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Thursday, May 28, 2009

ANB Plans Response to Brady Report



Those looking for Ambulance New Brunswick's response to Brady Report will have to wait a little longer.

In an email to our newsroom, ANB says they are going over the report and will address the recommendations in a release tomorrow morning.

The Brady Report found that the delay of an ambulance when trying to reach a New Brunswicker, who eventually died, was preventable.

The report states that the ambulance service did not have proper maps and lacked proper dispatch policies.

Funding Announcement for Fitness Program



The provincial government is investing 50-thousand dollars into the Canadian Tire JumpStart program.

The program provides funds to needy children to help over the costs registration, transportation, and equipment for organized sports.

Affiliated partners such Recreation New Brunswick, the YMCA, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and KidSport will also reap the benefits of the money.

Public Hearing into NB Powers Rate Hike Wraps Up



Saint John lawyer Gary Lawson says NB Power needs an attitude and culture change.  Lawson says the utility needs to re-think the way it tries to save money because it has a history of going over budget.

An Energy and Utilities Board public hearing into NB Power's 3 per cent rate increase has just wrapped up at the Delta in Saint John. The utility is facing a 94 million dollar loss even with the rate increase and Lawson admits it's unlikely there could be enough savings made this year to avoid the hike. But Lawson says the effort should still be made to demonstrate leadership in efficiency.

NB Power Hearing Continues



The Vice President of Operations for JD Irving says he would be out of a job if he managed the company's budget the way NB Power has managed its budget. Wayne Wolfe says the utility had a 16 per cent increase in costs over two years for travel, vehicle expenses, labour and hired services--at a time when it should be cutting costs.

Vice President of Transmission and Distribution, Darren Murphy, says they have already cut some costs-- but-- he won't compromise service or the environment to save money.

NB Power is trying to justify a three per cent rate increase at an Energy and Utilities Board hearing underway at the Delta. The utility is forecasting a 94 million dollar loss this year. Chartered Accountant, Andrew Logan, says there is nothing in the evidence to show the loss is not accurate.


Retail Forum Tonight



If you are curious about what development is going on over on the West-Side and what might be on the way, don't forget about this. Enterprise Saint John and the West Side Business Association are hosting an informative workshop tonight. The meeting is to give residents, developers, existing retailers and land owners a chance to learn more about the West retail sector.

Developers, retailers and City Staff will be on hand to answer any questions. West Saint John has seen a hub of activity lately with a new Sobeys, construction underway on a new hotel and renovations to the Lancaster Mall. Tonight's meeting gets started at 6:00 at 69 Branch Legion.

Sussex Mayor Still Looking for Answers



The Mayor Of Sussex, Ralph Carr continues to ask questions but isn't finding alot of answers. You might remember his Town's emergency room doctor was yanked away during a weekend last month to cover a shift here at the Regional. Carr tells CHSJ News, he is waiting for clarification from the Health Minister's office on why it happened and a guarantee it won't again.

Carr says he is feeling even more un-easy with all of the talk of a wage freeze for physicians and what that is going to do for retention and recruitment efforts. 

Blaney Setting the Record Straight



The wording of a proposed wage freeze for provincial doctors is getting complicated. Opposition Health Critic Margaret Ann Blaney tells CHSJ News, what Minister Murphy is saying doesn't make any sense because fee for service doctors don't fall into the civil service category.

Blaney says she will continue this debate with Health Minister Murphy today in the Legislature. Members of the Provincial Medical Society will meet in Fredericton tomorrow. 


Fire on Grand Manan



A summer home on Grand Manan was hit by fire late last night. RCMP and fire crews arrived on the Hill Road at eleven o'clock to find a summer home with the flames and smoke coming from it. Crews smothered the flames but the front room has smoke and fire damage.

The blaze is being called suspicious and RCMP won't say how it started.



Fire in East Saint John



Nobody hurt after fire ripped through a home in East Saint John this morning. Crews were called to a single storey bungalow on Summit Drive just after ten o'clock to find flames and heavy smoke coming from the building. Crews have contained the flames and it looks like most of the damage is to the interior.

No word yet on how the fire started.

Pension Meeting Last Night at City Hall



The city's actuarial firm Morneau Sobeco is suggesting to council that the pension's benefits and funding policy need to be updated in order to deal with economic uncertainty. The firm made the suggestions yesterday in an open meeting at council chambers. Associate Jeff Penner says simply increasing contributions, reducing benefits, or increasing investment returns is not the answer.

Penner adds the suggestions offered by the union groups last month only delay the problems and are not viable solutions.

Mayor Court Pleased with Latest Step



Mayor Ivan Court is looking forward to the next step after meeting with the city's actuarial firm about the pension. He tells CHSJ News, it's important to get the issue resolved in the most affordable way possible.

Mayor Court adds since legislation has to change in order to solve the problem, it's important for all the stakeholders to work together.

Gas Prices Up Again This Week



It's still under a loonie a litre but the price of gasoline is up again this week. The Energy and Utilities Board has released it's weekly price schedule which shows the maximum price for a litre of self-serve is going for 96.3. That is up just under two cents from seven days ago with most stations showing a posted pump price of 96.5.

Diesel is up just over a penny at 88.3, propane comes in at 82.2 which is up only percentage points and furnace oil is up just under two cents at 71 cents. 


Quispamsis Traffic Calming Policy



Speed and traffic volume......two of the issues brought up at a meeting last night at the Town Hall in Quispamsis. The Director of Engineering Gary Losier gave a power point presentation on what officials hope to accomplish with it's draft traffic calming policy. The majority on hand live in the Lexington, Minstrel and Southwood Drives area including Todd Steven who tells CHSJ News, safety has to be the main factor for both young and old.

The next step in the process is to present the document to council in the next two weeks for approval and get started with some of the recommendations which includes traffic monitoring and more consultation with home-owners.