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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Canada Day in the Uptown

Machete Mix-up In Rothesay

A man in Rothesay learning to think twice when choosing an object to pick a fight with. 

Rothesay police getting called to Scott Avenue at 10:15pm last night after reports that a man was there brandishing a machete. 

Police tell CHSJ News they arrived on scene only to find out the object was actually the top end of a guitar and the man was fighting with his girlfriend. 

 No one was hurt in the incident but the man is facing arrest.

Red Cross Reports Fewer Drownings

The number of drownings in Atlantic Canada is down compared to where it was this time last year. 

The Red Cross reporting 11 water-related deaths so far this year, compared to the 20 there were by this time in 2010. 

Sgt. Mark Bridges with the RCMP tells CHSJ News people should always wear a life jacket, because when things go wrong on a boat, they go wrong in a hurry. 

He says when you fall out of a boat the shock can make you inhale water, and if you're not wearing a life jacket to bring you to the surface you can quickly drown.

Bridges says he recommends people have their own life jacket they can bring with them when invited to go boating.

That way they know they have equipment that's in good repair and that fits properly.

First Summer For Destination Marketing

In their first official summer, Saint John Destination Marketing wants to attract people to Saint John from outside the province.

Executive Director Ross Jefferson tells CHSJ News they've historically focused on promoting activities to people who are already here through visitor-information centres.

He says Saint John has come a long way in the last couple of decades and they want to promote it as a place for leisure, but also as a great place for meetings and conventions.

Industrial Parks Go Green

Saint John Industrial Parks, Ltd. is stepping up their game and is calling on their peers to go green -- they're establishing a pot of money that will help fund green proposals for the city's industrial parks.

General Manager Brian Irving tells CHSJ News they are willing to fund proposals such as storm water ponds or tree planting.

He estimates the budget will be set at about 5 to 10 thousand dollars a year.

He adds they are now open to proposals.

Dock Purchase Put On Hold

A request to build a floating dock at Renforth Wharf in Rothesay has been put on hold to make sure there's money available for the project.

Mayor Bill Bishop tells CHSJ News the town finished refurbishments to Renforth Wharf in the fall, and since then boaters have found it hard to pull up along side the wharf.

Parks and Recreation requesting a dock that would accommodate up to 3 boaters to fix the problem.

The town deciding to wait so the project can be included in next year's budget.

Provinces Join NB's Tobacco Industry Fight

As the province moves to take legal action against the tobacco industry, Manitoba and Nova Scotia are agreeing to join the fight.

The province asking for a trial to hold the tobacco industry accountable for tobacco use saying it lead to increased health-care costs.

The provincial government says it is satisfied with the progress being made in the litigation, and it said it is confident that the case is moving toward a trial.