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Monday, August 27, 2012

Police Looking For Stolen Truck

The District 3 RCMP is investigating the theft of a truck from the Loch Lomond area this past weekend.

The 2007 grey Ford Ranger with the plate CMC 888 was stolen from Florida Beach in Loch Lomond yesterday. The owner had parked it at the beach with the doors locked.  It was last seen on the 25th.

If you have information on the theft, please contact District 3 RCMP at 506-832-5566 or anonymously through N.B. Crime Stoppers at, or 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

Picture: A grey 2007 Ranger similar to the stolen vehicle.

New Brunswick Teen Killed In Saskatchewan

An 18-year-old woman from the province is dead after being hit by an SUV in a construction zone in Saskatchewan.

RCMP say Ashley Dawn Richards of Lakeside was working as a flag person on a highway when she was hit Friday near Midale, southeast of Weyburn.

An autopsy is scheduled for this week in Regina.

Sgt. Paul Dawson says charges have not been laid, but are pending against the driver of the SUV, a 44-year-old man.

Dawson could not say if speed was a factor in the crash, noting an investigation is underway.

Saskatchewan Highways Minister Don McMorris says the tragedy is a stark reminder of the need to slow down and drive carefully in construction zones.

Courtesy of the Canadian Press.

Liberals Urge Government To Help Students

The Liberal Opposition is urging the Alward government to give students a helping hand.
Post-Secondary Education critic Chris Collins points to PEI as good example. They've recently removed interest on student loans so university is more accessible, loans are paid off faster and students can start making major investments such as buying a home.

Collins tells CHSJ news the government needs to follow PEI's strategy and improve access to education here in New Brunswick. He says over the past couple of years the provincial government has reinstated the parental-contribution clause to student loans, lowered financial assistance, cut funding to the apprenticeship program and increased those fees by 120%.

Collins adds helping students will grow our skilled work force and keep them in the province.

Nutritious Food Up 9% In Two Years

The price of nutritious food in the province has gone up over 3% this year, making a total of 9% the past two years.

That coming from a study by the NB Common Front for Social Justice. They purchased fresh produce and meats at 31 grocery stores across the province, and found the monthly cost for properly feeding a family of four was $827.45 a month.

Jean-Claude Basque tells CHSJ news if someone makes just above minimum wage, that's half their pay check.  He says most of the food that goes on sale is usually junk food, and buying healthy food that's on sale and freezing it still costs more upfront. The study revealed CO-OP had the cheapest prices, while Superstore was the most expensive.

Basque said people need to get more revenue to afford proper nutrition and food chains need to promote health and put good food on sale. He says the government needs to raise minimum wage to match the cost of living.

BC Couple Lucky Passengers

A lucky couple didn't realize how exciting their anniversary cruise would be.

71-year-old Gordon & 65-year-old Marilyn Clarke, from Duncan on Vancouver Island are Aquila Tours millionth passengers. The couple tell us they've always wanted to see the east coast, and the cruise on the Carnival Glory was a 46th anniversary gift from their daughter and son-in-law.

Aquila Tour's Beth Kelly Hatt says the couple is receiving a free highlight tour in a limo, a visit to the NB museum, and a lobster lunch. Hatt says why not celebrate a million passengers, she adds the cruise lines have really helped to make it happen. She said they originally though their millionth passenger would arrive in the fall, but the numbers have been higher this year.

Aquila Tours has been running for 30 years and expect they'll see their next millionth passenger in 10 years.

Red Head To Form Community Association

Out of sight.......Out of mind. 

That's how many of the people in Red Head feel and they're looking to change that by forming a community association with help from Ward 4 Comon Councillors Ray Strowbridge and David Merrithew. 

Strowbridge tells CHSJ News he has been told of many concerns on the minds of people who live in that part of the city. They include erosion of the shoreline, no sidewalk along Red Head Road and lack of timely snowplowing as well as no recycling bins nearby.
A meeting will be held tomorrow night at 7 in Red Head United Church to get things off the ground.

Springsteen Traffic Feedback

If you were at yesterdays Bruce Springsteen concert, the Codiac RCMP want your feedback on it's traffic plan. A special toll-free number has been set up for concert goers and residents on how traffic control was before, during and after the concert.

If you'd like to put your two-cents in on the Magentic Hill concert, call 1-866-358-8854 before 6 o'clock Tuesday evening. Or you can e-mail

B&E At A St. Andrews Arena

RCMP are looking for two men who broke into the W.C. O’Neill Arena in St. Andrews early in the morning this past Friday and stole undisclosed items.

Based on surveillance video, police are looking for two men in their late teens or early 20s.  One wore a grey hoodie when he entered the arena, and a white nylon jacket when he left. The second suspect had dark hair and a goatee. He wore a black & plaid t-shirt, and glasses. They both left on bikes.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the St. Andrews RCMP at 506-755-1130 or through Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

Air Show & More For 100th Anniversary

A couple of big anniversaries being celebrated this Tuesday and Wednesday at the Saint John Airport.

They'll be hosting a variety of old and new planes for the 100th anniversary of flight in the province and the 50th anniversary of Canada's Golden Hawks -- which formed in Chatham and later became the Canadian Snow Birds.

Saint John Airport's Colleen Mitchell tells CHSJ news the free events include an air show from 2:00pm until 4:00pm on Tuesday and exhibits from 3:00pm until 7:00pm on Wednesday, where you'll be able to talk to pilots and even go on select planes.

Mitchell says the planes -- such as a Sabre F-18 Hawk One, FG-1D Corsair and Tiger Moth -- come from all across the country.

For more information, click here.

Maritime Students Deepest In Debt

Getting a student loan to pay tuition is an expensive reality for many post-secondary students, and Maritimers are expected to owe the most and take the longest to pay off.

That coming from a new BMO study that shows half of Canadian college and university students expect to be at least 20-thousand dollars in debt when they graduate.  The survey also shows about 20 per cent expect to graduate with more than 40-thousand dollars of debt.

Stephen Spence is the President for the New Brunswick Student Alliance, and he tells CHSJ news the average four year degree costs $84,000 dollars, and that cost isn't going anywhere but up.

Spence says despite lower job prospects and high debt, we need to stop thinking of post secondary education as an expenditure, but as an investment. He says going to university shows a potential employer you learn quickly and apply yourself.

City Bus Service Could Be More Affordable And Accessible

Saint John Transit is underfunded and riders pay more then they do for bus service in other communities. That, according to a report to be presented tonight to Common Council by Vibrant Communities. 

It's calling on Common Council to make public transit a priority next year with recommendations to increase ridership and make it more affordable, including an adopt a bus shelter programme, flexible payment options for monthly bus passes and discounted transit passes for the working poor. 

The President of the Transit Workers Union, Tom McGraw tells CHSJ News bus service, in a city like Saint John, will never be the number one priority and there's a good reason why since only about ten percent of the city's population ride the buses but they are usually the most financially vulnerable.

Vibrant Communities also recommends funding for bus service from the province and federal government as well as the city with federal gas tax revenues being earmarked for public transit. 

New Brunswick is the only province in the country that levies property taxes on transit buildings and that's why Vibrant Communities is calling for Saint John Transit be granted an exemption.

Tour Company To Welcome 1 Millioneth Guest Today

Aquila Tours celebrates an incredible milestone today.
They will welcome their one millionth guest on a cruise ship excursion.
CEO Beth Kelly Hatt tells CHSJ News she could never have imagined this when they started out.

She says it's been an exciting adventure and back in the 80's when they had just a few guests they didn't expert to reach 1 million guests for their tours.

That special guest is arriving on the Carnival Glory cruise ship this morning due in port at 9.