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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Small Fire At East Side Church

Smoke could be seen coming from the Full Gospel Assembly Church on Mount Pleasant Avenue East earlier tonight.

City fire crews responding and quickly knocked the blaze down.

The source of the smoke was a plastic drain pipe that has an electrical wire in it to keep the water from freezing.

Platoon Chief Eric Garland tells CHSJ News people were in the church when the call came in.

He says they did a search anyway but everyone was out of the building when crews arrived on scene.

Garland says the cause is likely accidental but a fire investigator was brought in anyway.

Many Feel Their Dream Wedding Is Out Of Reach

Many people spend their entire lives planning for their big day, but just a few of us are preparing for it. 

A study by BMO InvestorLine revealing that on average, Canadians plan to spend $15,000 on their wedding and invite an average of 100 guests. Interestingly enough, almost 40-percent of those people feel like they won't be able to afford the wedding day of their dreams with only 28-percent actively investing for the event.

Those who plan on getting married between the ages of 18 to 44 plan to spend the most at an average of more than $18,000 while those 65 and older plan to spend the least at almost $5000.

Wellness Programs May Be Missing The Mark

Traditional wellness programs are failing employees because they're not addressing the elephant in the room which is the problem of how they can better manage their personal finances.

Frank Wiginton, C-E-O of Employee Financial Well Being estimates 61 per cent of workers are financially stressed. By contrast, only 16 per cent are considered obese yet every wellness programme focuses on diet and exercise. 

He also points out people who are stressed out are six times more likely to be depressed and 7 times more likely to suffer from high anxiety which are not good for productivity on the job.

Get Ready For Radler

Do you like juice in your beer? 

Moosehead hopes you do. The company rolling out a new product called Radler.

Ray Gracewood of Moosehead tells CHSJ News consumers want products that are not traditional beer flavours.

He says they are very excited about the response from testing on this product adding it feels different and tastes different and a whole different consumption experience.

Radler-style beverages have been around for 100 years in Europe.    The Moose Light version blends grapefruit, grape and lemon juice with beer.

It will be available in New Brunswick liquor stores next week and will begin shipping to Nova Scotia in early May.

Some lucky Saint Johners might find it in local liquor stores this weekend.

The Arts Still Matter

It's a sad fact for supporters of local arts and culture that those sectors are the first places to suffer in an economic downturn.

Symphony New Brunswick President Reid Parker tells CHSJ News even though many people would rather give to a children's charity or their local hospital rather than a symphony or theatre company, the arts are still a worthy investment.

Parker says music and the arts are still crucial to growing our cities because they provide an incentive for people to move here, and improve the quality of life for those who live here already.