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Friday, November 16, 2012

What Is The Gondola Point Ferry Doing In The Saint John Harbour?

Folks who regularly take the Gondola Point Ferry have probably been noticing something a little different lately. A smaller ferry is covering the run while the William Pitt 2 goes in for repairs.

We've received word that the William Pitt 2 is still sitting in the Saint John Harbour waiting to be taken for repairs in Nova Scotia. The work is supposed to take a month and is due to begin tomorrow

A call to the Department of Transportation was not immediately returned.

Newly-Minted Liberal Leader Focusing On Jobs

It's a challenging times for New Brunswick, but and newly-elected Liberal leader Brian Gallant tells CHSJ news he's willing to put partisan politics aside to work on the issues. 

Gallant tells CHSJ News with the soaring unemployment rate the growing economy is number one.

Gallant says we need to grow business here in New Brunswick rather than looking for quick fixes--because quick fixes are what got us into this economic mess in the first place.

Port Announces New Interim Board Chair

The Port Authority Board of Directors announcing their chairman, Stephen Campbell, has resigned to accept a new job in Ottawa.

Former vice-chair Peter Gaulton is the interim chairman of the Saint John Port Authority board of directors.

Gaulton has been a member of the Board since 2008.

New Way To Help Your Local Food Bank

As Christmas approaches, the province's food banks are feeling the pinch.

Fortunately, a new partnership called Buy Atlantic, For Atlantic will be giving provincial food banks $1 for every dollar spent on Majesta and Cavendish products. Coupons will be available through local newspapers, flyer home deliveries, and in-store at participating retailers until December 31.

NB Food Bank Association president Greg Piers tells CHSJ News about 1,000 Saint John families rely on the food bank to get by. Further, Piers says, for others Christmas is the only time they need assistance, so it's especially important to be able to provide for everyone.

St. Stephen Students Receive Health Report Cards

Our kids are the first generation that will live a shorter lifespan than their parents.

That word from Dr. Sohrab Lutchmedial, a heart specialist overseeing the Health Report Card Day at St. Stephen High School.

Grade 10 students were tested on things such as cholesterol, Body Mass Index and self-esteem.

Dr. Lutchmedial says its all about educating the kids.
He says we realize they have to start when the kids are at school instead of dragging them to a hospital setting. 

The school will now offer interventions for mental health, an on-site dietitian, as well as opening the gym after school to give students an extra chance to exercise.

Donor Reaches 700th Donation

Another dedicated donor making a milestone donation at Canadian Blood Services.
Harry Cross reaching the 700 mark in plasma donation at a ceremony this morning.

Cross proudly promotes blood donation recruiting friends,  family and fellow volunteers and was recognized as an exceptional donor at a national awards ceremony in Ottawa.

The donation comes as Canadian Blood Services announces its 'Dedicate a Holiday Miracle' campaign. 

All donors can do so with a holiday card and through the C.B.S. Facebook page with a personalized photo dedication.

For more on the Holiday campaign, click here

Parade Organizers Issue Reminders

The 60th Annual Saint John Santa Claus Parade is coming up tomorrow and organizers have a few reminders for you.

You are asked to bring a grocery bag with non-perishable food for the Community Food Bank.   City workers will collect the donations along the route right before the parade starts.

NBCC students and staff will be picking up gently used coats along the parade route to be donated to the Coats for Kids campaign.

All children should bring their letters for Santa and make sure to include your home address.

Motorists should be aware all four lanes of the causeway will be blocked off starting at 3:30pm on Saturday for parade line-up.

Yous are asked to not park on King Street beginning at 5 pm.
Any vehicles parked anywhere along the parade route after 5:30 p.m. will be towed.

The Parade will leave the Causeway, go onto Union St., left on Sydney St., right on King’s Square North, left on Charlotte St., down King St. and on to St. Patrick, on to Main St., right on Lansdowne Ave., and right at Wellesley Blvd.  These streets will be closed off during the parade.

Hold Up At South End Store

The Major Crime Unit of the City police force is on the lookout for the man responsible for holding up a South end convenience store.

About 7:45pm last night, a man with a weapon came into Shawn's Variety on Broad Street demanding money and did leave with some cash.

Earlier in the day, emergency crews responded to a 3 vehicle collision at the intersection of Rothesay Road and Rothesay Aveneue.   It happened just before 3:30pm.

No one was hurt but there was a small fuel spill resulting from it.