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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Changes In The Works For University Tuition

Some changes are in the works for university students in the province over the coming years--and it's going to mean students will be shelling out more cash for their postsecondary degrees.

Tuition increases are a "fact of life according" to the provincial government. In a release on the GNB website, the Department of Postsecondary Education, Training and Labour says they they'll implement an annual tuition increase cap of no more than 3% for the next three years for all public universities.

You can also expect a redesigned financial aid program in the near futur

Yates Is the New Dogs Bench Boss

 Another day another surprise from the Sea Dogs.

Less than a day after news that Mike Kelly was no longer with the team, the team announces it's new head coach is a familiar name..Ross Yates.

Yates is 54 years old and has been an assistant coach with the Sea Dogs for the last two seasons.

Before he came to the Port City, the Montreal native spent four seasons as head coach of the Syracuse Crunch of the American Hockey League.

In the 70's he played centre for 5 years at Mount Allison University and he also spent time with the Hartford Whalers in the early 80's.

The team's head scout Christian Vermette and Yates will share general managing duties.

Watch For Flying Bats

White-nose syndrome is depleting bats populations here and across eastern North America.

The provincial Department of Natural Resources is working with the New Brunswick Museum to track the spread of the syndrome and understand its impact on our bat populations.

The disease was first detected near Albany, New York in 2006 and has quickly spread. 

It was first found here in a cave in Albert County in March 2011.

If you spot day-flying bats or dead or dying bats between November and May, you are asked to call the department’s Fish and Wildlife Branch in Fredericton at 506-453-3825 or Donald McAlpine at the New Brunswick Museum here in Saint John at 643-2345. 

To see bats flying during the hibernation period is considered abnormal and could indicate that an infected hibernation site is nearby.

Government Now Encountering "BANANAs" Protests Against Shale Gas

Energy Minister Craig Leonard extolled the virtues of shale gas and other energy developments in the province at a Board of Trade Lunch this afternoon.

Leonard claims the cost of not moving forward on these projects is simply too great in this region, considering the number of businesses that could benefit from a cheap, domestic supply of shale gas. He further says most New Brunswickers see that the process can be done safely, and the detractors are just a small and vocal group.

Despite taking a serious tone on the protests in Rexton which he called a "dark day", Leonard also shared a nickname for the detractors of shale gas: whereas in the past, he says the government encountered "NIMBYs", or "not in my back yard" protestors, now they're encountering "BANANAs" which stands for "build absolutely nothing anywhere near anything."

Extra Patrols Brought In To Keep Halloween Safe

It's almost time for the wee ghosts and goblins to go seeking treats.

Police agencies in the area are planning in advance for the extra people and children going door to door after dark.

Sgt Peter Breen of the Rothesay Regional Police tells CHSJ News kids should wear reflective costumes so they can be seen adding they do bring in extra patrols for Halloween night.

He says every year they triple the numbers of officers working and some might get sent home early but they can keep them all night if they want too.

As for mischief, they do experience some problems on Halloween night so having more officers out and about helps out with that as well.

Freedom Writers Co-Author Thrills Rothesay Students

High school students giving a standing ovation for a speaker sharing her story of rising above her struggles.

Tiffony Jacobs, co-authored the Freedom Writers Diary, which is the town's Big Rothesay Read book this fall. Jacobs tells CHSJ News she wants the students to know that your past does not define who you are today.

One student getting up during the Q&A session and comparing her to Anne Frank. Jacobs says it was very humbling.

Jacobs showing clips from the 2007 feature film starring Hilary Swank that was inspired by the book. She will be speaking again tonight at Rothesay High School at 7pm today.

Man Charged With Assault After He Says He Tossed Crumpled Ticket

A 30 year old man will be appearing in court January 14th after crumpling up a parking ticket and tossing it in the direction of a commissionaire who was writing him a parking ticket. 

The man claims it was an accident--and he went back later and apologized to the commissionaire. He has been charged with common assault.

A vehicle was stopped by police along Highway 1 in Quispamsis and a 63 year old man was arrested for possessing cocaine and having the proceeds of crime. He'll be appearing in court January 7th.

A 24 year old man is going to be charged with attempting to smuggle cocaine into the detention facility.