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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Weather Warnings For Atlantic Canada

If you have travel plans, make sure to keep up to date on the weather, that from Jeremy March, meteorologist with Environment Canada. 

"A real mixed-bag of weather today, he says, snow, freezing rain and ice pellet mix."

The freezing rain is expected to continue after midnight. 

March tells us, some areas in New Brunswick will continue to get 

freezing rain tomorrow morning, and ice pellets. He adds, on Tuesday it should be moving towards some sunshine. 

*Photo taken by Tina Durelle

Power Outages Update

About 58 customers are still without power in Rothesay.
 That number going down from over 400 earlier today.

In St. Stephen, 3744 are currently without power. 

Saint John Energy reporting power outages affecting the West Side earlier today. Customers in the lower West side should have power back at this time.

A New Treatment Center Will Be Built For Mentally Ill Teens And Kids

This province is in dire need of new facilities to treat teens and children struggling with mental health issues.

No ones knows that more than Maureen Billerman of Dots NB who created a non-profit group after struggling to find help for her child with mental health challenges.

Billerman tells CHSJ News the province is seeking request for proposals for a 15-bed treatment centre for children and youth.

She says the facility for children and youth in crisis who need serious help. 

She says they will work intensely and the idea is that they will get back into their communities as quickly as possible.

Billerman calls this move a really good step that will serve a deep need.  

She expects it will be open a year from now.

For more info on Dots NB, click here

Proposed Medical Marijuana Factory In St. Stephen

A business in St.Stephen has put forward a proposal for the building of a medical marijuana factory in the town. 

Darren Marshall is VP of Tidal Health Solutions. The business has applied for a license, under the new Health Canada regulations. 

He tells us the factory will add 15 more jobs and will be regulated under the new Health Canada Rules.

"This whole new system is going to be centered around license producers, so we've made an application to become a licensed producer," he says.

 Right now, patients who use medical marijuana can grow it themselves or can have a licensed producer do it for them.

After the new rules take effect on April 1st, growing medical marijuana will only be permitted to licensed producers. 

Marshall tells CHSJ News, "some of the challenges will be educating people on what it is and how it's used, and getting away from some of the stigma that surrounds the product now."

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year Or The Most Stressful?

For many of us it's not the most wonderful time of the year, it's the most stressful.

 But the C-E-O of the Canadian Psychological Association has some advice on how to stay calm and collected this holiday season. Dr. Karen Cohen says it's important to set realistic expectations.

"If you're go into the holidays hoping Uncle Jim and cousin Bob are going to get along really well this year, and mom is going to something different, and everyone is going to be happy. We may end up being disappointed because that's not always the way it works out," she says.

She says you should keep things in perspective if something doesn't go according to plan and try not make a mountain out of a molehill. She also says its important to pay attention to your own feelings and ask for help if you need it.

Holiday Fire Safety Tips

As you're decorating your home for the holiday season,
Regional Fire Marshall in Saint John,
Jeff Croft, has a few fire safety tips to keep in mind. 

He says, check your extension cords for damage before use.

"Make sure that they're not damaged, or that they aren't running under carpets, or in a high traffic area."

He adds, make sure you inspect your Christmas lights for cuts in the wires before putting them on. Especially if you use them year after year.