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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Expect Delays On City Streets

You might have noticed your commute is a lot slower these days....especially in the Crown Street area, which is currently being dug up to install new pipes as part of Harbour Cleanup. 

According to Kevin Rice of the Transportation Department, there's a short construction season and they're fitting in as much work to roads as possible.

Rice suggests you factor in extra time for delays in your commute---and consider biking or walking to work instead of taking the car.

No Love At Provincial Level For T&C Updgrade

It may be a priority for Hospitality Saint John - but - a 12-million dollar upgrade of the Trade and Convention Centre isn't on the radar of the provincial government.
The tourism group and some councillors are hoping to get the provincial and federal governments to share the cost with the city -- but -- Tourism Minister Trevor Holder says his government is committed to clean drinking water - the new "Y" - and - completion of the Fundy Trail.
Holder says finances are tight and it's important to deliver on those three election commitments.
Convention business has all but dried up with the Trade and Convention Centre only hosting one this year so far -- meantime -- the recently completed Convention Centre in downtown Fredericton is also running behind predicted convention numbers.

Another Fix for Mispec?

Mispec Beach has taken a hit from storms and vandals, and common council is looking at  ways to fix it up. 

 Canaport LNG has already pledged to do basic maintenance starting immediately, but according to Councillor Susan Fullerton there could be another solution: the gravel under the parking lot, which she suggests could be excavated and sold with the added benefit of leveling out the lot.

Michael Hugenholtz of the Public Spaces department says he's not sure if that's the case but they will be looking into it.

Shelter For Abused Women Needs Help

In tough economic times, the most vulnerable people are the ones that suffer. Hestia House, which gives support to women escaping abuse, saying while the public has been very helpful raising money is an ongoing issue. 

Kelly Ferris explains with so many organization vying for funding, it's not always guaranteed that the shelter gets what it needs.

Hestia House is an older building from the 1800s and needs maintenance. Ferris says they welcome donations of clothing, toiletries and toys as well as money.

Work Has Resumed On Harbour Bridge

A lot of people have been wondering what is happening with the planned work on the eastbound lanes of the Harbour Bridge that was supposed to resume this past Monday -- it is underway.
Despite some media reports to the contrary -- work did resume Monday under the bridge where about a dozen workers have been setting up equipment and cleaning up from last year's work around Harbour Passage and on Port Authority property over west.
The Transportation Department says as construction ramps up there will be single lane closures - and - traffic lights are being installed at the ramps to improve traffic flow on and off Highway One.
Work is also resuming on the One Mile House Interchange project and that will mean some traffic disruptions along Rothesay Avenue and Highway One in that area - both are slated for completion by fall of next year.

City Gets Cheque For Road Work

Saint John Harbour MLA Carl Killen handing over a large cheque more than $755,000 for work on provincial highways.
The area has seen improvements including asphalt resurfacing of several City streets including Chesley Drive, City Road and Market Place West.

The cheque was handed to the mayor in front of the Market Place gazebo this morning where the City completed water and sewer infrastructure underneath the road.

Mel Norton calls Market Place a vital vehicle and pedestrian link for the people who live nearby and for motorists using the Digby ferry.

Crescent Valley Gets Cash For Recycling

There will soon be more compost and garbage bins in the Crescent Valley area - the neighbourhood association has received a 15-thousand dollar cheque from the provincial Environmental Trust Fund to expand its recycling program.
Crescent Valley Resource Centre president Ann Barrett says fifty-one percent of the neighbourhood is now recycling and there is a waiting list for garbage and compost containers.
Barrett says it's an idea that sprung from a neighbourhood survey and meeting - and - it builds on the renewed sense of community pride and concern for the environment.
Barrett says the 15-thousand dollar check will help to expand the program to the rest of the neighbourhood -- a source of pride for Tourism Minister and local M-L-A Trevor Holder who says the neighbourhood is setting an example for communities across the province.

Gun Found In Causeway Search

Without drawing any connection to the Pitt Street shooting death, City police announcing after a search on the causeway last night a handgun was found.

Police tell CHSJ News the handgun will be processed and traced to find out where it came from and if its been used in a criminal offense.

The search was carried out by City police with help from River Valley Ground Search & Rescue and York Sunbury Search & Rescue.

Moncton Mistrial

They will start all over again in November after a mistrial was declared in a high-profile murder case in Moncton.
A judge presiding over the trial of Fred Prosser dismissed the jury after court heard that a juror was part of an anti-Prosser Facebook group.
Prosser is charged with first-degree murder in the death of 25 year old Sabrina Patterson.

She went missing in October of 2010 and her body was found about a week later near Shenstone.

More Road Work Starts This Morning

You may want to steer clear of the City road/Haymarket Square/Marco Polo Bridge area this morning.

Work to prepare for paving starts this morning at 7:30.

New Rothesay MLA Sworn In

Hugh John "Ted" Flemming is the newest member of the Alward government after being officially sworn in on Tuesday.

Fleming became the MLA for Rothesay after winning a by-election last month. 

That vote was needed after former MLA and Cabinet minister Margaret Ann Blaney resigned to lead Efficiency NB.

100 Mounties Receive Diamond Jubilee Medals

Some hometown heroes getting a nod from the Queen for their outstanding service....over 100 members of the RCMP being awarded Diamond Jubilee Medals for their service at home and abroad.

Corporal Chantal Farrah tells CHSJ News the honour is given out to a select few.

She says the medals were given to RCMP officers and to public service employees in recognition of their dedicated service in their communities.

The medals are given for foreign missions, outstanding investigations, and dedication to the community.

Premier Supports Pharmacist Role Extensions

The Premier believes pharmacists and other health professionals can take on a large role.

Premier David Alward tells CHSJ news they've done it before in the past. He says there are processes to it, and they'll have more to say in the not too distant future about next steps on how we can renew primary care in the province.

NB Pharmacist's Association has suggested pharmacists could take on larger roles to help save a visit to the doctor by assessing patients, adapting prescriptions and more.

One Business Closes, Another Opens

The Bargain Shop and Pictures Plus remain empty on King Street as new opportunities open with Genesys.

And that pattern of businesses coming and going is nothing new to Larry Hachey, Chair of Saint John Board of Trade. Hackey tells CHSJ news there's 2 things he sees in business around the Port City: business is fragile, but there are a lot of businesses that are doing well.

Hachey says we are in trying times, but he sees many business with balanced sheets and making small profits.

In late summer City Hall will have up to 5,000 square feet of empty office space when City Police and Provincial Court move to Peel Plaza.

Filling Up Costs More Today

There is a tiny bit of pain to be had at the gas pump this morning.

The price of regular is up a couple of cents to 127.9 while diesel is going for 130.6.
Heating oil is at 110.9 and propane is selling for 92.8 a litre.

Around town, you can fill up with regular for 125.2 a litre and diesel for 128.