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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Correction to Original Beer Pricing Story

It appears we may have taken the cap off the bottle before we reported a story to you earlier today.

There is some clarification we need to make on a story about the price of beer in the Province.

NB Liquor spokes-person Nora Lacey tells CHSJ News, it has received a single request for an increase and it is currently being reviewed.

No word how-ever on when a final decision will be made on the price.

Earlier today, we reported the price of beer would not be increasing this year.

Woman is Identified

One mystery has been solved but several still remain surrounding the body of a woman found in a snow bank in Moncton last weekend.

Officers have released her name, Shirley Suzanne Bland of Moncton.

She was found last Sunday afternoon by a man walking his dog in a marsh behind the Superstore on Main Street.

An autopsy has revealed no physical injuries and foul play is not suspected.

Still no word on what killed the woman and further testing could take months.

New Sugar Refinery is Scrapped

The dream of a scaled down sugar refinery in the McAllister Industrial Park is dead.

It has been in the works for years after the Lantic sugar refinfery shut down in the South End in 2000.

Enterprise Saint John was backing one of the two bids, not including one from Lantic. General Manager Steve Carson tells CHSJ News, it is a very complicated receivership process.

Carson adds if the plant has opened......there would have been over 40 high paying jobs to go along with it.

Imperial Theater Gets Cash From Ottawa

The shows will continue to go on at the Imperial Theater thanks to a cash infusion from Ottawa.

Saint John MP Rodney Weston has presented $55,000 dollars to the building for it's up-coming season of performances.

The cash is made available through the Canada Arts Presentation Fund of the Department of Canadian Heritage.

Strategic Planning Underway for Enterprise Saint John

(Enterprise Saint John Vice Chair Tony Goguen)
           (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

Enterprise Saint John has launched it's strategic planning process.

Tony Goguen is vice-chair and tells CHSJ News, this exercise will take three months to finish as they meet with out-lying communities and go over some of the latest demographic research.

Goguen adds the priority sectors for the past three years have been energy, advanced manufacturing, i.c.t. and health sciences.

This planning process will let them know if they should remain priorities or other avenues should be explored.

Search for a New Executive Director

The Animal Rescue League has begun it's active search for a new executive director.

In a news release, the organization says it is working with a human resource specialist out of Fredericton to carry out the recruitement and interview process.

Janet Foster has stepped down from the role after six years.
Construction is underway to move the Recue League out of it's current facility and into a anew space in the former Peacocks Garden Center on Sandy Point Road.

Dog Left For Dead in St. George

If you own a dog or just love animals, you may find this next story disturbing.

St. George RCMP is investigating an act of animal cruelty they believe took place between March.20th and 23rd.

Officers tell us someone tied a dog to a tree in a blueberry field on the Old St. Andrews Road and left it for wild animals to attack and feed on.

The dog was black and white and is described as a collie/lab mix.

Premier Graham Set to Travel to Ottawa

(Premier Shawn Graham)
       (File Photo)

Premier Shawn Graham and several of his cabinet ministers are off to Ottawa in the coming weeks.

Up for discussion is repairs needed for the Harbour Bridge and the delay on the refurbishment at Point Lepreau. Graham says they are looking for the same treatment as every other Province is receiving.

Graham says they sent a letter to Ottawa looking to form a partnership when it comes to the Harbour Bidge but they have yet to hear back.

As for Point Lepreau, the Premier says Atomic Energy of Canada has not lived up to it's time-line for completing refurbishment work and if a deal can't be worked out, legal action is the next step.

Traffic Concerns With Costco Set to Open

(City Councilor and SJ East Liberal Candidate Bruce Court)
                             (File Photo)

The city is being called on to come up with a plan to better handle traffic on the east side after Costco opens up on May 27th.

Most of the talk is about traffic congestion along Westmorland Road according to the Common Councillor for the area, Carl Killen.

East side Councillor Bruce Court says he has been told there are people along Westmorland who find it tough to get out of their driveways at times and have even resorted to activating a pedestrian light to give them time.

Board Of Trade Calls For Energy Policy For Province

(Saint John Board of Trade President Imelda Gilman)
                             (File Photo)

The Saint John Board of Trade thinks the time is right to get everyone involved in a new energy policy for the province and it's calling for action.
President Imelda Gilman tells CHSJ News people in the province really become engaged over the NB Power deal. She believes the polarizing reaction to the failed NB Power deal came about because it came seemingly out of nowhere.
Gilman says the Graham government also saw a groundswell of public opposition on postsecondary education over whether to turn U-N-B-S-J into a polytechnic.
She adds the Energy department should use the current momentum, positive or negative, to create a new energy policy for the province.

Police Department To Develop Plan To Communicate Better

The city police department wants to communicate more effectively -- so -- the department has issued a call for proposals to develop a communications plan.
Phase one will deal with areas like communicating with Common Council - a media and web presence - and - internal communication. Phase two would deal with implementing the plan - training of personnel depending on costs involved.
Work on the first phase is scheduled for completion in August while phase two would be completed by November if the go ahead is given.

Jamieson Will Not Be Returning To Provincial Cabinet

                  (Premier Shawn Graham)
                             (File Photo)

The one man who has the ability to re-instate the MLA for Saint John Fundy to his cabinet post is speaking out. Stuart Jamieson has been approached about returning to the Liberal caucus but says he will only do so if he was given back the title of Tourism and Parks Minister. Premier Graham says the return with conditions makes it difficult and won't be happening.
Two cabinet posts, Tourism and Parks along with Justice and Consumer Affairs, are being temporaily filled. The Premier wouldn't be nailed down on whether a Saint John MLA might be in the running for one of those jobs.