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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Meteorologists Predict Milder Winter--For Now

You won't have to dig out your car--or your snow-blower--for a while yet this winter. That's the outlook coming from AccuWeather, which just released its 2011-2012 winter forecast. 

According to the weather agency, New Brunswickers should expect a tamer-than-usual winter with less snowfall than average--for now.

In southern Atlantic Canada, says meteorologist Brett Anderson, the winter will start out pretty tame. But things will turn more stormy in the coming months as the coast gets hit by wintry blasts of snow and rain.

For now, however, enjoy the not-so-wintry wonderland while it lasts.

Alleged Workplace Bullying at NB Power

NB Power defending itself against allegations that it's a hotbed of workplace bullying. BullyingCanada drawing attention to the complaints it's received from employees.

The anti-bullying group has heard from 15 workers  who say they've been bullied at work by their supervisors.

Higher-ups at the power company have been accused with refusing to let workers speak their minds, as well as of giving their friends preferential treatment.

NB Power responding that they will meet with representatives of Bullying Canada to address the issue. They say that they are committed to providing a harassment-free work environment.

2012 Election A Distant Thought For The Mayor

Mayor Ivan Court isn't looking too far ahead into the 2012 municipal elections, despite the recent announcement of a new candidate for Ward 4.

Ray Strowbridge joins John Campbell as a candidate for council next year.

Court tells CHSJ News there's still too much work to think about the election, such as finishing the budget.

He says he will re-offer next year because there are still many projects on the drawing board that he would like to see through.

He believes many of the current councillors will put their names on the ballot again as well.