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Monday, October 3, 2011

Province Launches Shale Gas Website

The provincial government launching a website dedicated to sharing information about shale gas and the possible development of the industry in New Brunswick.

The site contains details on fracking, its environmental impact and the potential economic windfall from such development.

The Alward government has been pounded by critics for what they call a lack of transparency on the issue.

To go to the website, click here.

Province To Hold Rally For Wellness Movement

A rally will be on the go tonight to recognize those who have joined the province's Wellness Movement and to encourage others to participate.

The movement is a campaign where families and groups make pledges to exercise and eat right.

So far, almost 10-thousand people are participating in the Port City with 40-thousand signed up throughout the province.

The celebration gets started at 5pm at the Glen Carpenter Centre.

For more information on the Wellness Movement, click here.

Disability Advocate Says Active Living Is Important For All

The Rick Hansen Relay is cutting through Saint John and the surrounding areas over the next few days and local disability advocate Jeff Sparks says they are sending a fantastic message.

Sparks tells CHSJ News the relay gets out a very important concept -- disabled people still partake in physical activity because it's important to them both physically and spiritually.

He says it will also educate the public that those who are a disabled still love to pursue active living and with a few minor accommodations,  they can participate in many activities.

New Provincial P-C Party President On A Mission

The new President of the Provincial Conservative Party is a Saint Johnner, Jason Stephen who also serves as President of the Saint John Real Estate Board.

Stephen tells CHSJ News he wants to increase the party's membership especially among a group of people who have shied away from politics.

Stephen says his message is a simple one.........If you don't get involved, you don't have influence.

He also says the party is in pretty good shape one year after winning the election. Another part of his job is to make sure the party is ready for the next provincial election.

Saint John Woman Killed In Nova Scotia Collision

A 48 year old Saint John woman died over the weekend in a head-on crash in fog and rain on Highway 103 near Chester.

She has been identified by the RCMP as Deanna Huggard. A funeral service for her will be held Thursday afternoon at 1:00 in the chapel of the Fundy Funeral Home. Visitation is tomorrow from 2 to 4 in the afternoon and 7 to 9 at night.

A 44 year old man from Saint John, Chuck Hamilton, who was her fiancee, was taken to a Halifax hospital where he's listed in stable condition. 

A 21 year old man from Shelburne, Nova Scotia, Dustin Bruce Conrad was also killed in the collision. He was driving one of the cars.

Run For The Cure Draws Big Crowd

It was quite a sight yesterday afternoon with a couple of thousand people jogging or walking over the Viaduct for the cure. 

The annual Run for the Cure to raise money in the fight against breast cancer finished up more than 202 thousand dollars locally. 

That exceeded the 194 thousand that was raised last year.

Time Is Running Out For The Paramount Theatre

Could the Paramount Theatre have a date with the wrecking ball soon?

General Manager of Uptown Saint John Peter Asimakos says the one year option on the building will be over at the end of November.

He tells CHSJ News since the provincial and federal government have yet to commit any funding towards revitalizing the building, he's not sure if the option will be renewed.

So far only the city has committed funding for the project but that is contingent on Uptown Saint John getting money from the other levels of government.

He says a fundraiser is being planned for the theatre on November 18th and "I Love The Paramount" buttons are currently being sold.

The plan is to turn the old theatre into an arts and entertainment complex.

Have Efforts To Reduce Poverty In The Province Ground To A Halt?

Will the provincial deficit result in efforts to reduce poverty stalling? The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives is worried that has already happened.

The riding represented by provincial cabinet minister and Saint John Portland M-L-A Trevor Holder includes the old North End and Crescent Valley, both of which have been designated as two of the city's priority neighborhoods where poverty is a problem.

He tells CHSJ News there have been alot of victories in the fight against poverty in the two neighnbourhoods but concedes there's still alot of work to be done.

Holder adds the residents in those neighbourhoods have also got to step up the plate.

Nurses Union President Speaks Out On Poverty

The President of the New Brunswick Nurses Union says the province should be doing more on poverty. 

Marilyn Quinn is speaking out after spending three days making do on what she received in a basket from the food bank.

Quinn says the food she had is mean't to prevent hunger but does not promote good nutrition and she tells CHSJ News if you don't eat well, you're not going to reach your full potential. 

The annual Vital Signs report will be released tomorrow at which time we will find out what the poverty rate is locally.

Airport Likes Revised Municipal Plan For Future Development

Some wiggle room on the new municipal plan means the Saint John Airport look at development down the road.
Airport President and CEO Bernie Leblanc tells CHSJ News the PlanSJ team, the administration and the City have done a great job trying to accomodate them.
Leblanc says in terms of development they will look at anything that naturally ties into air transportation but they can also look at support services as well. 

He adds they have large tracts of land meaning light-industrial projects are accessible there.