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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cause of Fire Still Unknown

[Energy Minister Jack Keir----File Photo]
Still no explanation as to what sparked a fire at the Kent Hills wind farm back in August. One of the over 30 turbines was heavily damaged when flames raced through the engine. Energy Minister Jack Keir tells CHSJ News, he isn't sure if a source of the fire will ever be found:

Keir adds they have concluded it wasn't a lightning strike that sparked the fire and they continue to have talks with the manufacturer of the turbine.

Operation Impact Aims to Make Roads Safer

Impaired drivers, no seatbelts and agressive driving.....just three things police forces across the Province will be watching for this long weekend. All are taking part in Operation Impact with the goal to make this countries roads the safest in the world. RCMP Sargeant Stephane Caron tells CHSJ News, they continue to see people dying on roads for no good reason.

In this Province alone......there have been over 440 deaths and 1150 serious injuries over the last 5 years related to vehicle collisions.