseshoe.

Rinehart tells CHSJ News she is fully prepared for the negativity and pressure that comes with municipal politics.

She says there is but, she loves Saint John adding the City is at a crossroads and she thinks we need a different approach for how we handle our affairs.

She adds she would love to be part of the team that helps the City turn the corner.

City Manager Testifies City's Pension Board Knew What It Was Doing

City Manager Pat Woods maintains criticism voiced about the city's pension plan by former Common Councillor John Ferguson implied something was amiss on the Pension Board.

Ferguson's lawyer, Rod Gillis scoffed when Woods told the court the Pension Board knew what it's doing asking how can that be considering the city's pension plan is running a deficit of 191 million dollars.
Woods also testified benefits have not been reduced but worker contributions into the pension plan have increased. Ferguson was concerned senior staff  on the Pension Board who would be receiving city pensions would not recommend cutting benefits. Woods concedes the concern is legitimate but unfair even though benefits have not gone down but worker contributions have increased.
Gillis is also promising to call witnesses who will show where the plan sank.

Police Chief Says Exhibits Are Still Being Processed In Oland Murder Case

Police Chief Bill Reid not saying if or when an arrest will be made in the Richard Oland murder case as the one year anniversary draws near.

Reid says a significant number of exhibits were seized and he's not sure how long it will take to get it all processed.

The work is being done by a 3rd party crime lab.

Oland's body was found in his office on July 7th of last year.

*Correction To Potash Story

A correction to a story we ran on a potash meeting being held tonight in the Millstream area.

We incorrectly identifed PotashCorp of Saskatchewan as the company exploring potash deposits in Millstream.

The project was awarded to Atlantic Potash Corp, which is based in New Brunswick

Council Votes to Go Ahead with New Park

Looks like uptown Saint John is going to get a new green space. Council voted by a narrow margin to go ahead with a call for tenders to develop the public space in Peel Plaza.

Given the slash-and-burn tenor of the last budget, Councillor Snook said it was ridiculous to devote money to what he sees as an unnecessary project--especially since just a couple of weeks ago we were slashing essential services like the bus routes.

2.5 million dollars has been set aside for the project--but none of that is new money. According to Mayor Ivan Court, deciding not to develop the park would be like building a house but forgetting the lawn.

East Side Fire Wipes Out Barn

An investigation underway after an early morning fire destoyed a barn on the east side. 

We're told the cause is not thought to be suspicious. The blaze was reported shortly after 3:30 at 4227 Loch Lomand Road. 

The fire department reports the 12 by 20 foot barn was fully engulfed in flames when crews arrived and anything inside was destroyed but no one was hurt

Injured Cat Now Being Treated

After a bit of publicity, two city students have received help for an abandoned cat with a broken leg found in their apartment building.
Meghan Bullock and Sabrina Hawkey-Noble tell CHSJ News the cat became a public health hazard with an open infected wound not too mention children living in the apartment building who were listening to the cat crying in pain.

A non-profit group, Carma, has stepped into the breach and the cat is now receiving treatment for its injuries.

CHSJ News contacted the city and were told the by-law enforcement office has handled 11 animal control calls since March 1st.
In an email, the City tells us they looking for a solution to provide animal control services that are affordable and address safety concerns.

No School Today In District 6

School Districts 6 and 17 are closed today.

Police Association Still Looking for Commission Support

No response yet from the Police Commission as to whether they will back the Saint John Police Association if it pursues legal action against city council.

Association President Jamie Hachey says council is going against the Police act cutting the police budget by a million dollars.

Commission Chairman Christopher Waldschutz says a written response will be given in a few days and Hachey says he is cautiously optimistic that he will have the commission's support.
He says on top of the uncertainty, there has been little communication between senior management and the rank and file of the police force.

Police Have Suspect In Hospital Slaying

Police Chief Bill Reid says there is a suspect in connection to the death of 22 year old Serena Perry but he is not in police custody.

Perry was a psychiatric patient at the Regional Hospital and was found dead in another part of the hospital on February 14th.

Reid says the suspect has not been arrested yet because they are awaiting toxicology and DNA reports.

He says police has been tight-lipped because it does not want to compromise the case.  He says all will make sense once the case is solved, which he believes will be soon.