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Friday, November 5, 2010

Rain Runoff Building On Streets And Roads

The commute home is going to be somewhat of a challenge - the heavy rain is translating to a lot of water on streets and roads in the greater Saint John area.  
Storm drains in some areas are having difficulty handling the runoff thanks to the volume of water and leaves blocking the outlets -- that means mini-lakes are beginning to appear in some low lying areas. 
Hydroplaning is also a distinct possibility on rain slicked highways - so slow and easy is the best approach for the drive home.

Storm Impacts Travel

High winds causing the cancellation of two crossings of the Princess of Acadia between today and tomorrow.
Bay Ferries telling CHSJ News the 4pm crossing from Digby and the 9am departure from Saint John tomorrow are both cancelled.

A tree has fallen on the Nerepis Road in Grand Bay-Westfield taking out some power lines and is blocking traffic in all directions.
A caller to our newsroom says it's located less than a mile from the RCMP office.

Local Government M-L-A's Take On Additional Workload

Four Saint John area government M-L-A's are taking on some additional responsibilities.

Premier Alward has appointed them as legislative secretaries to assist cabinet ministers in the Legislature and with other duties.
Saint John Fundy M-L-A Glen Savoie is legislative secretary to the Minister of Economic Development - Saint John Lancaster's Dorothy Shephard will assist the Local Government Minister - Saint John East M-L-A Glen Tait will help the Finance Minister - and - Saint John Harbour's Carl Killen becomes legislative secretary for the Minister of Post Secondary Education and Labour.
There is no increase in pay for the additional duties.

Rain and Wind Causing Problems In The Saint John Area

(Flooding Near Market Square Volleyball Courts)
(photo by Gary MacDonald)

The wild weather causing a few problems around town. Barricades are up at the entrance to Saints Rest Beach. Water levels have also risen around Market Square and on South Market Street. The Saint John area could wind up getting more than 100 millimeters when it's all said and done. The Director of Saint John Works, Shane Galbraith tells CHSJ News that amount of water could very well cause problems in those areas of the city that are prone to flooding.

Galbraith says usually in the Glen Falls area says we usually see some flooding with this amount of rain but, it depends on how much capacity the creek system has.

Germain Street between King and Union Streets was closed as well after a window blew out in the Bell Aliant Tower. Police also closed Chipman Hill after some flashing blew off the City Hall building.

Red Head Road is now open to traffic.  Municipal Operations crews have removed the storm debris from the road.

(Prince William Street)
(photo by Gary MacDonald)

Wind Causes Ferry Problems

The Department of Transportation tells us the Belle Isle ferry is off its run until further notice because of the high winds.

NB Power Crews Busy

The high winds are playing havoc with power lines in some areas of the province -- N-B Power reporting almost 14-hundred customers in the Rothesay service area without power.

Sussex and St Stephen are also struggling with outages as well -- crews are working to restore service.

Federal Money To Provide Women With Cancer Support and Information

Saint John MP Rodney Weston providing over $173,000 to a volunteer group that provides support and information to women with a breast, uterine or ovarian cancer diagnosis.

Wendy Cyr, co-chair of the New Brunswick Breast and Women's Cancer Partnership says they are working on a providing a order sheet for women to get the information they need on their cancer.

Cyr says the sheet will be in doctor's and Canadian Cancer Society's offices and women will be given the sheet, they fill it out and have the imformation in five days.

She adds this money will allow the volunteer group to hire a project consultant to provide administrative help and more.

Storm Surge Pounds Harbour Front

City Keeping Close Eye On Water Levels

With the deluge of rain in the forecast, the City is warning residents in flood-prone areas to take precautions.

Municipal Operations will be monitoring the weather and clearing and maintaining drainage paths. Residents are advised to check eaves trough and drainage swales, as well catch basins or ditches on or near their property for debris.

Residents are advised to use caution when driving and to observe barricades and road closures. Police will be monitoring any flooded roads and taking appropriate measures, including enforcement.

Saint John Water will be monitoring water quality closely in the two surface water supplies – Latimer Lake and Spruce Lake.

Crews are completing maintenance work to ensure wastewater pumping stations and wastewater treatment facilities are ready for the heavy rain.

Mayors Send Message To Harper Government On New Wastewater Regulations

(Mayor Ivan Court)
    (File Photo)

Mayors from Atlantic Canada have a message for the Harper Government.......If you bring in new wastewater regulations which cost more to implement then you should pick up part of the cost.

Mayor Ivan Court, who hosted the meeting, tells CHSJ News the overall cost for cities in New Brunswick will exceed the estimate of 362 million dollars and 2 billion dollars for Atlantic Canada as a whole. He says those numbers are conservative and always wind up costing more when it's all said and done.

Court says the Mayors support the new regulations but need a commitment from Ottawa of some funding help before they become law. He also maintains the provincial government should be at the table as well.

Saint John Kiwanis To Be Honoured

(Pat Darrah and President Imelda Gilman Of Board Of Trade)
                           (File Photo)

A city group that has been operating here since 1926 singled out for what it has done in Saint John.

The local chapter of the Kiwanis the winner of the Board of Trade's "Big Heart Award".

President Imelda Gilman tells CHSJ News part of the reason they have won is for their work over several decades.

The Saint John Kiwanis are made up 30 people who are known for their cash calender and their gift wrap station at McAllister Place every Christmas.

The group will receive the hardware at the BOT's Outstanding Business Achievement Awards on the 24th at the Trade and Convention Centre.