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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Inmate Found Dead This Morning

Saint John police are investigating after an inmate was found dead at the regional correctional facility this morning.

City police tell CHSJ News the 37-year-old man from Pocologan died unexpectedly.

The cause of death is unknown but, an autopsy will be performed.

Red Cross Flood Relief Wraps Up

The Canadian Red Cross's flood relief program for the Charlotte County area has officially come to a close.

Director of Disaster Relief Bill Lawlor says over half a million dollars was raised and has been handed out to flood victims, mostly to offset utility, heating, and fuel expenses.

He tells CHSJ News the goal of their assistance was to provide items or services that other relief programs wouldn't cover.

He says 261 households got assistance from the flood relief program.

Charlotte County and the surrounding areas were covered in 180 millimetres of rain back in December.

Housing Starts Are Down

February housing starts in Saint John are down 69 per cent over last year according to new data from the Canada Mortage and Housing Corporation.
CMHC's Claude Gautreau tells CHSJ News says he cautions people when looking at numbers at the start of the year not to read too much into it.

He says the percentages do no paint a pretty picture however the first three months of the year are the weakest in housing construction and when you factor in winter it mitigates the fact that they are not seeing positive growth.

It's a similar story in Fredericton where starts are down 54 per cent and in Moncton they are down 84 per cent of the 2010 numbers.

Help Small Business By Paying Cash

Small businesses need your help in saving money.

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business says everytime you pay with your credit card, as much as 3 percent of the total goes to the credit card company.

CFIB's Dan Kelly tells CHSJ News it's been having a real effect on the bottom line for small businesses.

Kelly says you can help by paying cash or debit.  Debit card fees for businesses are only a few cents for every transaction.

CRTC Sees Nothing Wrong With "Bully Beatdown"

A Fredericton anti-bullying activist is surprised and disappointed about the decision from the Canadian Radio Television Telecommunications Commission on the fate of the M-T-V show "Bully Beatdown".

Not only will the show remain on the air, there are no restrictions on when it can be shown. The show features a bully tangling with a martial arts fighter for money with the premise being the bully gets a taste of his or her own medicine.

Rob Frenette filed the complaint saying it sends the wrong message that more violence is the way to take care of bullies.

Frenette is considering an appeal. He accuses the C-R-T-C of just giving lip service to his concerns. He also tells CHSJ News Premier David Alward supports his efforts to get the show taken off the air.

Program Marks International Women's Day

Today is International Women's Day and the Urban Core Support Network is shining the light on a program that helps women in priority neighbourhoods.

The Power Up program is a 10 week course for women that teaches communication, team building, and conflict resolutions skills.

Coordinator Brenda Murphy tells CHSJ News the women who go through the program usually move on to bigger and brighter things.

She says many women return to the program to act as mentors to other participants.

The next Power Up course begins in April. For more information, call Brenda Murphy at 642-9033.